Johnson County Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Typically classmates are polite, interactive, and friendly if you start up a conversation with them. This can lead to friendships, study groups, joining or creating a club or organization, and more.


The student body is diverse, with a wide range of nationalities represented. There are a lot of organizations that you can be a part of. I will admit that at times the students can get a bit high-schoolish. Give it a semester though and they start to grow up. One of the things I love about JCCC is that at any given time, you can look outside and see students clustered around, just having fun or doing schoolwork. I don't thing any student would feel out of place. It's a good environment that fosters learning. I also appreciate that there are older individuals taking classes as well. There's a special kind of learning that takes place in a class that has both young and older students.


Working adults achieving their goal of getting their degree.


Most of my classmates are free thinking intelligent people who are in school because they want to learn, not just party.