Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


You shouldn't attend if you can't take the cold weather.


Someone who prefers a more urban or city-like area.


There is no one that shouldn't attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania. IUP is the type of school that is accepting of everyone. We have students from inner city Philly, small farm towns, and different countries such as Korea, Canada, and Netherlands. There is no stereotyping at my school. We accept everyone for who they are and we all come together to become Crimson Hawks in the end.


A person that is not willing to put in the extra hours of work for classes should not attend Indiana Universtiy of Pennsylvania.


This is a great school and i encourage everyone to attend this school.


Social people


If you think you would benefit from small class sizes, you should come to IUP. Also, if you are an education major, IUP is a good university because of the intense education program here. Also, if you like rain, Indiana is the place to be.


transfers should hold off to transfer till fall not in the spring.


I think any kind of person should attend this school. Its a well known and great school to attend with great success with the number of graduates it produces. It may be a little more laid back than pricier college, but nonetheless a great place.


I think the kind of person who should not attend this school is someone who is not very serious about going to college and trying out a whole new environment. Also, if the person is not social or interested in any extracurricular activities, groups, organizations, etc. then that person should not apply here. This school is for people who want to network and branch out in their prospective fields and also meet new people.


People that like living in a city area should not come here. Indiana is a very rural area, and other than the campus itself there is not much to do. The mall is not very nice, and there are not many places to shop or eat that are close to campus.


You should not attend this school if you are not willing to accept a challenge. It is very hard and a lot of work. I also do not suggest it for people who are not truly in love with cooking because if you are not in love with it, you will not be willing to work as hard as you need to.


If you are a student looking to get an easy ride through college you should not attend. The teachers here are not stupid and are willing to help those that show they want and need it. If you are not willing to do the reading and homework assigned you mine as well not waste your money.


The only kind of people I could not imagine successfully attending this school are people who do not enjoy the cold weather and, unfortunately physically handycaped citizens. The reason I say it would be hard for a person who is physically handycaped is because the campus has a lot of hills. It does have wheel chair ramps, and they do try and accomidate the best they can, but is very difficult for an able person to sometimes walk up those hills let alone someone in a wheel chair. It is not impossible, but it is unfortunatly more difficult for them.


I think that the kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is a city person, like me. Being from New York City I have taken the longest time to make myself comfortable in my new suburbs surrounding.


One that doesn't want to take college seriously and does not plan on studying hard to excel.


If you dislike cold weather; lots of harsh, windy winters on campus.


Someone that can't make their own fun out of a situation. With IUP being a "just right feel" campus, things can get a little boring sometimes, that's why you need to make your own fun. Also, someone that shouldn't attend this college is someone that doesn't like change. The students on this campus are their own person and uniqe, sometime more than what you are use to. Other than that, i believe that anyone could atten IUP and experience what college is all about.


Anyone that wants to be known for something out of the ordinary should not attend this school. Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) is good for Music and Education, but even in those departments IUP has its limitations. Also, individuals that like the big city should search for a different college to attend. This college is located in a small town, which does not see much activity unless IUP is in session and has limited store choices. Students that love warm weather should avoid this college too. For more information on weather, see question on frustrations.


I really don't think there's anybody that shouldn't attend IUP. They are very accommodating.


If you can't balance your social life with your school work, this school probably isn't for you.


i don't think thats for me to answer.


A person who should not attend this school is someone who does not want to succeed in life and have a great career.


A person who shouldn't attend this school is easily distracted and has a hard time separating school from social activities. It is easy to get caught up in the social atmosphere of this school.


Anyone who just wants to party or don't do any work.


Someone willing to teach themselves.


Someone who wants small, stimulating classes, who doesn't want to spend their weekends drinking, and who wants to feel that their friends really care about them.


i would say if people do not like to have a big social life, or do not like smaller towns it is not the right place for them. its a very small town with not much to do except to go to frat parties or bars on the weekends. there is a few resturants and a small movie theater, but nothing worth going to.


Someone who keeps to themself and doesn't get too involved in school actvities.


A person that is very much used to the fast life and hot climates.