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Ten years down the road I see myself a succesful plastic surgeon, reconstructing the faces of burn victims and ameliorating cleft lips. My acceptance to Hopkins served as the gateway to my desired future. Hopkins is an oasis for opportunities in medical research, and a deeper and different kind of learning. Here, I cannot survive by simply memorizing. Here, I must truly understand the root of the problem and all of its aspects to solve the problem. Here, I grow into a more cultured individual to better serve the world and live a fulfilling life.


I love this school because it makes you independent. There is a wealth of resources here in terms of facilities and professors and opportunities,but you have to grab them--and there's a lot of support for that. Students are very independent minded and most come in knowing at least what they want to major in; many already know the ultimate career paths they'd like to take, so think about that in terms of atmosphere. The faculty here interact with the students through the SGA and through smaller,more intimate student forums/gatherings, which is really nice.


Johns Hopkins offers so many great opportunities when it comes to getting involved. Whatever you interests, whether they are musical, athletic, and especially academic, Hopkins has it. Starting out as a freshman, you are able to apply and join research, labs, and even have the opportunity to work with published and highly esteemed faculty and professionals at the school.


Everyone is hard core and motivated.


It has a lot of opportunities and are available to anyone who is willing to step up and take them.


An excellent pre-professional advising department that sends out wonderful reminder emails and updates.


Hopkins is unique from other schools with similar academic reputations because there is very little competition between students for grades. Everyone is very willing to assist others with understanding material, and the atmosphere on campus is one of intense learning but also of cooperation.


There are so many opportunities for success outside of the classroom. Many professionals are guest lecturers in classes and allow students to apply for internships for hands-on experience.




I was very intimidated when I applied only because Johns Hopkins University has such a well known name and I knew all of the students and faculty were at the top of the profession, but once I started school, everyone was so nice, friendly, and willing to help me succeed.


Hopkins is small but baltimore is big. Ther'es a lot of places you can explore outside of campus. The medical school is world renown.


It's international relations and opportunities for research and academic advancement.


The perfection of the manicured grounds and symetrical mirror imaged buildings, resembles just a sliver of the larger culture at Hopkins. I chose hopkins because it would force me to find my most efficient form and grow to estabilsh myself in a field that would make a difference for society. Hopkins also showed me that you could be uptight person in school, while still having a great time at partys and bars. The student body has a small but interesting community of kids smart, or so good at cheating the sysytem that they could graduate on time and still party.


Reputation and quality education


At the end of my freshman year, I was thisclose to transferring, but I decided not to, and I'm really happy I didn't. I wanted to leave because I hadn't made such good friends, and I missed my friends in New York, and I figured I could get more out of a different school. In the end, I decided the amazing academic environment here wasn't worth leaving, and I didn't transfer, and it was a great decision.


Hopkins has a reputation academically yet still has a good social side to fit you if you find it. Sports are also good, and it has great proximity to DC.


The campus is great and the academics are top notch


Location and how it looks on paper


Despite the fact that Hopkins is in the heart of Baltimore city, it is very safe and has a peaceful look to it. The undergrad size is perfect and when walking around campus, i believe it is a pretty site. Also, a major reason for deciding JHU is that it is close to home which sometimes I like to go to and relax when I am too stressed out from the competition and workload.


I only applied to Hopkins - early decision


A student talks about his favorite film, class, and what he'd do with a spare hour.


A Hopkins student talks about her favorite things at school.


A Hopkins student talks about her favorite film.






I have never been to a lacrosse game before!


Hopkins 4K for CANCER!!!!!!! Give them money!!!!!


Hopkins 4K


I am writing to represent Japanese Student International (JSI).


The Buttered Niblets rule.


American Red Cross - JHU Chapter


Baltimore also has a lot of free museums!!!!


Asked at the student health center about STD rates on campus. Her answer? "Not too high....people are too busy studying."


The biggest problem with JHU is that no one is here to experience college for its own sake. I mean, I know everyone goes to college to get an education. But at Hopkins, it's different. Everyone, at one time or another, (and for most people, its half the time or more) has asked themselves why they don't go to a fun school, why they don't go to a social school, why they don't go somewhere the kids are relaxed, or want to have a good time, or care about something other than academics. We all come up with the same reason: we came to Hopkins because we think it's going to get us to where we want. It will get us into med school, to law school, to that big investment banking firm. The point is, no one is here to enjoy "the best four years of your life". That's not what it is. Don't come here if you want college to be those best 4 years. I'm not kidding. It just simply won't be. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends, and I'm happy here. But the kids here are different. They are here because college is a means to an end. For a lot of people, college is an end in and of itself. College is an experience, a time to have fun and figure out who you are. I don't think Hopkins offers that part of the college experience.


Campus is absolutely beautiful. Come and see it the first week in April when the trees bloom.


While the food at Hopkins has drastically improved in the last couple of years, there is a lack of choices. In particular for upperclassmen who do not want to eat in the dining hall, there is only one other eating venue that serves dinner. Off-campus, there are quite a few options and as Charles Village expands it gets better and better. A starbucks, Chipotle, and Coldstone were recently established and there is a Subway and University Market which are both open 24/7. Besides the small problems with the dining menu and venues, the Hopkins adminstration does its best to satisfy the student body. When the students complain, things change. When people complained about paying for the internet, the next year the policy was changed and now the internet is included. We are proud students and President Brody and his wife are campus favorites. They are involved, friendly, and nice enough to live on campus with the undergraduates. Hopkins students are proud, but willing to speak their minds and although they are not the friendliest bunch, if you are outgoing enough you will make a ton of friends and have a great time.