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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I actually graduated high school early as a Junior, and since freshman year of high school I was taking college courses at Irvine Valley College. So when I did graduate high school early, I was aleady a sophmore in college. Thinking back, if I did not take college courses already, the most important advice I could ever give myself was to work hard and excel at everything. I would tell myself that in the end it all pays off. College is not a hard transition. In fact, it is very easy, as long as you work hard. I would explain to myself that no matter what I do, to never give up. The only thing that can ever hurt me, is giving up non myself. As long as I strive to be my best then I will succeed in whatever I want to do. To this day I use this advice.


Honestly, if I were able to talk to myself in High School, most of my advice would be social in nature. When I started High School I was shy; a short littel kid with a bullying older brother who was far too defensive. I would tell myself to strive harder to get along with more people and make friends, so that all four years could have been as enjoyable as the last two I spent there, when I was far more popular. That, and I would tell myself to study more in Biology and practice rolling my Rs in Spanish 2, I am still usatissfied with the Cs i got in those clases.


Hey, Renzy! It's me, I mean you! Look I don't have much time, but I am your future-self so listen up. First thing, break up with your girlfriend -- trust me. Second, college isn't a waste of time so please don't be discouraged. I know you're more concerned with making money right now, and that saving up for a new car sounds ideal, but don't drop out of college. You screwed up by not applying to any colleges, but there's still plenty of ways to getting your degree in architecture. Girls will distract you from your priorities and you need to be strong enough to push through with your studies. Trust your future self, there's plenty of time to gain experience in regards to the opposite sex. Because you slipped, you wont be getting back to college until you tunr 24... that's a long time until you start something you should've already finished. Focus, and you'll realize that college isn't like high school. College challenges your way of thinking so embrace it and don't let it scare you. Accomplish this and you'll be even more unstoppable!


Hey high school Julie, Just to prepare yourself, know that as soon as you get to college none of the things that seem important in high school will be important in anymore. College is no longer about struggling to fit in, to be considered "cool," or to even be noticed by that boy you think is cute. It's about standing out, finding yourself, and doing things you never thought possible. You know how you've been planning to go to Europe as soon as you graduate with your bachelor's degree? Well guess what, you do that after completing your first year of college, and you do it all by yourself. You're going to make friends all over the world, you're going to be on the Dean's list, in the honors program as well as several other honors societies. You just need to focus, and hang in there. You know that jock boy that you always had a crush on even though he was mean to you? Well guess what, he peeked in high school. But that's not you, you're just starting.


Just go ahead and do it! Stop procrastinating! Whether it's talking to unpopular kids who sit alone during lunch, taking more AP classes, or standing up for the things that only you believe in, you should get out of your comfort zone and take the first step. You should stop worrying about what others would think about you. None of it matters. You are missing out on an opportunity that you might never have again. Peer pressure is a force that does not need to control you. Who cares if people think you're weird or different because you're friends with the disabled kids or because you decided to go against the decisions of the crowd? And what if you and other people don't think that you can be successful in AP classes? Taking advantage of the opportunity to get ahead while still in high school would have made the transition to college easier. Do not forget that only you can take charge of your life. The things other people think don't have to guide you. College isn't like high school. It's when you have to make decisions, set your goals, and be independent.


Invest in community colleges. Dont be impatient and pick any ol' cal state that will take you. Get ur GE's done cost effectively then go to UCLA because you can and you will. Take your work seriously and don't get distracted. Your GPA and extra curriculars will not only get you in great schools but they will be the envy of most people who never toook school seriously and are stuck in there current situations. Always strive to out-do yourself and push ur limits while your young.


I would have to start off by saying that you are your own person. Your parents don't have to know your grades or when you have test or if you have even studied for them, it's your responsibility. When you are in high school teachers don't stress to you about getting assignments in on time. They want you to pass so that you can move on, but once you get to college, they dont accept anything late. You either turn it in on the day it's due or its a zero. You have to go on your own and find tutoring for that class. In high school teachers concentrate on the wrong aspects of what college will be. It's not something to be scared of but college shouldnt be taken lightly. Worry about yourself and your future, dont worry about everybody else around you.


If I could go back I would tell myself that although it may be hard, I will get through community college. I would encourage myself to work hard and perservere when school got tough. Although I had trying times, my time so far at college has been a huge growing experience and I would not want to lose what I have found in this time.


If I were to go back in time with the knowledge I had now, I would advise myself to stay away from California public schools and know what four-year school I am planning on transferring to so I can take the necessary courses for my program of study there. I would want to insist that I be more aware of what schools I plan on transferring to so I can effectively plan my college career. I would also like to be more active in the student clubs and organizations on campus. These social activities provide an outstanding opportunity to get to know other students on campus from all walks of life. I would have liked to be more active socially on campus than I have been, and also perhaps get the opportunity to study abroad in my major and visit other countries. This amazing opportunity would give me insight into how other people live their lives and would help me broaden my horizons. It woul also aid me in becoming a more successful, knowledgeable, and well-rounded teacher education student.


My biggest insecurity in life was probably actually becoming independent and facing the world alone. My whole life I had depended on my parents. Coming to college and living on campus put me in forcible situations where I really had no one to look to other than myself. Whether it was doing laundry or figuring out my school's transit system, I learned to be quick, aware, and proactive. Aside from my attempt to master the art of independence, it was mostly the little things that made a big difference in my experience. Meeting all kinds of people from around the world, being part of an enthusiastic community, and creating long-lasting memories is what college has given me. I have also learned about the goodness of people that is still quite prevalent in the world. Being a freshman, I did not own a car, and living a country away from my parents did not make things any easier. But I never noticed the hardships that came with not having that essential because of the kindness shown by my friends. The most important lesson that I have learned is that learning does not need to be confined to a classroom.


Have a plan! Utilize the schools academic cousnelors! The first time around I just picked any class that sounded fun or easy, I had no structure, goal or plan, and I ended up wasting a lot of time and a lot of my parents money on classes that are not going to help me with anything in life. It became overwhelming to feel like I would never finish school and I eventually just have up. Now I have a goal, I know what classes I need and when I need to take them, so I can feel and see the accomplishment as I'm going along. I talk to a counselor every semester to make sure the prgress I'm making is in the right direction, that I'm not wasting my time taking classes I don't need or that I won't be able to transfer later on. Being able to go to college is a privilege a lot of peple don't have, so I would definitely beg my younger self to appreciat a lot more and make the most of it.


If I could go back in time i would tell myself "Brittany even though the world out in front of you looks scary and unobtainable, have faith in yourself and always put in 110% in everything you do." Major peice of advice I would tell myself that registating for classes on time is really super important. I learned the hard way and i had to petition for almost all of my classes my first year in college., that was really stressful. Also whenever its time for scholarships DON'T WAIT TO DO THEM!!! The greatest thing to do is fill out as many scholarships as possible because it will keep me away from student loans. College is alot of work all those cute sugary thoughts, NO! destroy them. There's no way around the work but remember that their is a balance between school life and my life. You don't have to sacrifice my social life for my school life and vice versa. Just remember college is a learning experience. Never take any lesson for granted, you aren't gaureented a second chance at learning a life lesson and having a chance to better yourself for the future.


If I had the opportunity to go back time to the days I was a high school student embarking on graduation and college I would tell myself to take my time and get informed. As a kid in high school you don't have a great idea of what really is exected in college, no one ever tells you that no one is going to be very helpful unless you help yourself first. I would tell my younger self to anticiate change because life gets a bit odd especially in your first year when you are forming your roll as a student and individual. I would also tell myself to remember to find time for yourself, it is important to relax and be refreshed when you feel overwhelmed with reading multiple texts and writing papers. Remember procrastination make it harder. This time that you have in school will be hard but the reward of challenging yourself is worth it. And when you feel like giving up remember why you are doing this and the goals you have set forth. You'll be fine and have fun along the way...... well some of the time.


Kara, put down that television remote. Walk over to the laptop-the same one that has endured multiple falls, water spills, and held together by scotch tape- and look over your college choices. Scrutinize every single last nugget of financial aid information, housing options, and scholarships. Then walk away. Two weeks later, after musing and pondering and other -ings that you never did before jumping into the rest of your life, make a decision. Know that you can be proud in the fact that your stubborness has yielded you some headaches and waterworks, but that you are going to come out okay.You're not going to be a failure, or make your parents regret filling your head with fanciful ideas of education and making something of yourself, because you are going to do it in your own way and at your own ambitious pace.No, College Kara doesn't know if a pace can be ambitious, but since I have more education than you it is best not to challenge me. Really. No, I am your elder, technically. Ahem. Stay true to yourself and commit this mantra to memory: I will schedule classes after noon.


If i was back in school, i would have wanted to learn more about different careers out there, opportunites in the different feilds and what schools are best for the intended major. I would have liked to learn more about how to live responsably in college financialy and health wise. How to choose my new living situation, how to apply for scholerships and loans. Where to get books from. And how important it is to ask about all the resources available to us by the colleges.


To myself as a Senior in high school: You have worked hard and earned good grades through high school. You can get into many different universities. Do not apply to only one, it limits your possibilities. The Cal State system is very impacted and you may not get into the school you want, so apply to many! While community college is a great alternative to a University, you may benefit from going away for school. The temptation to work harder at your part-time job than you do in school is one you must be aware of. While it may feel you have more independence and power, working will only get you so far. A college degree will get you much farther, and is absolutely necessary. Putting off school will only mean you will need to re-arrange your life in the future in order to accomodate attendance at school, and you will not be in classes with peers, rather those much younger than you.


The first thing that comes to mind that I would say is to quiet your mind and listen. Maybe you have had some rough things happen to you in high school but compared to what those in second and third world countries are experiencing, your problems are minor. Stop fighting yourself and listen to what the world needs and supply that service. Give yourself a chance. Do not listen to what others have said or expect of you and rise above the noise to reach and act upon your potential. You are worth the time. College life is where your opportunity to learn about the world will happen. Imagine a fish living its whole life in a fish tank. Imagine that one day that fish is released into the ocean. Imagine that you are that fish...


If I could go back in time I would tell myself that my upcoming college years were going to be the most crucial years that would ultimately determine the rest of my life. I would tell myself how the experience could either be a quick struggle with a great reward, or an endless battle that could consume my life. I would tell myself how many opportunities and how much support exists within college life and that the interactions and friendships made between peers, professors, and counselors would be the most memorable and rewarding. I would tell myself that regardless of the class, task, or assignment, as long as I completely dedicated myself to it, I would succeed. Most importantly, I would tell myself that the learning process was what college was all about. It's about learning how to form interpersonal relationships (even if you don't want to), how to work hard, how to follow through, and how to take what is taught to you and apply it to your life in a positive way.


I think if I had the opportunity to go back in time as a high school senior with all of the knowledge that I have gained as a student, the advice that I would give myself would be to keep on excelling. I had made it my goal to get into college and to use my education as a means of achieving success in my life and although it had taken me a while to realize and appreciate all the success a great work ethic can get you, perhaps I would have made myself aware of that fact sooner.


I would tell myself that AP classes do matter, and it is worth taking the time to do the work in high school, so that you can save time in your college career. Also, I would tell myself that it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be to start taking college classes. I thoguht all of the classes would be a lot harder than they turned out to be. And when you do get a hard class, just keep perservering because you will make it through with a good grade if you keep giving it your best.


I would tell myself to continue taking math classes even after you complete your required classes in order to graduate because you will still need to meet college math requirements. I would also enourage myself to take college classes my senior year to get familiar with the campus and college life.


Coming from high school I would have told myself to prepare for a bigger change then you know. School pushes you harder in college and at the same time it changes who you are and helps you mature. I was not prepared for how big of a change it was just transitioning to a junior college so if i were to have chosen a four year univversity I would have told myself that the change will be even greater.


I think the most important piece of information to give a high school senior before they enter into their college career would be that college is such a different experience than the high school years. The college student is definitely faced with a higher financial situation over the cost of tuition, books and the other personal costs of living, so be prepared to have enough money to spend on necessary materials for a successful college experience. College is definitely more of an independent stage in a person's life when they have to start making their own decisions about when and how to study for these harder classes than highschool, when it is a good time to hang out with friends or when it is not because nobody will be there to tell you differently. It is all up to you. So you must be prepared, smart and responsible.


Make sure that you get your stuff together ahead of time. Go see your counselor before signing up for classes, apply for financial aid as soon as possible, and make sure to aim high for your goals. Make sure to do the best you can, and do as well as you can because the competition out there is fierce, and you need to be ready for it.

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