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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Greek life


- Clubs and Greek life are very popular here at IUP, there is something here for EVERYONE!!! Any interest that you would have, I am sure there is a club for it! - Athletic events are pretty popular, the football games are usually full so are the Basketball games which are very popular! - We just had a new BEAUTIFUL convention center built, (The Kovalchick Center) which got a really big celebrity to come for homecoming. This is continuing to get more popular as it gets established since it is brand new! - IUP is currently starting the Hawk Rock which is a 24 hour dance a thon which will benefit many! This is the first year that IUP will be doing something like this thanks to our beautiful convention center finally being able to house all the people here!


Greek life is pretty popular at IUP. We have a decent number of sororities and fraternities and they seem to attract a large percentage of the student body. If you're like me and hate the idea of being forced to be friends with a group of girls (or guys), there are some professional and social co-ed fraternities. Along the same lines, there are clubs for every major, minor, and interest you could possibly imagine. Wait, you're dream club doesn't exist? Make one! Lets say you're into something obscure like... ice fishing, and all you want more than anything else is to meet other people who share your affinity for sitting in a cabin with whole in the floor for hours on end. You come to IUP and you realize this club doesn't exist. The beauty of college is that you have the power to make it exist. I know two people who have created clubs and it is a lot easier than you would think. I am co-president of one of the professional co-ed fraternities on campus, Kappa Delta Pi: International Honor Society in Education, Beta Gamma Chapter. We are an organization dedicated to the field of education who welcome the top 20{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the education department from early childhood through secondary education and even speech pathology. We have socials, workshops, professional development, community service, meetings, and mixers with other co-ed societies. There are so many cool things to do at IUP. There are clubs that take trips on the weekends all around the east coast, clubs with organized activities, movies, ice skating, bowling, shopping, visiting Pittsburgh, or just relaxing. There are always parties on the weekends, but if that's not your thing, don't fret. Residence Halls often show screenings of movies or have programs and game nights on the weekends. There is a live theater performance almost every weekend as well. Many places around the community sponsor events that are either free or reduced price for students if you bring your iCard. At homecoming we have a huge parade where all of the sororities and fraternities create floats. Then we have Pregame in the Oak Grove. At Halloween be sure to stop down at the Yarnick's farm and check out their haunted house or catch the IUP bus trip to Kennywood Fright Nights. During finals week the local church has Midnight Pancakes (also known lovingly as "Jesus Cakes") for students. This is a student favorite! The Entertainment Network (TEN) and the Black Emphasis Committee (BEC) present live concerts, tournaments, comedians, and debates every semester. Some recent events include We the Kings, Bruno Mars, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Brian Posehn, Keven Hart, Bo Burnham, Louis Black, and more. Every Monday a speaker comes to campus as a part of the Six O'Clock Series to talk on varying topics. The topics have been issues such as legalizing marijuana, creationism versus evolution, and the ever popular zombies versus vampires.


Everything is fun at IUP, yes it sucks when it rains or snows but thats just weather. All the parties, football games and other activities to do are really fun and anyone could love this school! VERY FUN LOVING :)


I. Usually. Party. Frats are usually pretty common for big parties, sororities aren't necessarily the best girls on campus. Regardless, we all have a good time together.


There are a variety of concerts, student organizations, athletic organizations, both intramural and collegiate, and fraternities and sororities. However, there probably are not enough organizations to keep you busy all the time. Your level of boredom at IUP depends upon your level of involvement in organizations and study groups. One slightly unfortunate thing about dormitory life here is that most people keep their doors closed and do not interact with neighbors very much. However, if you come here and live on campus and are not shy whatsoever, you can help to change that on your floor.




I don't know any students who leave their dorm rooms open and I also don't know too many people who are dating.


as far as sports go, football is probably the most popular. As for as non-sports, frats and the greek system is very popular at IUP considering it is a really big party school. If your in the regular dorms the students usually leave the doors open and usually everyone is friends in a halway. as for the suites, they don't really keep their doors open.


The sports at IUP are great, there are so many teams from football to tennis. The dorm life is prety nice, everyone gets to know their neighbors and for the most part everyone is friends.


Being a sister of my sorority did grant me a wonderful social life, however, I joined my junior year and had a wonderful social life prior. There are always activities going on promoted by various groups. A weekly email is sent to all students outlining all campus recognized activities for the week. Many times professors offer extra credit for attendance. Homecoming is a huge deal; I will probably drive across the state every year to be apart of it. The bars have kegs and eggs during the parade, and many alumnae come back for the football game and other alumnae events. My Favorite tradition was the Senior Bar Crawl. You don’t have to be a senior to go but if you are, you won’t miss it. There are about seven bars all in walking distance on Philly Street, still walking distance to campus. The last day of finals all of the seniors try to make it to all of them. They even make there own t-shirts for this. It is my last memory, which is why it is probably the fondest.


Again, as a music major, any activities/social events are usually either music related or with people in my major. Athletic events are pretty popular, as it is with guest speakers and theater productions. The dating scene is somewhat foreign to me. All I can tell you is that my boyfriend and I met because we are in the same major. Same with my closest friends. Parties are always happening if you're looking for one, but you'll probably have more luck on the weekends. Soroities/Frats usually do their own things on Thursdays, and that's also a big bar night uptown. But various student organizations are always sponsoring events if you're looking for an activity that's not drinking related.


Most popular-fraternities and sororites Phi Sigma Pi is a national co-ed honors fraternity which embraces leadership, fellowship, and scholarship. Therefore, we do things like have fundrasing events, social events, scholarship events, service events, and interchapters which are a lot of fun. In addition, the fraternity stresses academics and requires that you maintain a 3.0 Q.P.A. Rugby, another organization that I am involved with. Its a sport with a great group of girls. We get to travel and play other schools and its a lot of fun. Model United Nations, we just participate in assimilations with other schools on international issues like the U.N. would do. Dorms-I do not know if students leave there doors open. Athletic events-popular Guest Speakers- every week from various & prestigous backgrounds Dating scene- very difficult Closest friends- from varios classes, parties, or from organizations 2am Tuesday, what am i doing-usually writing a 10-20 page paper or partying(most likely writing a paper though) Trad. events-Homecoming weekend Duration of people partying- depends, some party 4-7 nights a week and others 1 or twice a week(like me) Importance of frats and sororities- Very important because its a great way to make friends unless the chapter's intentions are different and its only about drinking Last weekend-worked Saturday night & not drinking- hanging out with friends & watching movies or a phi sigma pi event(we can't drink at any of our events) Off campus- work or shop


Most of IUP's students are involved in more than one type of school activity, which suggests that they like to keep busy and open-minded. However, a lot of them also like to involve themselves in non-academic activities, such as using one of the fitness centers, going to parties, and amusing themselves at local bars.


You can find a party any night of the week. Greek life is huge, and even if you aren't in a fraternity or sorority, you can find yourself at their parties every night. generally wednesday through saturday are the biggest nights and its calmer sun, mon and tuesday. but not always!!! As far as the dorms, most of the older dorms are being torn down and i am being told that the new ones are much more open and safe. Alot of people will leave doors open to the dorms and it doesnt really matter. On campus, there are more clubs and organizations than you can even wrap your head around. there are a milllion ways to get involved.


I remember the guest speakers, i came around the time of where the elections were going crazy, i think its more hyped up in the USA than the UK. It was exciting though! I remember seeing Bill Clinton, the energy coming from everyone around me, was an experience to remember. I spent most of my time with my friends, talking outside on the 'smoker benches' socializing, playing 'brawl' and 'guitar hero' til the early hours of the morning. Wasting our time as the elder would probably say. But no, these times i will cherish most, the bonding, being a student, talking. People at IUP love to go out and party or they don't! If they dont, we'll stay in and party! Find the right one and its great! Good company, good deals, good dancing! When i'm off campus, i go to friends houses, cinema out to eat.. or random trips to Walmart! Recently in the warmth, a bit group of us would go down to 'The Lake' somewhere outside Indiana. The most beautiful lake, we would jump in the cold water, make a fire, and share eachothers company. Fraternities/ soroities.. CRAZY. They can be taken so seriously, and individuals will go to such lengths to just become a part of a frat! Kind of ridiculious, but it is a commitment.


There are a lot of groups and activities you can join through the school. But there isn't very much to do around town on weekends but drink.


My closest friends are my family. I live in a house with 4 other girls. Which I all met in my dorm. We all lived on the same floor freshman year and we all became very close. We decided to move in together into an off campus house the following year. Hah if I am awake on a Tuesday I am doing homework that I forgot to do the day before. People party every weekend. Even if you don't know of anything going on, someone else is always partying. But you can choose if you want to go out or not. I remember freshman year, I would go out every weekend, because there was something to do and I wanted to meet more people. My sophomore year I didn't go out as much. I was over the whole frat scene and I had my close friends with me at my house and we would always have people over anyway.


Most popular groups on campus are the Greeks. Dorm doors are usually left shut from my experience. The football games are usually a fun event. There is always something going on, a concert, a lecture, a game, a rally, something! The Homecoming parade is most likely the biggest event of the year. There is a decent sized mall, a million places to eat, two movie theaters, a mini golf, parks galore, a camping site near by.... tons of stuff to do.


IUP is nightlife. All anybody does is drink.


people have fun and do what it takes to get their major and their grades and have a great time in the free time.


There are alot of activities at IUP. Throughout the year there are many different events on campus that are open to all students. Campus activities are alot of fun and my friends and I enjoy attending.


When you are a music major, you are pretty much guaranteed to find friends. Your freshman year, you have a all your classes with the same people, not to mention ensembles. However, I do admit that if you are an instrumentalist, and you are not in marching band, most of the people in marching band have already made friends with everyone in marching band, so it might take a little longer to squeeze in. However, most music majors live in the same dorm because they have their own specialty floor and everyone leaves their door open. I meet my closest friends through the honors college and through the music department. The honors college forces you to get out there and make friends because you'll have to be working together for the next 4 years. When you take the same classes as everyone, you just find friends and end up going to lunch with them. Although my girlfriend is also in the music department, I did not meet her just because of that. One of my friends in my studio happened to be her best friend, so we all started hanging out together ever so often. Needless to say, I was irresistable, haha, j/k. There are 3 different music fraternities on campus: one all girls, one all guys, and one co-ed. I am not in any of the 3 and do not plan to be in any of them, but I also have friend who are in all 3 of them and they are also friends with each other. So, being in these fraternities does not create tension between people and how important it is to join. Finding friends on campus is not hard, unless you make it that way for yourself.


theres always something to do on campus. especially if your in a dorm, there always someone to hang out with, someones always up when your up.


greek life is a lot of fun. The intramural sports are entertaining. And clubs are huge at iup.


In the old dorms it was easy to meet people. Almost everybody left their doors open and wanted to meet new people. I haven't been in the new dorms but I have heard it's a little more secluded. people aren't as open and friendly, but you get the reward of living in a really nice place thats close to everything.


The above stands true here also.


Greek Life, keep you shit locked up it will get stolen. IUP sports don't matter.


I am a sister of Sigma Sigma Sigma and I love all of my sisters. The are normal and not caddy and thats why I joined. there are also organizations for each major which is a good idea because you are able to meet people who may have the same classes as you and you can help each other out. In the regular dorms student leave their doors open in the suites they don't. I met my boyfriend here through my friend. If im up at 2 am Im either out with friends partying, I am studying, or I am talking to my roommate. Side Walk chalk day is the best. You get to draw with sidewalk chalk and relate politcal or moral views. People party least once every two weeks. I feel that a sorority is important because thats a great safe way to meet people. There are alot of great little shops off campus. And the Gym has great hours and is free which is awesome.


SCCC. I think this has to be instated. Im sick of these pussy democrat liberals trying to take away my guns got dammut. If that happens ill still keep unregistered pistols but I dont want to. IUP is not a safe place at night and I dont care what people say, It's not. there are robberies, and black people selling drugs everywhere. they come from philly on grants and fail out ive seen it first hand. As a right winger im not afraid to let this be known. The dating scene is awesome, there are girls here, some are nice, some are sluts just like anywhere. If your awake at Tuesday on 2 am, you are either studying, drinking, or blowing cocaine. I have seen all three happening at the same time. Its a shame, but people need to wisen up.


sports, faternities and sorrities, clubs, people pary a lot


IUP womans lacrosse- very stressful but so worthe it for the love of the sport.




ok. mostly drinking, but you can join some activities that don't promote alcoholism, such as educational activities and DTS.


I live off campus, so I really don't do much on campus.


My hallway left their doors open, but I know a lot of kids in other hallways that left the doors closed and didn't interact with many people. People parties on average about 3 days a week I'd have to say. Most people party Thurs, Fri, and Sat....and then you get those kids who party a couple days more than that. Joining Frats and Sororities are easy ways to make friends, but I think you're really just paying for your friends, paying a lot of money. If someone is willing to spend all that money then I'd say go for it.


I have noticed IUP offers many activities. I see concerts, plays, musicals, comedians, and many other types if entertainent to keep the campus connected.The doors are pretty social places as well. Personally I would never live in one again but I suggest the experience at least once in your life. I would say a lot of the night life (every day of the week) really is with the frat/sorority groups, but the cops are also swarming everynight so that option is risky. Many places are available for hang outs both day and night. All doorms have lobbies open 24/7 as well as the buildings with nightly activities and food places. If you are bored I am sure you have some sort of options!


Not much to do if you are not 21. The town of Indiana is sort of dead.


IUP has many clubs and organizations, basically anything you like to do you can find at IUP. There is always something to do on campus... and even off campus. My favorite thing is that IUP has a bowling alley a few miles off campus that I like to go to.


Students here are very friendly in the dorms. They leave their doors open often; I have been invited to share quite a few cups of tea just by walking past a door. I find weekends to be very boring here on campus. Most people sleep until 2:00 PM. So, if you plan to stay here on the weekends, get a job and make some extra cash during the boring weekends.


There's something for everyone.


Football team and Womens Basketball team are the most popular teams on campus. I would say the average student I know at IUP parties 1-2 times a week.


There is nothing you can do other than eat, go to class, drink alcohol, try not to get arrested, or trying to find something to do. I basically drove home 7 hours every thursday just so I could be home on the weekend and do something drunk


There are always different events happening on and off campus, usually I hear about the, through e-mail or facebook lol.


Greek life is pretty big here. Homecoming is a huge scene and people party all weekend with very little sleep! You can usually find a kegs and eggs party. The bars do cheap drinks all week long (I'm talking $1 wells). The weekends tend to be boring because alot of people go home. There are very few good restraunts and places to hang out in town. There is virtually 0 shopping here, Unless you count at wal-mart.


IUP has a big greek society on campus. I was not a part of it but a few of my friends were. Several new frat houses are being built. The bar scene is fun. There is roughly six bars on the main drag in Indiana. There are also a lot of clubs and team sports you can get involved in.


ACTVITIES ARE MOSTLY SURROUNDED BY THE SPORTS....TRACK, FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, AND CHEERLEADING! **2AM ON TUESDAY- I am watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! **TRADITIONS- homecoming and Greek-week! **parties are every week! **Greek life- is very social at my school and we are a non-Hazing school! **saturday night! we stroll thorugh the town or we just relax from a stressful week. You can also attend parties that dont involve drinking!


The best thing I ever did was Join a sorority. At first I was against it, but as time went on you realize that it is the best way to meet people on campus. There are several different organizations to join, but socially greek life I feel is the most social. You meet several people and have friends outside your sorority. You can find a party almost any night of the week, but you do not HAVE to attend, some students find this a challenge their freshman year, but if you can get by, you will be fine. There is not much to do off campus. It is a very small town, but pitt is only an hour away. If you are in to the outdoors there are several parks and outdoor activities to attend.


I saw President Clinton speak, I saw Ron Paul speak and I talked Mrs. Obama while campaigning for her husband.


If you like to party you most likely will end up at that frat houses. You will join a sorority or that fraternity. Drinkers, smokers, & snorters will be in their glory. There is not much else to do unless you participate in a club or sport.