Indiana University-Northwest Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It is a very friendly school and every student is very proud to go here. The campus is nice and the library is orderly. I brag about the nice teachers and the classes available. The location is very nice as well.


I brag about how friendly everyone is. Anytime I've needed help someone offered. The school really does care about each student.


Indiana University Northwest has smaller class sizes; this allows professors to truly get to know their students! A personal relationship with porofessors and advisors allows the school to feel more like a home for sudents, rather than just an institution of education. Questions are always answered honestly and in the students best interest! IUN is a great place to be if you want college to be an EXPERIENCE and not just school!


I graduated from Indiana University. The name itself is something to be proud of. I brag about the professors. It felt more like a highschool classroom in that the professors really knew who I was and where I was headed with my future. I was able to excel and graduate with honors. When I was there the campus was making improvements to its layout making it easier to stay there all day and study between classes while enjoying the benefits of computer labs and a new student area.


Their pre-medical program.