John Tyler Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If i could go back in time, I would tell myself to study everynight, and to always get my homework done ahead of time.


If I could go back to my senior year in high school and tell myself the things I know now while in college, I would probably just encourage myself more. I wasn’t really focused on class work my first two years because I was busy trying to make friends. I had decent grades in junior high school because the kids weren’t focused on all those extra things. I would also be thankful for free education because in college things start to get hard and Im an adult now and have to pay tuition. I take school so much serious now because of that reason. I probably would have joined more clubs my senior year so I could participate in a lot more in extra school activities. In college I’ve learned that if I had joined clubs it would look really well on my applications for school and they like seeing that on resumes most of the time. I tell my younger siblings to enjoy the high school life because it will fly and keep their minds focused on work because half the things seniors are focused on will not be important after you walk across the stage.


The advice I would give my high school self would be the following: I would say, relax. I sacrificed having a life in order to graduate with a 4.0 GPA from high school. I would tell myself to manage my time better, to make time for family, friends and fun, to not be consumed by school. College is important and grades are important, because they are the standards that measure your "success level" for instructors and potential employers but they are not the only thing. Make learning a life-long experience. Challenge yourself to grow as an artist and a person. Take advantage of teacher's office hours. They are there to help you understand a project, and are knowledgeable resources to learn from about life as well. Talk with your classmates. Even if you don't become friends, they offer unique insights to learn from. Prioritize. Is the late night ice cream run really worth missing your 8am biology class for? Most of all, have fun. Don't lose your sense of wonder. College is not a destination, but a stepping stone in fulfilling life's dreams. It's about change, so embrace it and enjoy the journey.


If i culd go back in time to my high school year as a senior, i would tell myself to push myself to do more activities at the school and give myself a more rigorous schedule. I would also tell myself tstart the college and scholarship application process sooner instead of waiting until the last minute to do it. With that advice I most likely would have been a ittle more proactive in my studies.


As a senior i feel i did what i needed to for college. However, I would tell sophmore and junior "me" to work harder on grades and to study and take the sats numerous times.


I would tell myself the importance of staying in school and getting good grades. I would tell myself about how the friends and boyfiends could wait until you get an education. I would say stay in sports and school clubs, apply yourself to the fullest in class and don't take life for granted because once you are out of school, once you about to go to college, it counts as to what school you will be accepted to. It will affect your life forever. You don't know everything but you will get a deeper understanding of who you are and what you want to do with your life, once you start college and understand yourself and desires.


If I could go back in time, I would advice myself to be more patient because patience would have been the key to my success, not that I feel like i am not successful now. But patience would have helped a lot. High school was a great period in my life, especially the senior year. I do not regret anything I had done in high school but I do sometimes feel like some things could have been done in a different, polite manner. Those days definitely taught me a lot. College is also been a good journey so far but now that I know more about it, I would advice myself to take as much advantage that is offered to you by your high school. There is so many things that I didn't know was being offered. Also, I would advice myself to set goals in life and do the best to achieve them. Never give up on anything because nothing in this world is impossible. Although everything seems impossible until it?s done. Don't be afraid of failing because I would rather try and fail than to walk and regret never having tried at all.


If I were to give myself advice about encompassing a great college life, I would first tell myself that going to community college is the best route when it comes to saving money and being close to home. I also feel that I can become closer with the teachers while attending community college because of the smaller classes. Advice that I could have used is to be prepared for the entrance exam, because it is a simple exam, but being prepared allows you to not have to take unnecessary classes. The best advice for some who is transitioning from high school to college is to have a positive attitude- college life in some cases may be fun but having a positive attitude towards yourself and achieving will do you good!


There are several things that I would like to tell myself as a high school senior. Most of what I would like to tell myself would be to better evaluate what is really important. The next few years are very important because they are going to set the stage for much of your future and it is time to get serious about your school work. There is plenty of time to find love and other things you want out of life. Now set your focus on the task at hand and work with everything you have. However, don't spend all your time in studies your emotional and physical development is also important. Play sports and make good use of all the cultural activites the school has to offer. Learn to discipline yourself and develop the social skills and friendships that you will need later in life. By the way don't forget that your spiritual development will be something else you will take with you for the long haul and also needs to have a firm base developed now, you will need it later.


I would ask ask many questions on how college can help my career and degree choices. Also how I can grow as a person because of school.


I would tell myself to stay at home, go to school full time, and only work part time. I would tell myself to go straight from high school to college. I made a lot of good choices in high school. But, I would work less. My grades were 3.6 GPA so it did not effect me but I would work less for sure.


Don't stop keepon until you reach your altermite goal, no holding back. only get one chance do right dont get side tracked by others


I would have been more open to college opportunities than I did thirty years ago.