Iowa Wesleyan University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Iowa Wesleyan College is known for being the oldest, running college West of the Mississippi River.


Iowa Wesleyan College is best known for its small class sizes and great campus community. The class sizes are small and great for getting one on one attention. All my professors know me by name and they actually care about each and every student. The most I have had in one class has been about 25 students, however majority of my classes have less than 15 students. The campus is also very nice. It's not a huge campus so that makes it easier to get to your classes on time and its also less confusing.


Our school is best known for being small. The oppurtunities are a bit limited becasue the budget is small for this school. We try to make it a good time by having friends and enjoying our time together. We all know this is an experience and try not to dwell on the negative aspects becasue there are quite a few here.