Indiana University-Bloomington Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


You should not attend Indiana University if you are not serious about earning an education. People who attend this university need to be hardworking and willing to put in the effort. If you are not dedicated Indiana University is not the right choice. Every class here is challenging and prepares everyone for life after college.


Someone who is very conservative, shy, and does not like to interact with other individuals.


Someone who is too daunted by its large size and is unable to or unwilling to find a solid friend group.


I don't think there is any particular kind of person who shouldn't go here. There are things for all kinds of people here


If one is the type of person who is intimidated by a large campus, prefers not to have their worldview tested, shaken, and reformed, or is uneasy around people of different ethnic, religious, or cultural backgrounds, one should not attend IU. The sheer size of the campus guarantees that one will encounter people with wildly varying opinions and beliefs on a daily basis. As the students are fairly political here, it is hard to isolate one's beliefs from arguments and criticism. Debate, argument, dialectic, and polemic are IU's stock and trade.


If someone is not motivated and willing to work to better their future then they do not belong at IU Bloomington. The cost of attending IUB, like many other schools is steep and not worth wasting. If you are willing to put so much money towards your education then you should be passionate about creating a good future for yourself.


Anyone who is outgoing and personable will enjoy IU. The campus is large and students meet numerous people and great professors. If you are someone who likes acclectic and creative atmosphere it is a great school. Some classes are large but that allows the student to meet so many new people and create bonds in their life. It is a great Big Ten school with a lot of school spirit and so many degrees to offer. I fully enjoyed my 4 years in Bloomington and at IU, and left with the necessary tools to continue my career.


An incredibly conservative or narrow minded individual who doesn't wish to experience other lifestyles or beliefs.


This school seems to have something for absolutely everyone. It's a very diverse and unique place, where you can always find a varying amount of interests.


One who is not motivated or interested.


If you have a hard time branching out, and you are uncomfortable with being involved in extracurriculars in order to make friends, then IUB probably isn't for you. It takes some work to find your niche, especially if you choose not to party, so you've got to have a little courage going here. Those that do end up loving their four years there.


There is not a single kind of person that should not attend Indiana Univeristy. The university campaigns and pushes for optimal diversity and is on a great path to achieve it. There is a club or extracurricular activity for every individual. The Greek life is huge, followed by a great support for athletics, and several varying types of clubs and organizations.


A close-minded person who is unwilling to try new experiences and expand their views would not be best suited at Iniana University.


You should not attend this school if you are not willing to work hard for good grades or willing to explore different clubs or friends.


Someone who wants a very small school.


Somebody who is overwhelmed by a large community should not go to school here. It is a large campus with a large student body; it is easy to fade into the background and can be a bit of an adjustment if someone isn't used to an educational environment like that.


the kind of person who doesn't have dreams in life and has no goals set up. the person who does not believe in hard work and who doesn't like to have a good time. the person who doesn't want to experience college life and doesn't want to meet people from around the world.


A conservative person. The county where the university is located is strongly democratic, politically. Someone that would react negatively or feel overwhelmed with intense culture shock.


If you don't like big schools or lots of people or small towns, then IU is not right for you. Also, those who cannot stand cold icy winters and little sunlight should not consider being here. However, as a California native I have been able to adjust and can proudly say I now know what a true winter is like. There is a lot at IU and even the pickiest person can find something.


I think that if someone really does not like a big campus, then they should not attend, but that if they get involved with the school, that is a great way to make a big campus feel small. I think that enough variety is offered for IU to accommodate many types of people.


I truly believe that anyone could attend this school. Any race, religion, sexuality, personality and so on could find a place to fit in. Indiana University has so much diversity between its students that no matter who you are or what you like to do you can find something or someone that interests you here. The only people that probably would not like to attend this school would be someone who wants to attend a small school. IU is pretty big and can be a little intimidating if someone is not ready for it.


Someone who isn't truly dedicated to their future. Indiana University Bloomington has so many opportunites to help students advance and grow in their individual crafts; someone who is there simply because they do not want to work or join the military or another option should not be there, wasting valuable resources and taking up the time of a truly dedicated student.


I think that an unsocial, undetermined person should not attend this school. You have to be outgoing and like to be around people. They should like walking because the campus is huge. It's lovely and adventurous at the same time. The person can't sit in their room all day, they have to want to be outdoors.


If you are afraid of large schools, then Indiana University is definitely not a great choice. If you're looking for a school with a smaller students-to-professor ratio, then this probably isn't a good choice. Also, IU is very much a liberal college, and freedom of speech and thought is encouraged within and outside the classroom, so conservatives should beware.


A person who does not like large classes and who does not enjoy joining campus activities.


People who are from Bloomington.


Anyone would be happy at this school. Any and every one can fine there niche here.


Fair weather people should deffinitely stay away. I walk a mile to my classes in cold weather and come spring semester-- snow! Closed minded people should probably be wary. We have a very active, activist group working to build bridges and accquire acceptance for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and transgenders.


People completely against drinking, partying, etc. may find a fit here, it will just be more difficult. Anyone who does NOT like the cold, stay away.


Indiana University is a very large school with diverse students and myriad opportunities. Introverted students or those who want require a great deal of handholding would not excel here. It is absolutely a place where many can shine, given the multitude of academic and recreational activities. However, students must show initiative and commit to pursuing excellence to succeed at Indiana University else they get lost in the crowd.


Someone who wants very small classes with lots of personal attention from the professors. That's hard to find in a school of 40,000 people.


A student who is not dedicated and focused.


Those who are lazy and apathetic will struggle at this school, and if you are coming here just to party, your grades will definitely suffer.


Someone who is not ready to branch out, meet new friends, and study hard.


A person that is close-minded and ultra-conserverative would not enjoy Indiana University. Diversity is a very important part of the education as well as the environment of the university.


If you really like the atmosphere of small schools where you know everyone, then this school isn't for you. I feel right at home here because I love making new friends and I do so all over campus. Despite the 40,000+ students, you never really feel like you're alone or insignificant because there are so many small, close knit communities within this large campus. There are living-learning communities based on your interests whether academic or hobby based, which makes it easy for you to make friends if you're not used to attending a large school.


Someone that is not looking for a challenge, and does not want one of the best public education degrees in the country. Someone that wants to be given their grades instead of earning them. A person that would rather skate by instead of exceling. Someone that is closed minded about all forms of diversity, and do not want to have a great social life while earning their degree.


Students who wish to have a very personal 1 on 1 relationship may find Indiana University difficult to adjust to at first when large lectures are necessary in weed-out courses. In saying this, there is something for everyone at IU. If you seek your interests, you are very likely to find people like you and advisors who are able to accomodate to your needs.


Someone wanting small class sizes and a good academic advisor.


A person who doesn't do well in competitive situations should not attend this school. Even social or cultural situations and events can become incredibly exclusive, making it hard to really float amongst different groups or assimilate into new ones. There's a very small town feel about everything despite the fact that it is very large.


Low key individual


Those not serious about their studies. It is easy to get distracted and flunk out if you are not carefull. It has happened to plenty of friends I started college with and many I met along the way.


Someone who is very shy and has a hard time making friends shouldn't come here. You need to be somewhat out going and make the effort to meet people. Don't expect friendships to happen in a matter of minutes!


Anyone can attend. There is something for any kind of person at IU.


Students who like a small campus and like to know everyone they go to school with. The campus is so big that it would be impossible to know everyone who attends the school.


Someone eager to learn in a variety of learning enviornments that's open to unique and diverse classmates as well as faculty.


A person who enjoys small classes, or a small social scene is not ideal for IU. Also, someone who is very conservative would not fit in here.


Close-minded, lazy


This school is friendly to all types of personalities. I believe that someone comes from the west or east coast. I know of people who get home sick and they come from New jersey or California and they can not really go home when they want to.


People who are very anti-social or dont like big amounts of people. IU is a big school, big campus and very friendly.