James Madison University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is not passionate about school spirit and supporting their school should not come to James Madison. James Madison is a family and a community in which everyone comes together and supports each other.


If you don't like walking around a lot, and up many hills, this is not the school for you. Also, you have to be very openminded and friendly to fit in here at James Madison.


people who don't like engaging with other people and the world


People who NEED an ethnically diverse student population in order to be happy. I did not realize how not diverse this school is until I got here. The university works really hard to appreciate and cultivate diversity but the truth is the school is full of primarily white females. It makes me sad sometimes because I came from a richly diverse high school. There is however, a lot of diversity in terms of thought, politics, religion, etc., just not a lot of ethnic/racial diversity.


Any person who thinks that only going to school to make money or keep their head down will never be able to take full advantage of what JMU has to offer them because if you are not willing to reach out, no one can catch you when you fall.


There is a place for all different personalities at James Madison University. However, the majority of the school is made up of outgoing and friendly people. If a person is not very friendly or lacks school spirit then they will most likely be turned off by the school.


Someone who is quiet and reserved, and plans on staying that way, should not attend JMU. Also, anyone who does not enjoy loud enthusiastic school spirit should not attend.


people who are introverted or people who don't like to be a part of a close knit society


Anyone can attend this school. There are different types of people here who somehow find a group of people that they fit in with.


Harrisonburg is a rural area, so someone who loves the city wouldn't really like it here. This is a very big campus, but at the same time our classes are usually on the smaller side, which gives a more intimate relationship with the teacher. Those who like working on their own and like a bigger class environment shouldn't attend this school.


you should not attend this school if you dont like the mountains. their are many hills throught the campus so so if you have no car you will be walking up and down steep hill all day.


I think someone who is afraid to meet new people and break out of their shell would not benefit from going to James Madison University. I would suggest that if crowds or new people intimidated a person then they should not go to college here.


It's hard to say what kind of studen shouldn't attend James Madison, because the community is filled with all different sorts of people. I truly do believe that anyone can find their place here at JMU, because there are so many opportunities available to students. The only thing you have to be ready for as a JMU student is the friendliness of the other students and the hills throughout campus. If you are not comfortable in a large school atmosphere, then this probably is not the unversity for you.


You should not attend this school if you do not like to work within a team environment or don't like thinking for yourself.


Honestly there is a place for anyone at James Madison. The people here are the friendliest, most tolerant people one will ever meet. Everyone?s very down to earth and go-with-the-flow. The only person who might not fit in is someone who is closed-minded to new adventures or meeting new people.


Someone who should not attend James Madison is someone who doesn't have the mindset to achieve greatness. A person that attends James Madison should be prepared to do work to attain high goals, such as getting good grades and becoming part of University by join clubs, sports, and many other activities offered here. They should be friendly and willing to be part of a large community that is willing to work together to make it a healthier, safer, helpful place.


I elieve no one should be discouraged from attending James Madison University This is a divese campus where everyone is welcome and everyone will fit in. However if you have a fear of squirrels be careful there is an abundance on campus.


A person who is lazy and has poor work ethic would not make it in this school, its not a matter of should they attend it or not. JMU is a school that strives for excellence and success is acheived by those who dedicate themselves to school and their work.


There is no one who would feel unwelcome here. This school is open-minded and has something for everyone. While there are many parties over the weekend, there are alternatives for people who do not wish to take part in such behaviors.


If you do not get alog with other people, I would advise not attending this school. There are many oprotunities to make friends and get to know people, so long as you are open and friendly.


JMU is friendly towards pretty much everyone, so I guess the only people who shouldn't attend are those who aren't ready to be nice :)


Someone who doesn't want to feel lost in a big crowd and who doesn't like to drink and party.


Its located in a smaller town, but right next to the highway so places are easily accessed with a car. Some of the Gen ed classes are quite large but the majority of the specialized ones are medium to small sized classes. The teachers are generally very available and accomodating and seem to want to do anything they can to get their students to succeed. We work hard and we play hard, and I think that balance is key.


Anyone that likes to go home on the weekends and is secluded and doesnt like to go out and meet people.


JMU is an institution that strives for diversity, promotes academic effeciency and encourages leadership. People who shouldn't attend this school include those who are lazy, close-minded, or unwilling to create and meet goals. Individuals who do not want to help themselves succeed would not do well here considering success at JMU is achieved by the students who want to brighten their future by working hard and interacting with others.


city slicker


someone who is looking for a diverse group of people


You shouldn't attend JMU if you are used to a big city and lots of action. JMU is nestled in a small agricultural community, so it doesn't appeal to all. Also, if school spirit doesn't mean anything to you, then JMU definitely isn't your school.


non social students


Minorities and people who don't have a lot of money.


Anyone who wants to be very individual. All the people here tend to be the same (The way they dress and act). Also someone who is not white and doesn't like being surrounded by all white people. The school is about 95{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} white.


People who are outgoing and like to party a lot on the weekends. If they are hard workers and do not like to have much of a social life, maybe JMU is not the right school. While teachers emphasize studying, most of the student body does not.


Some one who is opposed to drinking and could get into Ivy league schools. This is a challenging school academically, but not quite to the extent of an Ivy league school.


The majority of JMU students come from more wealthy families, wear Uggs with jean skirts, and join a fraternity/sorority during their freshman year. That being said, as a female who wears jeans with chucks to class almost every day, I feel comfortable among other students. JMU is a big school in a small town, which is constantly growing to catch up with the campus. People who want a smaller college experience should either choose a smaller major (ie: not College of Business) or consider a different school.


Students who are easily distracted by social life


Very competitive, serious-minded students, especially if they dislike drinking and partying. Conservative students may have a harder time of it, too. This school is based around the liberal arts, so people with a more business-oriented major (political science, pre-med, business) may find themselves in the minority, and may find it harder to keep up with a social life and complete the necessary classwork.


It definatly a school that opens you up if you find you niche. So people that are not willing to find there right fit will not find it as enjoyable.


Someone who is looking for a very diverse population.


I think that if someone does not want to be involved in the campus, then they shouldn't go here. JMU offers a vareity of different things to do here, from sports to organizations to religious groups. There is an organization or club or sport for everyone. If you have no desire to be involved on campus, whether it's the ultimate frisbee team or the advertising club, then you will probbaly not like to be here.


People without an open mind should not attend this school. We are beyond friendly and extremely enthusiastic about all sorts of things.


Any kind of person could find a place here, i'm truly convinced.


A staunch conservative who does not tolerate various world views.


someone who is friendly and likes to be surrounded by people.