Iowa Wesleyan University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Classmates at Iowa Wesleyan are usually quiet. When it comes to doing projects or working in groups classmates do participate and put forth the effort, but when there are no group assignments students tend to stick to themselves. Classmates go to class for one reason, and that is to take notes and do their part.


All of my fellow classmates who are getting their education degree are taking their classes and grades very seriously as hard working students.


My classmates are mostly from Iowa. Most of them have never been exposed to other cultures. A lot of them attended high school in very small towns surrounding Mount Pleasant, IA, where Iowa Wesleyan College is located. A lot of my classmates reside in school housing. We have a few that are from Illinois and Missouri. We have one from California and one from New Jersey.


My classmates range from young, single people to adult learners with families and full-time jobs to deal with on top of classes and homework.


My classmates are very diverse and very interesting.


To describe my classmates, i would have to say they are unique.


My nursing classmate are most white middle class very conservative individuals, while my classmates outside of my major are very diverse but not serious about school and care more about athletics.


My classmates are friendly, intelligent, helpful and always come to class prepared and ready to be involved.


People who can have fun and be relaxed while learning.


I am a non-traditional older student as are many of my classmates. Of-course a number are younger traditional students. I feel very fortunate to have the classmates that I do as they are respectful, knowledgeable, and very dedicated to their education. I am able to obtain assistance from my classmates as well as rely on their constructive and informative advice. One very important aspect of furthering the education at my current college is that my classmates are number one in making me feel part of the the college community


Well, to describe my classmates in one sentence, i would have to say that "There hungry for success". It takes a different kind of person to just pack up, leave home, say good bye to your family(girlfriend/boyfriend), and head off to college.Your young, still learning and diving in sometime your told is worth so much, In so many ways, your still a child. If i could use one word that could describe my classmates it would have to be leaders. A leader start things that there not sure of what the results will be. We take risk.


They are all really nice and everyone gets along well