Indiana University-Northwest Top Questions

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They allow students with less than stellar grades to attend.


This school offered the program for which I wanted to apply. The pass rate for people involved in their radiographer program was higher than that of other schools offering it because the education is better. The teachers challenge you and there is a lot of one-on-one, hands-on experience. They offer a wide range of diversity in the school and program and stive for your success as a student.


My University is very broad in the coarse that I want to take. Along with fitting my educational needs it also fits my needs to be close to home. The character in the buildings and the medium sized campus made it feel very welcoming.


The class size and how close everyone lives to one another. Its nice to live close to class mates so if you need help with an assignment they are close by.


IUN is a smaller school which allows for smaller class sizes. When you have smaller class sizes you receive more attention from the professors. I feel you are able to learn more because the professors have the ability to truly take an interest in every student. IUN is a satelliete campus for Indiana University in Bloomington so although it is a smaller school you still have the big school advantages.


IUN has a very diverse population.