Johnson & Wales University-Charlotte Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The type of person that shouldn't go to Johnson & Wales is anyone who doesn't take school seriously. It's a great school full of dedicated students that really want to get a good education. If any student isn't serious about school then they shouldn't go there.


The kind of people that shouldn't attend Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte are people who want to go to a huge college and are expecting a lot of campus parties. Johnson & Wales Charlotte is a small campus where Culinary and Baking majors make most of the student body. This campus is also new to Greek life, so if you are a person who is looking to join a fraternity or sorority do some research to see if the campus offers what you would like to join.


Students who are unsure of their future career should not attend. Students here are driven to reach their goals, those who are not would quickly fall behind.


I wouldn't say that a person shouldnt attend this school. Johnson and Wales focuses on every student and makes us feel very comfortable. The only thing is, if you don't like a school that is very fast paced, especially in the culinary and baking and pastry department then, thats the only reason why.


In all honesty, anyone could attend Johnson & Wales University. This school is the most diverse school ever, as well as an accepting school. Everyone here accepts each other for who they really are.


Someone who is hardworking. A student here should put work befor e partying with friends. This education isn't cheap.


ONe who prefers the fast pace life and love the large universities. One who is not focused and can move fast in school work. Our school is made up of 3 terms (11 weeks) so it it very fast paced like taking online or summer classes.


Someone who is quiet and reserved. A person who does not like living in the city. Someone who does not like small classrooms, the average students in one class is about twenty. If someone was interested in a culinary major, they should consider if they can stand up in labs for six hours a day.


A person who prefers to just be a number in a classroom rather than a student known by name should not attend Johnson & Wales. The professors are too involved with their students and their classes are sized too small to just slip through.


Students that have issues with attendance. There is a 2 day allowance and then the professor can drop you.


Someone who is not passionate or dedicated to becoming the best they can be, it takes a lot of hardwork and dedication to learn everything your being taught here. Also, big partiers should not attend JWU, it takes a lot of time outside of class to master everything.


You shouldn't attend this school if you are someone who isn't willing to work hard for what you want, or if you are someone who likes to rebel against figures of authority. Chef's and other faculty members demand the respect that they deserve, and will hammer down on you if you don't show them that respect, but they will respect you back so it has a way of evening out.


Unprofesional and closed minded people should not attend Johnson & Wales University.




The people that should not attend JWU Charlotte are people that are regularly tardy or late for class, because we have strict attendence rules. Also, if someone does not like to follow a dress code they should not go to JWU. If they are not focused and they do not strive to learn than JWU is not the place for them.


Someone who is not going to try hard in the labs. You only get in the way of those who actually try hard. Also, those who do not want to be here. I have never understood why you would want to waste your parents or your own money, or worse, a full scholarship that you obviously do not deserve. Johnson & Wales University should be for those who are focussed and ready to work hard, not those who want everything handed to them in a hand basket.


A person who has a problem with seeing people smoke and drink.


The people that shouldn't attend this school are the ones that don't know what they want to do in life. They waste their money and then switch degrees and have to pay for an extra term. I've seen a number of people waste a great deal of money just because they are trying out college instead of having a plan or an idea of what they want to do. That is to much money to just be throwing down the drain.


People that think that they can just fly through school. The students at JWU really want to be here, we all have a passion for what we are here to learn. Weather it be culinary, baking and pastry, fashion, business or sports entertainment we all are here to learn as much are we can. I know in my opinion I don't want someone here that doesn't have the passion to do well.


Someone who doesn't like the city.


A person that would enjoy a big university and a university that is well known.


Anyone who wants to enter the hospitality or business industry should go to JWU.


The type of person that shouldn't attend this school would be a drug-user, alcohol abuser, or a plagiarizer. They will kick you out so fast it will surprise you!