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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


By working very hard, and not following other student's footsteps, I was able to obatin a good experience in this college. I was able to graduate with Magna Cum Laude, obtaine a proffesional career and enroll in a graduate program at George Mason University.


While being at college I have experienced the responsibility issue a lot. I realized that all of the stupid things that I do fall back on nobody but me, no longer are mommy and daddy there to get me out of trouble. For example a few weeks back my roommate and I shot a soccer ball at an exit sign and shattered it into hundreds of pieces. Throughout all of my experiences and expectations of college so far I guess I have learned a lot. Although I still have much experiences ahead, I feel that I have finally got my mind focused on the right things so hopefully my future experiences will be a lot less turbulent then this semester has been so far. Even though I came to college expecting the wrong things, I wouldn’t trade in my experiences at college so far for the world. College represents a lot of the things that I want and don’t want out of life. Things that I want out of my college experience are to truly find myself.


My college experience has been of great growth for me and helped me with my confidence as a person and self-esteem. I have also changed and matured in many aspects of my life through this experience I had in college. I have grown professionally and I've achieved my goals, in addition I realized I want to work in a university where I can work with students and help them achieve their career goals and being a person where I can cultivate in them the seed of success in their college experience. It is a great pleasure for me.


The first advice I would give, would be the never give up, which is harder to see the goal is the best decision you end up doing. Another thing would not let me remove anything or anyone that I have perseverance to get the thing that always keep trying and never get tired. The second would be to believe in me that no matter what you do not have money, my parents can I pay for college, scholarship has not always find the solution. And thanks to all smooth that life has given you so much love, like economics, the only thing that has kept persevering you have the urge to go forward and fight for what you've always believed that you are being and becoming.