Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known that the school was far from my home. The weather is als brutally cold and I did not anticipate that.


I wish that I had known how difficult it is to find weekend activities to do when you do not own a car. Indiana, PA is a small town and it is sometimes difficult to find non-alcohol related activities to participate in during the weekend (especially as a freshman or sophomore student).


Before going to IUP, I wish I knew more about the geography and culture of the area. I'm from outside of Philadelphia, so I didn't even give a second thought about going to a university outside of Pittsburgh. They're both PA cities right, how could it be that different? Well sometimes, it felt like a new world. Different social activies, slang, weather and ways of living and thinking were sometimes a shock. Though I wish I knew more about the area, it's been a terrific, eye-opening experience I wouldn't trade for the world.


I wish I would have known that while in college, you find yourself. You learn things about yourself that you didn't know before and that can affect your relationships to the people around you. It is not that big so once you've seen a person once, more than likely you'll see them again. Everyone seems to know each other in some type of way.


I wish I had known about the unpredictable weather and the distance of the stores and businesses from campus. If I had, I would have put more effort into getting a car before I went on campus.


Before I came to Indiana University of Pennsylvania I attended a community college closer to home. The two turned out to be very different and there was one main thing I wish I would have known before coming to Indiana University. I already knew how to manage my time and my studies; however, I never managed my money. I wish I could have known how quickly all my money would disappear, even on mostly basic necessities, so that I could have saved earlier.


I wish I knew how to save money on textbooks, tuition, etc. for my freshman and sophomore year. I could have used to buy cheap textbooks and to resell my books, and I could have dug harder for scholarships.


Before I came to Indiana University of Pennsylvania I wish I would have know that it was a dry campus.


Before I came to Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus, I wish I knew my roommate as well as what living in a dorm was like because grasping such a enormous change at once is a challenge in itself, so without knowing what it was like on my own I struggled to find a happy medium.


I wish I was more aware of the party reputation that IUP has. Although the university is trying to crack down on alcohol use, especially underage drinking, they still cannot completely control the environment. If a student is coming to IUP they need to be aware of the party atmosphere and be able to separate that from their schooling, otherwise it ends in disaster. First semester I struggled because I went out to much and fell victim to the social scene. Whereas second semester as I shied away from it I did a lot better.


I wish I would have known the value in choosing a major that would allow for continued success and opportunity in my future.


no not really.


I wish I would have known the importance of scholarships and grants. By knowing of the importance of scholarships and grants, I could have properly managed my current financial bind that I am currently in at this present moment. Now I have to remove myself from school for a semester to handle my financial situation. I wish I would have known how to properly look for the right scholarships and grants that were the best match for me.


i wish i knew how much work would be involved or how to manage my time better. i struggle with getting everything done in a day.


I wish I had known before I started school here how lound and obnoxious everyone is on campus. Then possibly I could have chosen a different place to live with fewer distractions.


When I got to school I started to reconsider what I picked for my major. I wish I had looked into other majors before I went to school and spent so much money. Also, I could have started at a community college to decide. It would have been better for me to have checked all my options before I picked a school. While, I now feel that music education was the right choice, I wish I would have looked at other choices before making that decision.


I wish that I had known what field I wanted to be in before I started my undergraduate program. I wish that I had known what fields actually had a large availability of jobs. I changed my major because I found there were not many jobs for people with a degree in my old major.


Probably the english language better.


I wish I would have known how much it actually snows in the Winter!


Before I attened IUP I wish I would of known a little more about the lay out of the school. I was a little lost throughout the first week, but it was easy to get used to.


lack of job opportunities


I wish that I would have known that I would have need a lot of money. I also wish that I would have known that it would have been very hard to get a job.


IUP is located in a very small town, with awful weather; I wish I would have known that when it rains it pours, and the town is far from a/the city.


That the Honors College (which I attend) is only a small part of the university; there are many things about the university that I don't like and would have liked to know before I came. For example, some classes are so boring they make me fall asleep while the professor teaches to the lowest common denomenator in the class. Then the teacher realizes he/she is falling behind and does not take enough time on important topics later in the semester.


i wish that i knew the emphasis put on greek organizations before i came here.


Nothing. I love it!


I wish I knew that people still act immature even though they are not in high school anymore.


I wish I would have known have difficult and time consuming the workload of college courses were going be. This school puts great emphases on their business program and much is expected from an aspiring Human Resources Manager. Learning to manage time and get the most advantages from an accredited staff has been quite a task.


I wish I had known more about the specific classes and opportunities towards my major.


I wish I would have known how bad the weather really is. I also wish I would have known how hard it is to get a job on campus if you do not have a work study.