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What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love this school and would not want to go anywhere else. IUP offers an outstanding educational experience for an even better price. We are a large school over over 15,000 students but I do not ever feel like a number. We have tons of clubs, organizations, sports and activities to join in on. There is never a dull moment at IUP. The campus is absolutely stunning, the oak grove is beautiful, all of our dorms were knocked down and upgraded to suites!!! They are amazing inside its like being in a hotel and there are many different floor plans you can choose from. The food here is really good. Fosters is a buffet style dining hall and I always enjoyed what they had to offer. IUP has school pride and lots of kids wear IUP gear around campus, cheer at the basketball games, etc. (basketball seems to be pretty big here) The weather here is not that bad, its in PA so what do you expect. It is a mix of beautiful sunshine, rain and some snow.. Not that bad at all. I would recommend to every incoming freshman to bring a raincoat, umbrella and rain boots! Those will help you out a lot. Overall IUP is an outstanding school and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!


I love IUP! I love (almost) everything about it! IUP is just the perfect size with about 14,000 students. It's not so big that you're lost in the crowd, but not so small that you know everyone's business. There's always new people to meet and new things to do. Recently, IUP has been trying to expand and move up a division. We've been letting in more and more freshman every year. One of the problems is find a place to put all of these freshmen. Getting a dorm as an upperclassman is no small feat. Indiana is a college town at heart, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to do. We have a small movie theater and a mall, main street shopping, tons of places to eat, yoga studio, an awesome gym on campus, a YMCA, a Hookah Bookah, hundreds of clubs and groups, and dozens of University sponsored events every week. Football and basketball games are huge here! Not to mention, IUP is only about an hour and a half from downtown Pittsburgh. I know many people who venture to the city on the weekends. We have all new beautiful dorms that are mostly suite style. The only problem with these dorms is that the walls are very thin. If you have a neighbor who likes to party until all hours of the night, it can be a rough semester. The faculty at IUP is amazing! The school is currently in the process of electing a new president so students can expect some level of change to occur over the next few years. The University has worked hard to include the students in finding the next president. One very cool fact about IUP is that its haunted. Yes, I went there. IUP used to be the Normal School and Indiana State Teacher's College. One of our buildings used to be an elementary school. In fact, it was the elementary school where Jimmy Stewart ("It's a Wonderful Life") attended school. Our paranormal club has taken EVPs and photos of some of their tours. If you're interested, Google "iup paranormal society".


I have taken classes at 2 other universities so my opinion is relative to my experiences other places. The best thing about this school is that the instructors (at least in the classes I've taken so far) are committed to helping each student understand the material. If you do your part (attend classes, turn in assignments, visit during office hours) the teachers meet you more than halfway, There's little to no crime here so it's relatively safe to walk through the Oak Grove at 2am (most of us walk with friends). There's a downtown area that's quaint but not much to do for entertainment and that's probably why some schools get labeled as party schools ... nothing to do except party. It's a beautiful campus, though, with anything you need in walking distance.


IUP is a beautiful campus that I knew immediately I was going to love. This school has so many majors to offer and they have lots of extracurricular activities to do as well. I happen to love the surrounding area because it is quaint and friendly. Philadelphia street is a beautiful street that has a lot to offer as well. I love IUP so much and think it is a great school to go to. A hot topic seems to be we party to much but welcome to college people If you are interested in parties IUP is fun and safe. You can however find trouble but you can find that everywhere, just stick with the good kids and you will be FINE!!!! and love partying lol If you do not want to party that is fine as well because you can join clubs, hang with friends and study there are plenty of other really fun things to do.


It's a medium-size school that doesn't focus much on athletics. Mostly focuses on a good academic background, a tough and rigorous schedule, and lots of fun, tradition and parties.


IUP has a beautiful campus. I always enjoy walking throught the Oak Grove no matter what the season is. Unfortunately there are many construction projects right now that are diminishing the grass on campus but the buildings that are being constructed are beautiful.


IUP is located in the small borough of Indiana in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. It is about 50-60 miles east and slightly north of Pittsburgh, PA. Those students who come from large cities such as Pittsburgh or Philadelphia will at first find the place very rural and boring. Those students who come from rural areas, like myself, will find the place to be like a city. When I tell any person that I go to IUP, that person always responds with "you go to a party school!" I am not a party person. A physics major does not have time for that. Some students have a lot of school pride, and others don't. Overall there is an equally mixed feeling of pride.




Well, for one we have alot of activities to do when we are not in class. They seem like they care alot about the students and willing to help at anytime. The town is very quiet and peaceful.


The best thing about IUP is the campus and the gym. I love the new suites they build instead of regular dorms. There is always something to do. The down side to IUP is the weather. It's either always snowing or raining. Indiana is a total college town and has a lot of school spirit.


First things first is that We PARTY, thats probly the main thing about IUP, the construction sucks but it is almost all over, the best thing at IUP is homecoming


I love how in your classes your professors really get to know you on a personal basis. Their door is open any time that you wish to talk to them about anything.


IUP is rapidly changing. My college years were inconvenienced by the beatification of the campus. Incoming freshman will not share in my experience; they will be able to simply enjoy the scenery. The dust, traffic, and noise of construction that plagued my 4-year stay should come to an end fairly soon. The campus has obviously improved throughout the years, but the Oak Grove is timeless. IUP is the perfect size, allowing most of the class halls to be in one central location, The Oak Grove. It is a peaceful courtyard in the middle of some of the halls. It is usually alive with students socializing, drawing or reading in the grass, or simply running to class. There is a camera in the Oak Grove that is broadcasted on the Internet on the IUP webpage. It really does mean so much to the students that as alumnae you will want to take a peek to see what you are missing out on. Not to mention the added safety of it.


For me, the best thing about IUP is the people I've meet in my time there. Does that set IUP apart from other schools? Probably can find your new best friends anywhere. Right now, the school is doing a lot of renovations, building really nice (yet expensive) new dorms/suites. The end result will be gorgeous, but in the mean time our campus looks like a war zone. There are always random pathways blocked off, which makes it a little more annoying walking to class. And then when it rains (which is often in Indiana) there is mud all over the place. When I tell people I go to IUP the usually reaction is "Oh school," but whatever, that's all some people know. I think the size of IUP is just right for me, but it would depend on what you're looking for. I find it crazy that I can walk through the Oak Grove on my way to class and usually see someone I know, everytime. Indiana, PA is definitely a college town, centering around it's main street: Philadelphia Street. The bars (The Coney, Culpeppers, Wolfies, Boomerangs) are flooded with college kids when classes are in session, and townies when it's not. I don't know too much about the administration, other than we got a new university president during my freshman year (2005-2006). The biggest recent controversy was over our mascot which used to be the Indians. It's been a big deal for a while, but just this past year we became the Crimson Hawks. Regardless, pride is there, especially at Homecoming.


The best thing about IUP would be the various extracurricular activities available to students, in which personally has made my college experience so much more worth wild. One thing that I would change is the diversity issue. I feel that in the three years that I have already spent as an IUP student there is still polarization between the international students and the American students. For me, coming from an international background it bugs me to see this. I wish there was more activities that would incorporate both the international community and the U.S. community. School size, I feel is just right for me. Reactions about IUP are all pretty positive. I usually do not spend most of my time in just one spot on campus. Reasons being, I'm involved in numerous extracurricular activities & have a double major. Yes, IUP is located in a college town known as Indiana which is in PA. IUP's administration is a funny subject. Let me say, as a spanish major, I am very disappointed with the lack of funding to the language depts. In addition, I am very disappointed with the spanish program in general. Also, I've noticed lately our administration has been putting lots of money into building new dorms to expand the size of our campus, but the building where both the history and political science depts are located has been long overdue for some major remodeling or rebuilding and that has not occured yet. There's other issues as well but I much rather not go into. Biggest controversy on campus was with the main graduation ceremony.However, I am not sure of all the details. One thing for sure, there is a lot of school pride amongst everyone. Nothing unusual about IUP that I know of. The experience I will always remember was studying abroad in Mexico for my spanish major. That was one of the best!! IUP made that avaiable for me. The most frequent student complaints are the cafeteria food, prices of the food at the hub, and the long lines for food.


I hate the fact that new residence halls are being built because they aren't necessary. They're just taking up tax dollars and causing people to have to make detours on campus. In addition, the old residence halls had nothing wrong with them, and they were part of campus history. I lived in Langham Hall my first 3 years at IUP, and then it was torn down. I was angry when I saw the large mechanical claw tear down the part of the building that contained my room. I lived in McCarthy Hall my senior year, and the thing I liked about it was that I had a larger single room than I had in Langham (My Langham room had been a small single). My freshman year, I avoided 3 places that I grew to love later: Foster Dining Hall, Stapleton Library, and the HUB Fitness Center. It shows that you won't be the same person when you graduate from college that you were when you first enrolled.


The Campus: the size of the campus is perfect. not small by any means, but you can walk from one end to another in about 15 minutes. it is also a GORGEOUS campus, minus alot of construction being done right now. The Town: DEFINATLY a college town. not much else in Indiana, PA. but while you are going to school there, you learn to loveee this little town like your own. You can walk everywhere. The Academics: very underrated. Iup is has some of the best programs in the country and definatly in the state. The Parties: hey, you've heard the rumors right? there is truth to every story.


I dislike going to IUP. i wish i never chose to go there and if other schools closer to home had my major i would transfer out in a second. The teachers NEVER email you back and are completely worthless in helping you in just about every situation. Ive emailed advisors who havent gotten back to me in weeks. teachers who havent gotten back to me in months and some that have never gotten back to me.That also goes for other people that i have talked to. when trying to choose a major a year ago i went to different people in the same dept and everyone told me something different and said the person i last spoke with was wrong. i left more confused than when i started. When i tell people i go to IUP i never usually get a good reaction. people that visit it said they didnt like it and people that have gone there said they hated it and wanted to transfer out or already had. I spent most of my time in my room. Everything else in that town is horrible. There is nothing to do and im usually bored. i wouldnt call it "college town" because there isnt really anything even in that town. id rather go to school in my own home town. Most of the students that complain about IUP say that same thing. The teachers are worthless and rude, the sports are horrible and the school is way over priced. The only thing i will remember from IUP are the few good friends i made. I wouldnt tell anyone to ever go there.


IUP - What can I say? I went to America to get the university experience, the 'American Dream'. IUP brought me a lot. I think its great, the campus is big, but not too big you can lost, you can easily find things and its a nice size when you want to clear your head and go for a walk. The Oak Grove being a perfect place to do so. I think its beautiful, its where I see people brough together by friends just playing frisbee, a group of students chilling on the grass playing bongos and acoustic guitars which can light up your day and other events such as 'Chalk on the Walk'. I spent most of my time in Elkin Hall where i stayed for the semester and met the most diverse group of friends i have ever met, who i will always remember, who i will never forget. Each individual from meeting new people and friends brought something new and fresh to my life, their unique propective on life itself, they have an opinion that cannot be shaken. They are their own person and no one else. IUP doesnt have much of a town, you would stroll down 'Philly' Street, a few shops and an old theatrical cinema that shows one film. Grab a nice chinese down there though i tell you! It's nice to just go down their sometimes and chill out. Or you'd walk a few minutes to Sheetz or Giant Eagle. Being a student, a good munchies at night, sheetz is great for that! The nightlife can be great, if you know what party to catch and who u know! Just have to be careful about the popo, but you will learn to be wise through time and what partys are a yes and what are a no no. I would say IUP is a laid back school, takes pride in what it stands for, stands tall and is what you see, is what you get. Most frequent complaints i can think about is the food at fosters, as everyone seems to need to the toilet afterwards! I just remember overeating there, and it was great. Foster times! I'll always will remember when i got my underage after being at IUP for just 3 weeks, its something i can look back on and laugh at. The police are pretty good across the pond, and the people in Indiana seem more contained and respectful in certain places compared to England. I had a great time, i will never forget it. Best time ever. Thanks IUP for such a great time!! Also like to say the International office team for the introduction week before starting was fantastic start to my amazing experience! Much love, Liana


I love the size of IUP. It's not too big, yet not too small. You can walk to all of your classes and it's very easy to navigate. The only downside is all of the construction going on now since the new dorms are being built. Indiana is really a college town. There is not much there except for the the college so it can get quite boring at times. It's a nice place though, just very limited in activities. The parking is horrible. If you're a commuter you will have to come really early to find a decent parking spot. If you're living on campus and plan to park in Robertshaw, the student lot, it's pretty far away and a little expensive. Buses run from the lot to places all over campus but it still can be a pain in the butt. Your best bet is to not bring your car at all or try to find decent priced parking off campus somewhere.


IUP, to me, is the greatest school there is. But considering it's the only college that I only want to attend, that's typical. The school is perfect class size and student body size. When I tell people that I go to IUP I always, without a doubt, get the same reaction "Ohhh! Party School!" and that right there makes me feel that all I do is just drink and do nothing with my school work. But I do like to have fun, but my main reason for going to college is to get an education.


The best thing about IUP is it's setting. IUP is in a small town with lots of parks, trees, families, family owned businesses and a beautiful campus. The size of the school is perfect. It's big enough for someone from a small town, but not so large that it's overwhelming. Most of my time is spent in the Oak Grove, a central location on campus with lots of trees, benches and grass. IUP recently built new dorms or "suites", that are absolutely gorgeous. They really add to the architectural beauty of the campus.


IUP is a pretty big school in a small town. It makes the town. Unlike other schools where the town makes the school like any school in a big city, Indiana, Pennsylvania isn't anything but a college town. There isn't anything to do but drink on most nights. The weather is good if you love snow but that's about it. If not, it sucks.


Iup is a place where i feel comfortable and i believe i gain a great understanding of what i will need to better myself for my career in the future. I feel i have a great time with my friends and with meeting new people from all over the world.


School size is just right. I love living on campus. The town is a nice place for college students.


Apart from all of the construction that is going on at IUP right now, I believe we have one of the best campuses around. It's easy to navigate and the Oak Grove is a quiet place to spend some time hanging out or studying. It may be a little bigger than some people like, but for me, it's perfect. If I could change anything right now, it'd be the construction. There's a little too much, but most of it should be over soon. IUP is in Indiana, PA and it is a college town. I, however, do not think this is bad. There are many small restaurants of different ethnicities on Philly Street as well as many other places to visit. When I tell people I go to IUP, they sometimes end up laughing at me. I was salutatorian in high school, and people thought that I was "too smart" to go to IUP. I just tell them that the stereotypes that they hear about it aren't always right, and that I really enjoy being a part of the music department. The biggest recent controversy on campus was probably chaning the school mascot to the Crimson Hawks. A lot of alumni were not very happy about this, but the current students have seemed to embraced it because there are new tshirts and sweatshirts and other clothing all around campus.


honestly there isnt much i would change at iup. i love it there. but if i could change one thing, it would be the distance away from my house.


IUP is the perfect size college. You can make it across campus in like 10 minutes tops, but its big enough that you could meet someone at a party, end up never wanting to see them again, and actually never run into them again...but you kind of have to keep an eye out at times for that. People at IUP seems to always know someone who knows someone type of thing. But class sizes aren't bad at all, and professors treat students relatively decent. Also, IUP makes up Indiana,PA. Its a small town, with not too much to do outside of the college except maybe head up town to the bars. IUP's administration usually will work with students. Majority of them seem really nice. And I have to always mention IUP's party life as being one of the best parts about this school. Every night you can always find a place to go party...just walk down one of the roads with mainly college kids living there and you'll find a place to hang out and meet some new people.


The best thing about IUP is the price. I have to pay for college myself and you can't beat the cost of attendance. Housing on campus is overpriced but worth it in the long run. If I could change something about IUP I would change the mascott (crimson hawks is the most stupid name I have ever heard) The college is just the right size if you don't like big schools and you don't like small schools. For as small as IUP is, it is well known all over the US. If I am on campus now, it's usually at the library or the HUB. The college is the town of IUP, the mall is worthless but trying harder to satisfy it's customers. The biggest problem on campus is the security and parking. Parking is constantly being added for staff and faculty but commuter and pay by space are being phased out of close locations.


I prefer the size of IUP to a larger school, but I am a non-traditional student, back in school in my 40's. One thing that the younger students don't realize is that most of the faculty are truly there to help them, but they need to articulate their voice in a mature manner. So many of the students don't know how to voice themselves or if they do, they are used to getting things done with minimal to no effort. You can't through college in that fashion. So, I think the size of IUP is good for being as visible as you want to be. I am in the Speech Pathology field and the school has their own clinic and I will benefit from this resource. It is a viable clinic with a well-managed teaching staff. I look forward to working in the clinic.


IUP is not a school for everyone but those who enjoy it usually fall in love with it. I think it is one of those schools that you either hate it or you love it because what you see is what you get. I love the size and setting; its big enough that you don't see the same peopel everyday yet, you can have a big network of friends. The best thing about IUP is the social aspects. There isn't much to do except party and date people. Sounds like it might get old after a while but this is something that we take pride in. We party better than any other size equivalent school around. There is no school pride what so ever, nobody cares about the sports at all. the only sense of togetherness that we all seem to share is that we all get fucked up all the time and it is perfectly acceptable. To be honest I wouldnt have it any other way. I spend most fo my time at my fraternity house or in various campus buildings procuring my education. IUP's administration sucks, they are charging me $900 for three credits toward an internship that they do abosolutley nothing but give me a grade for at the end. They keep tearing down old dorms that were perfectly fine to build new ones that are double the price. This is to let more and more students in yet they don't have enough classes offered to students. They haven't done shit to build any new classroom buildings or even made any renovations to them. They just want to pack as many kids in as they can and take their money without giving them any new resources other than housing. Tony Atwater is president of the university and is probably the most hated man in the town of Indiana which is propbably the case at most universites. In this particular case though he really is not liked by the faculty or student body. He has made changes to our famous homecoming parade routes to cut back on the partying yet, he claims it is for different reasons. Come one how dumb do you think we are? If I could change one thing I would get rid of Tony Atwater and let us have some fun.


its an alright school. i only went to a branch campus which was kind small and didnt really have any space for classrooms, more lab area than anything else.


I love IUP. I have yet to have a bad professor. For the most part everyone is friendly. There are so many things to get into there. Im in a sorority and I love it. It is affordable and you still get a great education. I am in the department of Child and Family Studies and I love the dean and her coworkers because they are such down to earth people. There is so much school pride it is rediculas. It is the most beautiful campus in the winter and fall. I love sidewalk chalk day where the students draw illistrations of ideas or the views, politcally or morally. Although if you are coming here bring rain boots and an umbrella.


The best thing about IUP, is the classes and teachers are down to earth and close to get around. Our school is just right, I love the fact that I can see a new hot girl every day. People react to IUP as a party school, and say things like " wow i was there, but I dont remember" or, "Is iup still a party school?" I spend time on campus walking off of campus because i dont like big groups of people. College town? Yeah around the bars it is. School pride, i think people just wear IUP sweats and stuff because its cheap at the Co-op. Unusual? Yes. the amount of minority crime at IUP. Its ridiculous and it makes me sick. Student complaints....probably the construction.


good size, beatiful campus, always rainy, cold winters


The hill going to foster hall is extremely steep. The sidewalks should always be salted when snowy/rainy.


IUP is a VERRRY traditional college. For being a smaller school, it does come off as being "big" like the larger universities in PA. I am a non-traditional, adult, returning student. THIS IS NOT THE PLACE for my academic needs. It was just the most convenient state school around. If you're looking for such a school and think that you're are a person like me --dont go with IUP.


right size, I usually party, spend most of my time in the oak grove or the library


IUP is the best way for me personally to get an education. I live close, and they have flexible classes, for the most part. I have heard the Crim program here is amazing!!! I am an accounting major and so far I have no complaints. I would change the parking issue on campus. There are too many pay-to-park places for commuters. We pay ENOUGH in tuition and fees, there are no excuses why we should be paying to park as well!!! Plus some of the fees are rediculous!!! I have never used the on-campus health center, but have paid a health fee every semester!!!!


The best thing about IUP is the atmosphere. I like how the school is in a small size town but not too small to where you feel like you're in the booneys such as where my hometown, Edinboro, PA. There are a lot of really nice people you can meet at IUP, and then some strange ones too, but you'll get that anywhere. I spend most time hanging out in the dorms with friends and going to the gym to work out and play racquetball/wallyball. The gym is one of the best places to go because it's real big and I like working out to get l that school stress out. The parties are also real fun, and you meet a lot of people going to them. You just have to plan them around your classes because skipping classes and not doing the work is the worst way to start the year....definitely make sure you have everything under control before you go out for the night. Then you're still being on task and also having a blast at night. Just don't get caught doing anything stupid. The school pride is rated "okay". No one really goes to the football games...the stadium was more packed for my high school games, so I never got too interested in IUP's football team eventhough we did do real well this last season--also a bonus was when we played my hometown school EUP for homecoming, real cool to watch. Same thing goes with basketball too. A highlight for IUP is the new suites being put up on campus. They make the campus look a lot nicer and it will definitely bring in more student eventhough the price is real high for living. IUP is a fun school to be at. It's boring unless you find clubs to join and fun activities to do with friends. I just hung out with a lot of friends and will join clubs this fall to stay even more busy.


IUP is the typical college. My parents call it "THE liberal college" because of the very diverse settings. I would say that however you choose to live your life, and I mean HOWEVER, IUP has people and actvites to make your life brighter. Indiana, the surrounding town, is a country/college town so it has quite a few things to do. One of the biggest controversies you hear about is the recent mascot change. They had the Indians but were forced to change to the bears and then to the current mascot, Crimson Hawks! The older friends I have in town remember people not showing up for parades and such over this change because it broke the towns traditions!


It is not too big or too small. The town is alright. If you are not 21 there is absolutely nothing to do. People think that IUP is only for parties, and I can say that it is a personal choice, and I personally choose to stay out of that scene for the most part. I mean occasionally I'll go out, but not often. There is no where to use a computer lab after 2 am which I think is really dumb. The overall feel of the campus is open-minded and liberal, in my opinion. The construction is super annoying, but will be over in a few years I assume. I hate the way the town people look at and treat college students.


IUP isnt a huge school, its kinda in a small town setting for most kids... but to me its like being in a city... cuz Im so used to a REALLY small town. To me IUP is the perfect size for a college. Its not to big, yet its big enough that people have heard of it.


One thing I would change about IUP is the lack of inexpensive housing options. I love the dorms, yet they are chasing me out of them! What gives? Not everyone has the money to afford life in the Suites. The best thing about IUP are its Profs. I seriously have not run into a bad one yet. They are all very intelligent, helpful, & passionate about their disciplines.


Size is good, it enables you to meet many new people, and experience many new things.


IUP is a middle sized school in terms of population and located in a rural area and is very diverse in terms of race. It is a good school for most students overall and offers a good degree in most majors, most notably Business, Criminology, and Education.


There is really nothing to do in IUP. I loved the professors they were awesome- The suites on Grant was awesome too. But I am a social person and I like to do things. There is really nothing to do in IUP except for drinking, or doing drugs. I am not saying this to badmouth the school- like I said- the professors were AMAZING and very helpful and they are really all about education. But the atmosphere is people are friendly, but all you can do there is walk to downtown or go to philly street or the houses by there and party or whatever. When People asked me where I went to school and I tell them IUP, their perceptions of me have changed, because they think, "oh she goes to IUP, shes a major party animal" I do not want people to have this perception that I am a party animal, when I am not. Sure I do drink alcohol socially, but I do not like getting drunk to the point where I am unconscious of my actions. There is no school pride- I mean sports wise- IUP is not THAT great in their sports- other than rugby. I will always remember meeting all kinds of great and strange people


I LOVE IUP!!!!! It's really a great school with lots of cool, unique people. At first i did have worries about it because i thought it was too far away from home, however now I think I'm too close to home lol. It's located in a small town, but i have developed an "IUP family" there. I spend alot of my time at eateries w/ my friends around campus, work, also at the library, and dormrooms. I don't have many friends off campus, so i hardly ever go, unless there's a party or other event. I'll always remember Victory, which is a local church, I absolutely love it, the people there make me feel very comfortable. IUP is like my second home, myhome away from home lol. I can't wait to go back from summer vacation.


The school's a great size. If you are in the mood for something new, you can walk a different way to class and see people you may have never met. Once you've been here for a while, you start to recognize alot of faces. There are things to do if you go and look for them. I wouldn't say that people have the most school pride. We aren't a D1 school. I think the biggest issue on campus is the new buidings they are putting up. The whole campus is under construction and it's ugly. One of the reasons I came here was because there were so many trees. The green space has been greatly reduced.


IUP is a good school. You get out of it what you put into it. You can either get involved in everything or go get your degree and then start the career of your choice. There is nothing wrong with either route. IUP is also a growing school during my last year at IUP 07/08 there was a lot of construction going on new dorms and an event center was being built.