Johnson & Wales University-Charlotte Top Questions

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Johnson and Wales has course intensive labs for culinary arts. It is a well known culinary university. The labs are filled to look like industrial kitchens within one classroom. Johnson and Wales University's Culinary Arts program also integrates Hospitality into the course, so students will become educated with the front of the house business within a restaurant.


Johnson and Wales is a small unersity if you ask me. There are two thousand students so it is easy to sway away from your usual college actitivities. I am a Culinary Arts major so most people find it funny that the school hands you, as a child, a full set of knives. As humorous as that is, that is not one very important reason I choose Johnson and Wales. It is the second leading culinary school in the United States. I picked it over the number one school because here I actually recieve a diploma.


Johnson & Wales attracts students that are really thinking about their future. The students aren't at college to party rather they want to get ahead in their career.


I believe that Johnson And Wales standard or learning is much higher then other colleges due to the fact that they have a english written test you have to pass inorder to graduate with a four year degree. Also the classes are set up in three 11 week terms vs the average colleges 18 week terms.


My school is a career-based private school so there are many things unique, and different about it. Being guaranteed a job right after graduated definitely seperates my school from any other school I've considered. They help us with financing, and also finding paid internships our sophomore year.


The most unique thing about my learning institution is that the professor genially cares about the student success. I applaud them for their time and dedication. All students seem to embrace this ideology. As a student body we embrace their effort by being studious students in our efforts. And we recommend others to our learning institution.


Johnson and Wales University in Cahrlotte, Nc allows students to attend small and personal classes. The professors give you alot of one on one teaching and help. I wouldn't recommend this school to people who want to live the party life in college because it is for the most part absent. If you are in the Culinary program you will be engaging in mostly hands on labs.


I bealive my school is unique, compared to my other choices, in many areas. It is very prestigious, very demanding/challenging/competitive, the people on campus are great, and it has many helpful resources. After graduating, if the student does not get a job QUICKLY it is becouse he did not look for the resources this university offers, but either way he will find a job... just not as quick.


What is unique about my school is that it was built in 2006. It is a school of buiseness, culinary arts, pastry baking and many more majors.


There main interest is there determination to make every student successful in the business world by changing the curriculum to fit the ever so changing business world. They not only teach you about your intended major but about leadership and determination and the many other things that we will have to know before we go out into the world.


It has the program that I wanted to take along with a high job placement rate. also the professors have alot of experience in the field.


The school is all in one building, so it is very personal. I like how I could get two degrees in two years, an AA degre in 2 years and a BS in 4. With the way the cirriculum works, you start taking your core classes your first semester, diving right into classes for your major.


Most Culinary schools are the same but Johnson & Wales is different because it has multiple campuses around the country and you can transfer anytime you want. not many schools have multiple campuses so if you get tired of it your stuck but Johnson & Wales has 4 campuses.


JWU Charlotte is great because it is the newest JWU campus, and it is the smallest. In lab classes there are normally only 20 students per class , and in academic classes it can range from 20-40. We don't have any large classes, so the teacher always becomes personally involved with each student. All of the teachers and Chefs are amazing! they all love what they do, and love to tell personal stories about their life journies, which is awesome.


they offer you to be able to take your career focus classes first so that you can see how it is and figure out if this is really what you want to do with your life.


It is very career oriented.


its a culinary school, and its known for that the majority of the time, very structured! its great


This university is focused to the point where see you succeed. Other colleges do not care about your success and what you hope to accomplish in life.


The classes are very small and intimate and they school as a whole is very career based. The classes for the most part are generally up to date and provide usfull information for current careers.