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John Brown University is a private Baptist college. Studying methods at JBU are based on a Christian base. Not only do we study a certain topic such as Microeconomics but we're studying from a Christian's view point and ideas.


John Brown University really encourages students to be actively involved in the community around them and to think deeply. Also, all the faculty and staff members (even those who clean or provide security) has a passion for serving students and enriching their walk with Christ.


Not Sure


My school has very friendly professors, willing to get to know the students and enable learning success. The campus is also extremely beautiful. There are places to hike nearby and a creek running behind the school. The Christian enviroment provides a community of likeminded people serving Christ. As a captain of the women's Ultimate frisbee team, I saw the team spirit unique among the ultimate community.


Very strong community, extremely caring professors, small school environment with excellent resources.


I believe that JBU has a really great community feeling amoung the students and the faculty. The faculty encourage students at the school to not only be involved at the school but also to be involved at local churches. This is something that wasn't as common at other school.