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What are the academics like at your school?


I'm a safety science major and its a pretty good major to take and also interesting


yes i know the names of my professors... do they know mine? some do, some dont. favorite class -- anthropology least favorite -- physiology studying? depends on the student and what their major is class participation is more common in the major courses rather than liberal studies. no intellectual conversations have I witnessed since my reign at iup nursing students = very competitive. most unique? --anthro just switched majors so i cant help you there no i dont spend time with my profs outside of class... but a friend of mine had a cigarrette with our theatre teacher once. the academic requirements are the same as any other college, or so i would venture to guess...


I believe I get an excellent education at IUP. I'm taking a class at a community college this summer and it doesn't even compare to my classes at IUP. The professors teach very well and are always willing to help you and work with you. You have to study. If you're not willing to study, then you don't belong in college. The more you work, the more you get out of it.


I am a business major at IUP, but my favorite class so far has been History 195 with Dr. Caleb Finegan. I highly recommend taking a class with him if it is possible because I learned so much from him and he taught in a way that always kept me interested. His class is the only class that I can honestly say I never missed a day of. He is just one example of the great professors we have here at IUP. Every single one of my professors have known my name and I have never been in a class with more than 65 students. The Eberly College of Business is one of the best departments at IUP. I have learned so much from the business professors here not only just about the class material, but also about the business world and business careers in general. I love being able to walk into a classroom and have discussions about what is currently going on in the world of business and economics today. In the business department, we use "The Wall Street Journal" a lot in our discussions, which I absolutely love because I think it helps us to greatly expand our knowledge. At Eberly, I think the professors are top notch and I have learned a tremendous amount from them.


Students do not ever study hence the remedial treatment in class. I suppose these professors have a quota to pass and they will do anything to make sure that they do. For instance Dr. Susan Zimmy refused to offer more homework for studious students who were concerned about their grade because " most of the other students will not do it and then I wont be able to pass them." Most departments do not even care to assist their students in moving forward (finding a job or graduate school).


At IUP, the students needs come first. My professors all know me by name. Some email me everyday and other IM me. A good student is likely to be recruited into other departments by professors. Professors are very willing to help students and spend time with them. Departments hold events for students. The Honor's College Core Curriculum is really unique and is a chance to understand some of life's big questions. Here, learning is for learnings sake. These students live together and have class together, so frequently they develop intellectual relationships. But, that doesn't mean they don't have fun!


Most of the professors are generally friendly and are willing to help you with any issues you may have in their class. I do have a beef with the math department though, I don't think they're very good professors, they are very intelligent people, but they can't teach.


I will admit some classes are more difficult than others. There are a lot of papers to write, tests to take, but it is all worth it. You have to work for your academics and I am greatful for that. It makes you become more involved with your studies and brings you closer to people in your classes.


So far I have only had one bad experience with a professor. All my other professors have been great! For the most part I am happy with the education I am getting and I feel that I have come to the right place for my major, which is Family and Consumer Sciences.


It seems to me that it was your normal party school. no one gave to much of the extra effort just got by. i transferred from a small private school so IUP seemed pretty easy to me. i got a 2.3 at the private college and then made the deans list at IUP, I did study and work for it though.


Most professors after meeting you once or twice do get to know you . You get to have an advisor that you will most likely have for class and over the 4 years I've been here My advisor and I have created a great relationship she cares about whats going on and is free almost any time to talk if needed.


Academically-my first year at IUP was hard. I had to learn how to study properly and I couldn't coast through ANY of my classes. But the class size was good and for the most part professors are VERY willing to help if you ask for it. Hard, but I came out strong in my first year.


Classes generally become much smaller as your time at IUP goes on between weeding people out and as classes become more specialized. Almost everyone I know, regardless of their major has found some professor they feel they can talk comfortably with about their classes, scheduling, jobs, and the future. That person is not always their initial assigned advisor, so you will probably do a lot of switching around. IUP is really what you make of it. If you do what is asked of you, you can glide right through to a degree, but if you are determined and goal-oriented, IUP can open a number of opportunities and experiences.


Once again, the classes are what you make them. I've been in classes with both 120 people and just 20 people. I like the smaller classes better because you can get to know your professor on a first name basis. I always kinda did better in those classes too.


I have really liked almost all of the professors I've had so far. Most of them are very nice, approachable and willing to help you out if you have a question or problem. In fact, my favorite professor in my department has a Facebook, which helps me to keep in contact with him. Being in the education program, I have a lot of academic requirements. I have to maintain a 3.0 and complete a rigorous list of classes to be completed for graduation. For this reason, I'm really glad that I have a lot of supportive professors.


The professors at IUP are very friendly. I know the names of all of my professors and they always take time to talk to students in need. In most of my classes, participation is a must. In some your grade can drop a whole letter grade if you do not participate in every class. In the Spanish department (my major) all of the professors are more than willing to help and socialize with students. If I happen to run into them while on campus, they always say hello and are very friendly. They became more like friends than professors over the semester.


Class sizes are perfect for me; the professors get to know everyone's name and you get the one-on-one attention you deserve. I spend a lot of time studying, especially because of the required study tables the women's basketball team has. Psychology was probably the most interesting class I have taken; my professor brought in a human brain, which was awesome.


Most of the students in my department know each other well, and are really close with all of our professors. Even in my larger, liberal studies classes I don't think I ever felt like I was lost in a sea of students, and most of the professors went out of their way to learn our names. Every professor I've ever had here has also done a great job in making themselves available for help or even just conversation outside of the classroom. The mix of students and academics is pretty diverse- there are a lot of serious students who are here to learn and grow both in and outside of the classroom, some who are apparently just here to have a good time, and everyone in between. In my experience, a lot of IUP professors are focused on helping students learn to think critically and independently, while still offering plenty of assistance with figuring out what we want to do after graduation, be it finding a job right away or pursuing a graduate degree.


Even though IUP has a large student body, most of my classes were average size and the teachers knew me well. I notice a lot of students study at last minute, I try to study a little everyday. I see that students either dont care about their work and just get by, but there are other students who do excel. As of now I am a social studies education. The requirements are fine. The school is definitely geared towards getting a job. I dont know any one who would pay money just to learn. Theres always an objective behind every class.


Almost all professors know your name by the 2nd week of class. Most students always sit in the same seat and professors are very good at knowing who you are. A lot of the friends I made came from the classes within my major. Marketing classes often required group projects and by my senior year I had a group project in every class. IUP is very good in preparing you for presentations and writing papers. The professors are very good at offering help when needed and they want to see their students pass. Their career development center is good at preparing you with mock interviews and business etiquette dinners and also is good at helping you find a job after graduation.


Out of the classes I have taken, the work has been fairly decent. As long as you go to class and do your work, there's nothing to worry about. AND... if you do always go to class, the teachers DO know your name and are willing to help you out more often. In different majors, I expect that people interact differently with their professors. In my major, I see professors everyday in the hall and have conversations here and there. It's a great place for music education because the professors go every extra inch to help lead you in the right direction. Some students do go play tennis, or run, or even play basketball with their professors. It's a friendly and helping environment for a learning student. Some classes are easier than others. Some classes are painstakefully harder than others. As long as you pick the right class and pay attention, teachers will always be willing to help.


The nursing program at IUP is wonderful. You learn so much and get great clinical experiences. The nursing professors are awesome as well and most of them are very personal and willing to help in what ever way possible. The classes are very geared toward getting a job and i believe they have been very helpful. My favorite class by far, was my maternity clinical rotation. My least favorite class was physiology.


All of my professors knew my name. They knew details about my life. They call to make sure things are ok if I had a rough time with something (academic or personal). They are a really caring group of people.


I love my classes here at IUP!! The teachers are really good and very well trained in how to teach. They are very busy people many are published authors and some even travel during the summers to do research. I really feel well prepared.


The academics at IUP are poor also. Most classes are fairly large and many profs. are either going through their grad program or are tenured and don't care. Often prof's won't report to office hours. There is little direction beyond the immediate duty of teaching. There are poor or non existent job placement programs in many departments and the ones that are there are for the name only. The Office of Career Services is a joke. Beyond having a website listing student employment oppurtunities and the same book in the office, there is little help to the student. You can schedule an appt. with someone (which I have done) but they give vague and random advice. The work study programs are given to minority students or hot girls wearing skimpy clothing. I know this because I have been involved with the work study program.


Most professors will remember your name. No matter what school you go to you'll have horrible profs and great profs. The library is always packed with students doing projects and studyin and when it's warm out they're usually there in the Oak Grove hangin out. I met alot of friends just from my classes. Sports there are very competitive. I'm in the Eberly College of Business which is ranked among business schools and I learned so much from there. The education sets you up pretty good for post-graduate job opportunities.


I feel that the academics at IUP are decent; however, I think that it also depends on each department... as I can only give my views based on my major: philosophy. I enjoy my classes; however, I can see that there are not enough professors in my department. Scheduling classes that I need can be a problem due to not having enough professors. The professors that do teach are brilliant and I have learned much from them. I feel that IUP offers students the resources geared toard getting a job, but, it depends greatly upon the motivation of the student.


GO to clas and you'll at least pass. The worst thing you can do is not go, when it comes to studying, I believe that it depends on the type of student you are, and the class you are taking. Before you start studying, you should figure ut whats the most important classes and what classes you can not study so much for.


I have to date only met one professor that I felt was incompetent, and he was a doctoral student teaching an intro class to make ends meet. For the most part I have been pleased and impressed by the level of professional standards that the professors exhibit. Many classes that I didn't think I would like ended up being completely enjoyable by dint of a skilled educator. As for the student response, I cannot say many flattering things. Although it gets better as you go to higher levels of curriculum (200's and up), the lower level classes tend to be a giant pile of apathetic goo sometimes known as students. As a dean's list student myself, I find myself frequently being heaped with responsibility in groups of people who couldn't care less about the class when group-based evaluation activities occur. There's usually one or two people who participate in intro courses, and the sullen silences that result when a professor asks for feedback are thick, lengthy, and unpleasant. The academic requirements aren't unreasonable at all. If anything I wish there were more of a challenge. Competitive and intellectual interaction only really occurs in the higher level courses. This does vary greatly between the different majors, though. My main complaint is the difficulty of navigating through the red tape to even get into these classes, though. I went through orientation when I started same as everyone else, but even now many of the hoops I have to jump through seem convoluted and needlessly complicated.


I have loved my academic career at IUP. The classes are smaller scale which allows you to build more personal relationships with your professors. My department is small, which allowed me to make connections and accomplish things I would have never thought possible. My education was geared toward learning, and the professors did not seem to have a close tie with the local industry. However, I took the initiative to bridge that gap, and I was offered lots of help through my department to do so.


Some professors are VERY concerned with their students. I have had other professors in halls ask me questions and they weren't MY actual professor. Really nice staff. Of course, like anywhere, there are those professors who do not want to lift a finger for you or they feel their class is the only class you are taking so you should be doing better in their class.


If your in a big class you have to work hard to get recognized or else your just another face in the crowd but in the smaller classes teachers tend to try to get to know you by name atleast. I didnt study nearly as often as I should have and as a freshman you'll realize from classmates that not alot of people do. In some classes if its for your major you have to be competitive because you need to stand out and do well but you should try to do the same for all of your classes so your teachers know you are a good student and you can maybe use them for recommendations later in life.


It is a big school with a small school setting...class size can be anywhere from 100+ to 30.... the majority of the time my professors new who I was...not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing...:)


With IUP being a large state school the amount of small classes where professors know your name is amazing. Once you get into the courses within your major the classes are generally rather small and most professors will learn your name. In the Finance department the classes are always small and most of the professors become good friends that go out to dinner with students to celebrate another successful semester.


some teachers are a lot easier than others.


A lot of the classes and the set up of the ciriculum is designed to get you a broader understanding of the world; those are your liberal study classes that are required. Those classes never require an excessive amount of studying. You'll be spending most of your time on the work for your major, which you'll enjoy doing.


I think professors do an excellent job with learning everyone's name. I've had auditorium classes and even those professors did well with names.


At IUP the academics are excellent! The professors know your name, their are very little GA or TA's teaching. Students feel welcome to participate in class, and have no problem carrying those conversations outside of class. Of course you have to study, and i spend about 15 hours a week studying. The education you receive here prepares you solely for the outside world and the careers you are pursuing.


I have an adventage over other students at bigger colleges because the size of classrooms make it easier to understand and I can participate in class because of the size, building leadership qualities.


profs are very personal and caring....lots of fun clases that are easy to go to...students very competitive....


I like to be involved with radio.


Yes my professors know my name but I believe thats only because my major is very small. Each of my journalism classes consist of about 20-30 students, so professors knows the name with the face. I don't really have a favorite class, but all the class that I have taken with professor, Dr. Michele McCoy are classes that I have enjoyed the most. She teaches many Public Relations and she has had the experience in PR, which she demonstrates and shows passion for every time she teaches. Yes, I spend time with Michele out of class because I am helping her develop a class for next semester about Entertainment PR. The IUP Journalism Department is great.


Yes, Professors know my name. My favorite class was Residential Design with Dr. Viggiano. We took field trips around the town to see how homes were built from start to finish. Least favorite are freshman level classes. Students study a lot.. a lot more than their parents probably think. Class participation is common if the class is after 11 am. Yes, IUP students have intellectual conversations outside of class. Students are competitive. The most unique class I have taken was religion 100. Interior design is a competitive major in the Health and Human Development department. We basically live in the building because ID takes up most of your free time when working on a project. I know that I could get a better education as for ID somewhere else, but there is no where else I would rather be! I do spend time with professors outside of class-- lunch, dinner, social gatherings. IUP's academic requirements are a little low, I wish they could raise the standards a little bit. IUP is definitely geared toward getting a job. I feel that IUP is a great place to learn and to get a degree, especially if you are in the business or criminology field.


I am a double major in Psych and English. My classes are small to medium-sized and every one of my professors knows me. Students get alot of one-on-one time. With majors like business and things of that nature, not so much. Students study everyday, as they should. There are many intellectual conversations outside of class--there are some good coffee shops around where there are frequent poetry readings and discussions. I think that it should be harder to get into our school because there seems to be too many students who skate through college.


Yes, all of them All my marketing classes, accouting and finance I'd say 2-3 times a week Yes, very common in marketing classes Yes Very Marketing seminar The marketing department is amazing. The professors go out of their way and bend backwards for their students. The classes are interesting, and very insightful. Yes, for advice and advising Way too low Getting a job


professors know my name no real favorite, i have always tried to take classes i would be interested in history of religion in america i know i live in the library as well as a lot of other people class participation is very important although some do not participate some do, it depends on your major and who you hang out with i would say it depends on what major or class you are in i have taken lots of different classes...medical anthropology, anthropology of food, language and culture, religion of the ancient near east, eastern philosophy, and regarding animals i am an anthropology major with a double minor in pan african studies and dance. the anthropology department is very personable and works with the students but is predominantly concerned only with archeology and not the other fields in anthropology. i have had a good experience with the pan african studies faculty. the dance professors are good but the department is in place to cater to the health and physical education and theater departments. i am a senior and i have only spent time outside of class with 3 of my professors. that depends on the professor i would also say that depends on the department, some departments train you for jobs but for the most part its for learnings sake. if you want to do anything you have to go to grad school.


Professors in my department know my name. Favorite- Public Relations- real life experience I'll take with me post graduation. Least favorite- Geoscience- so fucking stupid. Pointless information I'll never use. Study a good bit. Class participation varies on the class. We have good conversations outside of class, but it depends on what group of people you're hanging out with. Yes- it seems students like to go up against one another and win. My PR class last semester- teacher used progressive teaching methods while utilizing books and all that. Journalism- easy classes with most professors. Two professors challenge you. Overall a great department- the people are very friendly and truly care about their students. I spend time with professors once or twice in a blue moon outside of class, but overall, not really. IUP's academic requirements fall in place with most 4 year colleges/universitites. The department is geared towards getting a job and the liberal studies is more towards learning for learnings sake.


Profesors arent bad, just like every other school, you have good ones, you have bad ones.


Most of the prof's in the business department are very good at memorizing names and knowing each student independently. The only thing is that there are a lot of foreign prof's and it is very hard to understand them sometimes.


yes all my professors know my name.. i love the english courses at IUP im in my second one this year.. both professors were hands on and just awesome

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