Iowa Wesleyan University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Iowa Wesleyan University?


anyone who does not keep an open mind


Someone that does not have work ethic or the motivation to do their work. People who come here to party. Students that skip class all the time and not willing to learn anything. Also, students that cheat.


Someone who seeks an urban environment, large student population, a lot to do outside of class, a good dorm, and a modernized institution should not attend this school.


I think that knid of person that shouldn't attend this school is one that has grew up in of lived in for a long time, in a big city. I feel that the students here from big cities seem to feel cooped up and that there is nothing to do in this small Iowa town of Mount Pleasant. But on the other hand sometimes it is good to move to a new place so that you can have a well rounded expierence of the world and other places you may not be used to.


Someone who is looking to be at a very large school. Our school only has aound 900 students. It is very easy to get used to being in a small school enviornment but I also grew up in a small town.


About the only type of people that shouldn't attend this school would be atheists. This is a private relgious school and a relgion class is required of all students to graduate.


A student looking for a larger public university setting with thousands of students. Mount Pleasant has a population of around 8,000 and IWC has a population of around 800. If the student is looking for the "movie" college experience, this is not the place for you. If you are from the south and you love the warm weather, this is not the place for you. You have to be prepared to work, this is not an easy school. You will be challened intellectually every day. So come with your coats and thinking caps!


The type of person that shouldnt attend this school is someone who needs a bid city. Theres nothing like that around here.


Everyone should attend high school, for no one but themselves. In today?s society it is hard to find any employer that is willing to hire somebody that doesn?t have a high school diploma or GED. And if they do well in high school that will get them into college, which in the long run will get them a better job. But only people with the drive to do well should attend high school to make it to college. While everyone needs high school to get somewhere in life, it is the first step in a very long journey.


Someone who is looking for a bigger university. Basically anyone who wants to go to school to party and have a good time should not go to school here. This school is for someone who wants to succeed in their given major and get their degree.