Johnson & Wales University-Charlotte Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is GREAT, i want to be a chef and eventually open my own restaurant, and both my professors and the school are determined to help achieve my dreams.


An upbeat community. Johnson & Wales staff is willing to work with students to ensure the best education possible.


It is a small school at a very small town. It is hard to find friends because not everyone is social. The reason most students are here is because of the financial aid the school gives.


Johnson & Wales University is known for their Culinary and Hospitality programs. it is a private school, well known in the hospitality industry. it is school where many students get to work hands on in the school as well as get interships outside the school. it also focuses on each individual, they have a faculty abvisor who meets with you, and goes over your academic progress and schudule for the next for years. they have an open door policy, which means that any time who have a question or concern we can walk right in.


Johnson and Wales University is a school that is determined to make each and every student willing to work a success.


Johnson and Wales is a school that not only gives you an education which can be very profitable n the future it also starts you off so you know what to expect when you wish to prsue a career in the subject you studied.


Johnson and Wales is an institution that specializes in equiping students with the academic skills, the career specific tools, and the real life experiences essential for success.


JWU is a career oriented university ,but lacks culture.


very fun learning enviroment, the labs are hands on and i am packed with information that i wouldnt have known before.


Strong, career-focued and hands-on academics, but lacking in extra-curricular activities.


Johnson&Wales is dedicated to its students and very helpful in its community.


My school is fun and academically focused.


The school is carrer based school.


Johnson & Wales is a career-focused educational opportunity for students who already are fueled by a passion and want to focus on it.


Johnson & Wales University is a career-driven university that offers everything one needs to succeed in their specific industry.


Americas career university


Charlotte campus is small, dosent have enough student life and its hard to meet new people.


I feel that Johnson & Wales is too focused on appierence and status rather than education and the students needs.


Johnson & Wales University is a very artistic and competetive learning enviorment.