Johns Hopkins University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?

Maude Theo



Johns Hopkins is a research institution, which means that most of the grants and funding is for research and research only. That means that there's very little money left over for anything else. It's difficult to get money from the school to start clubs. Being in Baltimore, which is a very hard city to live in as a student since it's dangerous, you really need the institution to support extracurriculars. Hopkins doesn't, and the administration doesn't seem to care about the happiness of its students at all.


Professors are often uncompensated for time spent teaching, so it can be obvious that they would rather be in their research labs.




The competitive spirit to do well and succeed make for a tense environment at times


The cost of tuition.


Every school has its cons. The worst thing about Hopkins is the competition for good grades. It seems as though my best is never enough, there is always more to give even if it doesn't seem possible.


Dangerous city scene at times.


This year, the freshman class was definitely overenrolled over capacity. While the school did try its best to accomodate everyone, there are still quite a few examples of stressful living situations (forced triples in very small rooms.)


The worst thing about my school is that they assume all incoming freshman are going to live on campus. I had to formally request to be a commuter who would live at home with my family. There aren't that many programs or activities geared toward commuter students, making it much more difficult to get involved in extracurricular activities.


Might not be the best choice for a student looking for a college with a big social scene


The high academic standards and the intensity by which students pursue academics makes the environment seem competetive at times, though never cutthroat. This definitely hinders social life, and can make a student's life very stressful.


The worst thing about my school is that even though we are located in a very diverse city the campus isn't all that diverse. It has a great asain american and Indian american population as well as many exchange students from Europe but there is a very limited number of African Americans and Latino Americans. The school would benifit from having a more diverse student population.


I would consider the lack of a student union/student center the worst thing about my school


The worst thing about JHU, in my opinion, is the consistent lag time associated with financial aid office. It seemes to take an unrealistic amount of time to have monetary awards be credited to my account.




There is not much of a social scene. Everyone is too academicaly focused.


location. too much pressure. better on-campus recruiting would be nice. under-rated. major grade DEFLATION


food and lack of school spirit


Students are not very social and very academically- driven. There are not many religious activities offered.


Competition. Hopkins students are very driven and will do what it takes to be at the top. It's great to be surrounded by intelligent workaholics, but a lot of the time you have to fend for yourself.


Grades are all that matter to most students. There isn't a large social scene on campus.


Being far from Texas-my home.


The surrounding community. Baltimore definitely had its nice areas and tourist attractions, however there were too many surrounding areas that created an unsafe community. Staying on campus was one thing, but venturing off three blocks after dark could potentially create a dangerous situation. Homewood campus is amazing, the buildings and quads are breath-taking, but certain outsiders in the surrounding area have caused security measures on campus to strengthen. It was also an intense academic 4 years.


The worst thing about Hopkins is where it is situated in the city. Unfortunately it is kind of surrounded by poorer neighborhoods and that sometimes makes it to get out and see the more interesting sites in surrounding Baltimore.


Johns Hopkins is very competitive and grade-oriented.


The people. They have no concept of what it means to respect themselves or other people.


The administration, because they don't give a rat's ass about the students.


It is too competitive.


Lack of School Spirit. Probably the entire surrounding areas don't help the lack of school spirit situation.


the social life and lack of a good area


The location of the school is my least favorite part of the school. Transportation can be difficult and the surrounding area doesn't provide as many opportunities the way I am used to. Housing isn't that great, and safety is always a concern. The school tries to ameliorate some of the issues, but I don't feel that they invest enough effort into it.


(copied from above) social desert. high pressure. academically overwhelming. nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to go with. The pressure to study is so high here that no one ever does anything else but study. seriously. No memorable spring break trips, no fun trip to new york. The most that ever happens is friday or saturday night (choose one) at a club or so, but even that is rare (few times a year, if that).


I can't think of anything.


Most of the professors in the science and engineering departments only teach because they have to to get their research grants, so they really aren't interested in the success of the students. The school is also very clique-y. there is very little focus on the arts, and a lot of people that go to JHU are pretty stuck up.


I go to the music school of Johns Hopkins which is the Peabody Institute of Music. I would say that the worst thing is the fact that I only have the option of hanging out with musicians because of how far away the campus is from the homewood campus. I feel like I am forced to only hang out with musicians and that I am not really able to surround myself with people who are talented in all sorts of areas. I feel left out a lot of the time from having a real college experience.




The worst thing about my school is the money. It is very hard to recieve any kind of financial aid to attend this school. Anther problem is that this school has many campus's and not all of them are renovated and up-to-date.