Iowa Wesleyan University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


To be a student at Iowa Wesleyan College you do not need to have a particular degree in mind. They offer a wide variety of classes to begin your college career with them. This is a great four year institution to get your undergraduate degree. The student must be very serious about their college career and grades. The professors are very highly qualified to be teaching the classes. They expect the best from each of their students.


A student should attend this school if they want a close enviroment with strong student/professor relationships, if they know they want to excel in Music or Nursing, or feel like they want time to explore majors in a community college feel of a 4-year university.


A person who is willing to work hard and focus on their studies and then play. A person who wants a degree. Someone that does honest work and doesn't cheat.


Anyone who likes being around a diverse group of students would enjoy Iowa Wesleyan College. If you are looking for a campus where all the buildings are close and the class sizes small, you would also like it here. With the small class environment, it is that much easier to make friends for a lifetime. I've found that relationships and social interaction is the driving force behind being successful in college and at Iowa Wesleyan, I have made many friends in my first semester and am looking forward to making many more!


Iowa Wesleyan College is best for an individual who wants an education that includes a variety of subjects and a person who values diversity and is comfortable with those who differ from them.


The music department is very good, but not much else is. Lots of people come here becasue it's easy, and the sports teams will take just about anyone. Every night there's a party and no one cares if there are underage people there. So, if you want easy classes, want to play on a sports team, are a partier, or your musical, this is the college for you.


All the people whoever have their own dream and want to pursue it through the college education.


a person who can deal with a compact area