Johns Hopkins University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Everyone here is a genious at something. Being around other smart people will encourage you to grow academically. Not only are these people insanely smart, but they also have healthy social lives.


It has a good reputation


That it is the best when it comes to medicine. Lacrosse is our best sport.


When I tell my friends about Hopkins, I mostly brag about the campus and city. Hopkins has a gorgeous campus which is almost entirely made of brick and marble. Baltimore, while known to be dangerous, is an upbeat, exciting city. There is always something to do, from spending time shopping in the Inner Harbor to the aquarium, not to mention the wide array of fraternity parties offered on the weekends. Basically, there is always something to do.


I love that I'm surrounded by people just like me. People who want to do well, work hard, but also know when social and down time are needed. My dorm is awesome. People are friendly, leaving their doors open so you can casually say hi and perhaps get help on homework if needed. The school offers a bunch of clubs and groups so that there is something for everyone to join. The Baltimore colleges have also put together a great bus system that helps college students get around town for free. Last, but not least: tasty food.


That we are a very academically well established school, which is why we are so good at getting into medical schools


The fact that anyone who graduates from here will have the opportunity to get a really good job & has access to some of the top professors, research facilities, and opportunities as an undergrad at Hopkins.


I really boast about the people that I am surrounded by at this school. Everyone has such an amazing work effort and it inspires me to do well in life. I am developing into an amazing worker and my ambition is stronger than ever. I enjoy telling people what type of person I have become because of this school and the people I am surrounded by.


The prestige, job placement and research avaiable here.


going to one of the finest institutions in the world


My dorm


It's the best medical school in the country.


I don't brag.


It has a beautiful campus, and has great academic programs in a variety of different fields. There is also a lot to do since it is located in a city, and is also very close to Washington D.C.


can feel both big and small, i like the city


it's got the best pre-medical program in the nation and also is a leading research university. it's the #12 top university in the nation.


Johns Hopkins has the best Biomedical Engineering program in the entire nation. The only students that attend Hopkins are cream of the crop and are very hardworking.


The people I hang out with


How much I love my classes, campus, and our year round schedule. We start school in early September, and have a month between Fall and Spring Semesters. During this time you're not obligated to be taking classes in order to still graduate on time and can simply take a month off from school, but if you want you can take extra fun classes in that month (examples include Greek Mythology, Wine Tasting, various seminars - there are tons to choose from).