Juniata College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Juniata's small size makes it easy for professors to engage with students and form close relationships. It also makes it harder for people to slip through the cracks.


The accepting atmosphere of all races, religions, orientations, and incomes


POEs, or Programs of Emphasis, are basically majors, except that they allow more flexibility. Students are able to create their own POEs, and their advisers will help them find classes that match their field of study.


My school provides students with a close learning environment. The professors have proven they are available to students during office hours, email service and in rare cases home numbers. They push students to think critically and to question with reason. Simultaneously, the closed environment allows students to know their classmates on a more personal level. When you walk around campus, you are not walking around various strangers but rather people that are approachable and come from all aspects of life.


The best part of Juniata College is the small class size. Several of my classes had between ten and fifteen students, which is an ideal amount of students for me. With the small class size, it allowed for large amounts of interaction with professors. They (my professors) were always avaliable before or after class, and emails were always answered in a very timely manner. Small class sizes were a crucial factor for me in my choice to attend Juniata College.


Juniata College provided not only a serene and beautiful campus landscape, the faculty also enhanced student's learning experience. Professors always made themselves available to students to answer questions.


The best thing about Juniata is the sense of community. There are so many clubs to join and activities to take part in, that it is almost impossible to not have a lot of different friends.


When I was applying for college, I really never had a specific campus that I wanted to enroll in. Honestly, I never gave college much thought during high school. I just assumed an undergraduate program was the next step. I did not dream of a certain campus, but I knew that I would feel it when I found the right one. Juniata was exactly that. The campus is small, 1400 students, but it is warm and friendly. It feels like home. Also it's very academically driven. You will work your hardest here and become the best "you" possible.


The community. Juniata is welcoming and friendly with an open-minded student body. There is about a 50/50 mix of politically conservative and liberal students that live cohesively. Also, students are welcome to participate in parties but there is no pressure to do so if one doesn't wish to. Alcohol is fairly common on campus, but again there is no pressure to participate. No one will judge or think any less of you if you don't drink or go to parties. Students balance their studies and social lives very well at Juniata.


The school is very friendly, there are no fraternities or sororities which seems to make the student body much more accepting than in other schools. The school turns their heads the other way regarding on campus parties, likely because the lack of these sororities and fraternities. The closest our school has to fraternities and sororities would be sports teams.