Johns Hopkins University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Johns Hopkins University is an elite university for the driven student who wants to excel despite a plethora of challenges, which include, but are not limited to, strong competition, lack of social life, and living in a dodgy neighborhood.


Embodying excellence and integrity in a pursuit of perfection.


Johns Hopkins is a very rigorous school that requires a lot of time and effort but the education that I received as a result is worth it.


Hopkins is a school where you can truly take advantage of every academic venue while still finding new outlets for fun, exploring and just meeting some of the most interesting people from everywhere.


Imaging green landscapes with brick pathways and Georgian architecture. Cherry blossoms in the spring. JHU looks very smart and intellectual.


It's really pretty! The campus is one of the biggest reasons that made me pick Hopkins over Cornell. It's small too, which is very convenient (about 10 minutes from end to end) although it doesn't look small at all.


Private university with a small-world atmosphere conducive to making friends, high academic standards, and diverse extracurricular activities.


My school is academically focused with little school pride.


My school is a social mecca; jocks, nerd, poets, hipsters, indiepunk all are able to sit down and talk. It feels like its one hundred percent okay to be who you are here because everyone is so intellegent and able to accept people who are different and value their unique perspective.


Johns Hopkins University is very career oriented and challenging academically.


A wonderful school for Writing Majors despite its focus on a pre-med education.


There are a bunch of really talented musicians here at Johns Hopkins music school.




Hopkins is a place where serious students come to take the next step in their lives. There are people here who want to have fun, but everybody is working hard. The resources here are unparalleled, the library is great and the campus is beautiful.


Johns Hopkins breeds doctors.


Work hard, play hard, then work harder.


Johns Hopkins provides excellent resources for students who take the initiative to take advantage of them.


A natural-science oriented institution with good liberal arts department that is highly academic focused.


Johns Hopkins University is 4 years of blood, sweat and tears--but it's worth it.


it's good


Tough academically, professors expect the best, very demanding and competitive in the classroom.


too many jocks, too few intellectuals, but very good school


social desert. high pressure. academically overwhelming. nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to go with. The pressure to study is so high here that no one ever does anything else but study. seriously. No memorable spring break trips, no fun trip to new york. The most that ever happens is friday or saturday night (choose one) at a club or so, but even that is rare (few times a year, if that). otherwise, top tier education, a high profile name that'll get you anywhere, and a small cozy campus.


A research university with strong but limited humanties program, and an excellent program for biological sciences.


Jhu is very academically oriented.


Johns Hopkins is a unique, beautiful school, where I feel students truly experience college academically and socially, where they are challenged in and out of the classroom, being surrounded by people from all different backgrounds, which give students a real well rounded education.


Hopkins is missing a lot of things like school spirit and pride, but people here complain too much.


Johns Hopkins University is a school which has a very demanding workload and its' vigorous competition constantly stresses out students who don't feel like they are as good as others.


Hopkins is a very competitive school that works well for motivated students and tose that can appreciate diversity and options


Spring '08 and the Baltimore weather has finally turned nice. Johns Hopkins students gather on The Beach, a JHU lawn.