Johnson C Smith University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing about our school is that it is a small campus. Having a small campus is good to me because it allows you to focus more in the classroom and understand the materials more. Also, it allows you to get more one on one with your professors. Finally, I think it is best because it allows you to get to know all of your peers fully and not just seeing some one new every day.


What I consider being the best the teachers being accessible and the diversity. It gives us students the abilty to have the determination we need to focus. I also believe small classrooms help students understand what is going on in each classroom but it helps teachers know who there students are and I like that. The accessible study labs to help each studentany part the day to work hard on there homework without interruptions.


I think the best thing about Lancaster Bible College is the people that attend. The staff is extremely approachable and accommodating and the students are friendly and accepting of new students. It is a very healthy environment academically as well as socially.


The best thing about my school is the academic programs and the teaching staff. The teaching staff at Johnson C. Smith really believe and is passionate about what they teach. You really get a full understanding of what you are going to school to become. We are not just students we are like family. The academic programs are all high in demand in todays job market.


The faculty and staff, there is always someone that can help you out of a situation so theres no need to feel alone you can always ask for what you need.


Its in Charlotte, which is one of the leading cities in North Carolina in for employment and discovering talent. In addition this school is in the CIAA confernece which is a good conference in sports. The academics here challenging compared to the school I transferred from, which I'll be proud to graduate from a HBCU.


The small classrooms would be the best aspect of Johnson C. Smith University. Small classrooms allow you to have a personal relationship with each professor, which allow you to better yourself academically.


Truthfully the student union because they just rebuilt it over and much more to do in it


We do have a good amount of school spirit and when its time for a game we all stick together.


The best thing about the school is how nice the faculty and teachers are. I love the professors because they encourage you to move on and do waht you need to do to mature and succeed.


The best thing about my school is the class size. The class sizes are small and that really helps me learn to the best of my ability.


i think that there are alot of places in which you can get resources for help no matter wat the situation you are having trouble or struggling with


The best thingaboutmy school is great education. I think that is the best thing because thats what im ther for to get the best education i can get.


The best thing about Johnson C. Smith University is that we are a small, friendly, family oriented University. People come to this school with different types of mindsets, but they leave here prepared for the real world and the work force.


The social scene, espically organization's, because you always will meet someone like you, I met my best friends here.


The new friends i have interacted with.


The teachers are the best thing. They are understanding and personal. They care about your future. They want the best for their students.


The people is the best thing about Johnson C. Smith University. It is not only the students the faculty and staff also. It's so much to learn from these different individuals from different regions of the United States. The diversity of style, creativity, morals, beliefs, study habits, learning patterns are life changing. The people make the experience worth so much more than the tuition value. I know that we all learn and grow from each other everyday so that is indeed the best thing that is presented at Smith.


I consider the small classroom sizes to be the best thing about my school. Smaller class sizes limits room for misunderstanding of the material being taught. It also gives students a chance to gain more intimate relationships with both your professor and peers.