Juniata College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Mountain Day! This event is when all classes are cancelled and the students go up to the lake and have food, music, and interact with the activities and people there. The best part is...its a surprise! No one, not even professors know when this event will occur! :)


A creative and free-spirited approach to liberal arts education.


Mountain Day is always fun. It is a random, unexpected day in fall when classes are canceled, and students can go on a trip (usually to the lake). There is also the Storming of the Arch, when freshmen try to run past upperclassman rugby players and through an arch. This event is moderately violent and very entertaining to watch. Lobsterfest is also enjoyable, when all of the clubs set up tables and students look around and sign up for clubs. Lobster is also served on the quad. Juniata has lots of fun traditions.


Losterfest- Large club fair at beginning of the year. Each club has a booth where students can sign up. And there is lobster of course! Mountain Day- Surprise day off from classes. Everyone always tries to guess when it will be. There are buses up to Raystown Lake during the day. There are lots of activities going on there. Storming of the Arch- One of the most unusual traditions. Freshman try to get through the Cloister arch, which is defended by rugby players and other upperclassmen. No one has gotten through yet. The prize is free room and board, or something similar. Madrigal- Dinner and dance. There is also tenting outside the dining hall the week tickets go on sale to try and get the best dinner seats. It is as much of an event as Madrigal itself. Juniata has many fun traditions!


Juniata College is best known for it's amazing faculty and students. You won't meet better or more helpful people anywhere else inthe world, and I firmly believe that.


Best known for academic excellence.


Juniata College is best known for it's ability to make a person more aware of the benefits of community and how to work together to make it even better. Juniata is known for changing the lives of students and making them better citizens and opening doors to many oportunities.


Academically: Pre-med Athletics: Men's and womens volleyball


Juniata college is very well known for liberal arts and medicine.