Indiana University-Northwest Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


It was going to be way harder than high school. You would actually have to do homework now, and god forbid READ.


I wish I had known more about myself and how I perceive those around me and my environment. I also wish I had known more professors before coming here.


I knew a lot about Indiana Northwest before I even applied, but if there was one thing that i would've liked to know before deciding to attend, it would be to have known how tough ther science depe\artment is on students. The professors mean well and they do not want to see you fail. They push students to their furthest in hopes that they will grow as students and as professionals.


I wish I have known how uneventful the campus is from a day to day basis. Also how it has that community college feel. If a student is interested in attending this college straight from high school and is expecting the full college expierence this is not it. There are many older students who are coming back to school to get their lives together. Overall, if you dont care about the big campus feel, with tons of things to do and want a quiet peaceful campus that you just want to in and out then this is for you.


I had researched the classes and professors at this campus before attending, therefore, I felt knowledgable and prepared to come here. I had attended Purdue University West Lafayette a few years back, which is a huge live-on campus university, so I was fully ready for everything at IUN.


What I wanted to get my degree in. When I graduated from high school I thought I knew what I wanted to do. But after being in school a semester, I changed my mind. Career services offers a test that measures your passions with your strengths to help you decide what to focus on in school. I wish I would have looked into something like that before wasting my money and time on classes that are now unrelated to my major.