Inver Hills Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


So far what I`ve gotten out of it is that I don`t feel so selfconscious about myself. I have more selfesteem, knowing that I can learn and make my life better for my son and I. I am no longer embarrest about myself. I always felt I was kind of to old to go back to school, but now I know thats not true.


My college experience has allowed gain the ability to think outside of the Box. In high school you are told which ideas are right and wrong. IT’s very cookie cutter like and boring. IN college you are given the opportunity to explore an idea and decide for yourself if the idea is considered right and wrong. You are allowed to have an opinion and defend that opinion. I find this experience very valuable because you are allowed to express who you are and what type of person you want to be seen as in society. After high school, you jump in to a pool of fish, college, and have to make yourself stand out if you want to succeed and be heard. This experience allows you to find your voice and be a part of an educated society.


My college experience not only taught me the required material that I needed to learn for my degree but it also taught me about my strengths and weaknesses. My education has been a valuable tool as I now have a better ability to create change in those areas that I would like improve on. I am better able to look outside of myself and challenge my beliefs when inconsistances arise and to be brave enough to make those changes as needed. I believe my education is the solid foundation on which I will be able to continue to build on. I have learned to stand up for myself, for the rights of others, to appreciate all of our differences and uniquenesses and those little things in life that make life more interesting, challenging and at times even more frustrating all because of my education.


The biggest piece of advice that I would have offered to myself would be, you don't have to go to a university right away after high school to succeed. Community college is a more cost effective option in which one can use as a stepping stone to a university or offers great two-year degree programs which can bring you into the world of employment much quicker, and you can be just as successful as those who have attended a four-year university. I would also refer to a good parallel I have come up with, without the cake, you can't enjoy the frosting. So in order to achieve your goals or dreams (for me it is to be an RN,) you must have the cake, (meaning go through all the prerequisites,) in order to enjoy the frosting (the classes that most appeal to you.)


Start applying for scholarships and grants right away, and participate in volunteer work, and school activies which will futher help you get scholarships. When hunting for a college make sure you are selecting a college that you want and fits your best career choices, and interests. Visit colleges, talk to professors that are in the fields you are interested in, and research colleges to see what ratings they are given. Unless you get full ride to a college of your choice or are able to get enough scholarhship money to pay full tuition, it is a very good idea to take generals at a community college and then transfer. There are transfer scholarships, you want to consider the how long and the amount you might have to pay off.


Never, ever, every procrastinate because it will haunt you in the end. Enjoy life, live every moment, take chances, and tell your family you love them because you never will know what the future holds.


The advice I would give to my younger self is to make sure to go to class every day, even if I was tired, depressed or sick. I would tell myself to be more serious about my future since when I first went to college, I wasn't. What you do your first few years in college affects the rest of your life, and I feel like I didn't make the some of the best choices myself.


Get an education now! Dont wait. The things you are going to learn will expand your world beyond your belief. Opportunities open up with every class you take. While your major may change as you learn new things the education you obtain along the way will be priceless. It is imparative that you try to stay focused. The frivalous events around you will soon be a thing of the past but your education and mind will be the key to your success and future.