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I could transfer my LPN licence here and be done with my BSN in about 21 months. That was the main reason I came here. The class sizes are small and the professors are available to help with questions. The campus is small and you don't have to go very far to get to your next class, even if it is in another building. The president of the school knows a lot of the students by name, I thought that was really nice.


The campus is small and comfortable; the drive to get there is reasonable as a commuter student; the college offers an array of ways to obtain your degree includingon site classes, day and evening classes, on-line courses and mutiple campus sites for evening students.


The Extended Learning Program is the most unique aspect of my school. Classes are offered so that I can get most of my education in or near my hometown so that I do not have to leave my life behind. Let's face it, education is important to me, but it is not as important as my kids, husband and job. If it was not for the Extended Learning Program, I would not be finishing up my education at this point in my life.


The most unique thing about Iowa Wesleyan College compared to other schools is that it is a small college compared to a huge university. All the other schools I considered were huge universities that would have more students in one general education class than I have in my prospective graduating class here at IWC. This is unique because practically everyone knows everybody and I love that. You can walk from one class to another and say, "Hi," to practically everyone in the hallway.


At our college, our professors are always there for you. They go out of there way to introduce you to schools that you may continue your education at to obtain a masters or doctorate. The people here are friendly, and if they cannot help you, they will find the person that can help you and get back to you. It is a small enough campus, where you will get to know everyone. Personally, they are helping me prepare for my graduate work, and have introduced me to different programs that I may consider going into in the future.


Iowa Wesleyan has a very warm and inviting atmosphere about it that makes adujusting to life away from home easy. Since we have such a small campus, it is not hard to get from class to class, and if you choose to get involved, there are many campus-sponsered activities that are held.


For starters, Iowa Weslyan College a private school. We get charged more to go to school, but the classroom sizes are just the right size for the professor to reach out to every student. Before i made the decsion to attent Weslyan, i took a tour at the University of columbia. Let me tell you, those classrooms were big, like they were designed for musical concerts. I thought to my self "How could a professor of a class of 150 students reach his objective to each student clearly. Weslyan focuses on you as a person, not just as an number


Iowa Wesleyan College is unique in regards to the people. When I say unique, I mean that in the most positive and meaningful way. The campus, the classes, and the learning environment at IWC is wonderful, but the heart of why IWC is the best decision I ever made is strictly based on People. The teachers care about you. They care about your future and they care about your own personal development. You are able to form a relationship with your peers and professors that will encourage a strong foundation for the person you become after graduation.


small classrooms plus the oldest college west of the mississippi,


What makes my school unique from other schools? What makes my school unique from other schools is the warm feeling in the social life, everything basic things are close to campus and the social and ethnical diversity in school.