Inter American University of Puerto Rico-Metro Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


In Puerto Rico the Interamerican University is a very prestigious university. To have a degree from this university is very valuable.


I usually talk about how close the beach is to the school and how the weather, nine times out of 10, is great for going to the beach after class.


I was born in Puerto Rico but I was not raised there and before attending InterAmerican University I attended The University of the Virgin Islands and let me tell you what a big difference in curriculum and atmosphere. When I began to let people know that I attended another university I would brag about the fact that I although I was in a Spanish speaking island I was enrolled in an English Trimester Program. This program offers me the possibility of graduating ahead of time with the same four year bachelor's degree. People become intrigued with this opportunity.