Iowa Wesleyan University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Iowa Wesleyan University?


This year our school has gone through a budget cut and it has really taken a tole on the students, staff, and faculty here at the college but because of the budget cuts Iowa Wesleyan College should be able to stay open for many years to come.


Needs to be updated building wise.


How students focus on drinking and not their academecs. They also don't care about other people and the rules of the campus. There's been cheating going on, but the student's don't care.


I think my college is good. We have beautiful campus, though it is small. We have nice teachers and classmates. This little city is very good for study and do educational things, because there is not too much people and cars. It's quite and can make students have a good mood to study.


They sort of treat us like were still in high school. I am frustrated that I am treated like a kid and not an adult. They also run the school like a business and not a place of education.


I would have to say the lack of students getting involved in things around campus and the community. I plan on changing that though. I'm really trying to strive for my fellow Iowa Wesleyan students to get involved, and try and get what they want out of college. I believe if you can get one person involved, another will follow, and hopefully after that, more people will follow and make their college life exciting!


Due to the small class numbers and teachers knowing you by name and not a number,this creates a high school like environment which allows the teachers to be more involved in your college life experience than one may like. Although, that is not entirely frustrating because most times the close nit classes allows for a better understanding in subjects and allows for extra credit opportunities. There are always two sides of any argument; generally speaking Iowa Wesleyan is a great school to further one's education.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of help from sources in the school(staff,teachers and tutors)for science majors, The poor quality of food in the cafeteria and the lack of good lab equpiment.