Juniata College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The on-campus housing is the worst thing at Juniata. However, I strongly feel that I am paying for an excellent education and an excellent atmosphere/community. The housing is bad, but this is when one compares it to schools that put most of their money into attractive items like housing rather than education.


It is difficult to find a bad quality in Juniata College. But the one bad thing that comes to mind is its surrounding environment. There are not many recreational things to do around the town of Huntingdon, which forces students to either stay on campus or go elsewhere to have fun. This is not a major problem, but students that are used to the glamour and fun of big cities would have to adjust to the smaller, simpler atmosphere of Juniata College and Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.


Depending on soomeone's hometown, the relaxed country setting can be difficult to get used to. People from metropolitan areas such as New York and other major cities may experience somewhat of a culture shock. Some students who are even from suburban towns have difficulty adjusting to life in such a rural area.


The worst thing about Juniata College would have to be winter maintenance durinf snowy weather. Recently, the area accumulated approximately 12 inches of snow fall and the paths for students to walk on were only plowed enough so that one's knees were not submerged, but the walkways were still fairly trecherous. The paths were unsalted and so ice was also a hasard; one student even broke his wrist while walking on the campus pathways.


The worst aspect of Juniata is probably it's focus on the Sciences. I really do feel like it pushes Pre-Med and other Health Occupations a lot. Granted, it is one of the top undergraduate schools for Health Occupations, and has a 99{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} placement for it's students. I feel like many other majors are swept under the rug, when it is challengeing for every major at Juniata. Other majors are viewed as low challenge fields. I speak from experience as I was a Pre-Med student up until last semester. Juniata needs to broaden it's appeal.


My school is under the impression that they are a very diverse school and incredibly accepting of minorities however as a Jewish student and a friend of a multi-racial student I feel that the school is not as diverse or accepting as they are under the impression they are. The school also fails to cater to the minorities in the way they should (ex: I have mid-terms on Yom Kippur and finals on Hannukah).


Not enough financial aid is the worst thing about my school. Most money is used to fund athletics and not academics. The system does not account for multiple factors, such as what the family income really goes toward when deciding who is eligible for need-based aid. I didn't recieve as much scholarship money and moregrants that I feel I deserved. If Juniata was able to help students more with the high costs of attending, it wouldn't be such a burden to students to get an education at Juniata.


I would have to say the lack of national diversity. I say national because we do have a lot of exchange student from over seas but in terms of American students most are white and come from areas close to the school besides a handful that come from distant states.


The location is not the best because it is in the middle of nowhere, but that also forces us to be more creative to keep ourselves entertained. The school also does a good job of bringing in activities since Huntingdon is such a small town.


The tuition...it's really hard to afford when you're doing it all on your own with no family support


The close mindedness. People that go to this school tend to be from central Pennsylvania and they don't know much about the culture outside of their small town. It makes for extremely awkward situations, interactions, and discussions during the course of the school year.