Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is that it's two hours from the next big city so whatever type of clothes we need has to be bought online or with you when you come back from break.


The university is not very career focused. The career center is not well utilized or very active. It would be helpful if the university stressed internships and bridged the gap between school and career placement.


I would consider the worst part about IUP is how hard it is to get a job while living on-campus. With these being a college town, finding off-campus jobs are extremely hard due to not being able to stay in the dorms over long breaks. Not to mention, once all the on-campus jobs fill up, there is an even hard possibility of getting a job through the school.


$! Unfortunately for me and the rest of middle class citizens of the United States, college isn't financially accessible as it should be! I would describe myself as a Dean's List student, a college athlete, and a volunteer to the community of Indiana, yet I still am finding it extremely difficult to afford the cost of attending IUP. I would like to believe that IUP values students like myself enough to help retain them at their school. I really do not have a choice to continue there if they don't.


There is absolutely nothing that i can say is wrong with this school.


Expensive housing


My financial situation is a joke yet I make too much money for financial aid?! Many students left after the first year to go home to a community college.


- The library is one of the worst in the country. It has rows upon rows of empty shelves, and very few books on specific topics. For example, the art section is only two rows long.


it gets every cold here.


I believe that the worst thing is school are students who are very loud and inconsiderate who do not respect other students who are trying to study in a quiet environment or within the dorms.


I believe the worst thing about my school is that it is not as diverse as what I thought it would have been. Although there are many students that are studying abroad from other countries, the majority of students that attend IUP are caucasian. Student however who are of another race other then caucasian, do mingle with one another and do not just hang out with only their race. I knew that coming to college would be a major eye opener for me seeing that I graduate from a high school that was far from diverse.


The worst thing would have to be the lack of support I get from the university because I am not from Philadelpia and am really working for my education. When other people get loads of scholarships for sitting around and taking up space in the classes that i need and where they are signed up and not going. Just because I grew up in a middle class family does not mean that i dont need financial help. Which I have yet to see from this university.


I believe that the worst thing about my school is the partying. IUP not only stands for Indiana University of Pennsylvania, but it is also said to mean "I Usually Party." This can cause quite a few distractions when it comes to studying. It is very difficult to concentrate when everyone is so loud and obviously uncaring when it comes to the time of the night. Even though IUP is a dry campus, it is very easy to sneak alcohol in the dorms which causes quite an uproar among students.


I think the worsdt thing about my school is location. The school is in the middle of a very small town. I f you want to go somewhere you have to drive at least a half of an hour to go anywhere.


i don't like how no matter where you turn there is someone there, it is a very crowded campus.


Although the new residents suites are nice, they feel too much like hotels. Almost every person on my wing goes into their room and shuts their door and that's the last you'll see of them. If a new student wants to make new friends, they'll have better luck doing so in a classroom or in one of the dining areas than in the student housing. If you want to make friends in your residents hall you'll have to go door to door knocking because thats the only chance you'll have to meet your neighbors.


I would say the worst thing about the school would be the food for the meal plans available. Most of the time the qualitly of the food isn't very good and the other food available seems overpriced.


Probably the worst part about it is the costs associated with it, which is prevalent at any college. Not only does tuition and everything go up every year, but there are a bunch of hidden fees and incidentals.


The book prices, which the school really has little control over.


The worst thing about my school is that it has a bad reputation as a party-school. Honestly, what school doesn't party? Also, its under-going some construction right now, which is annoying, but it does make campus look better.


The worst thing would have to be fire alarms at the dorms. They will wake you up at 3am and despite knowing they have a purpose, they can be really annoying and mess with your sleeping habits.


Lack of diverse facility, because for the amount of diverse students their should be a greater ethnic variety of facility.


The cops suck.


The lack of early opportunities to get involved with real work in your field. Internships, research projects, study abroad, and the like are sometimes available, but not very well advertised. Academic advisors often don't know many of these opportunities, and therefore leave students in the dark. The financial support for students to do these opportunities are also scant and not very well advertised.


The liberal professors who force views on students.


The weather here is terrible. Being placed in PA directly in line with the Lake Erie snow effect conditions and almost gloomy everyday.


Being far from the city.


The worst thing about my school is that it isnt taken as seriosuly as other schools. My school is seen as only a "party" school. I am paying money just as everyone else to recieve an education, not to party all the time.


Its all the way up in the mountains. Because it gets really cold in the winter.


I think that the academic buildings need remodeling. I don't think that they have been updated since the 70's and they definetly need to be fixed up somewhat. I'm an interior design major and I feel they also need to update our resource room which is just a collection of materials, finishes, paint colors, ect.


Honestly I think the work is to hard for the time allotted. They cut back on fall break, and reading day, and now we are paying more for tuition, but we are getting less class time than ever before. It is not really fair to be paying so much money for so little academic time.