Kapiolani Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I moved from to minnesota to go to college here in Hawaii. I am sure that you know the weather in minnesota is currently undesirable at best. This being the case, I try my very best not to "brag" about my college experience in hawaii. I do inform them how great all of my professors are, and how my awesome professors do a great job of teaching me subjects of studies I once struggled with. I also tell them that my college has a beautiful campus that is a peaceful enviroment that is great to learn in.


well i tell them that is a school that you will learn alot from. you will learn meny thing just by sitting in one place looking and hearing other people talk and you would want to take the class just because of what you heard or what you saw.that kcc is a very open school that you will make alot of friends and the class's is are awsome you learn from your teachers . you will pass your class's you can get help from your classmates .there is so much that you can do at kcc


I always brag about my professors, that they're very helpful and understanding. I was always told that college professors are straight forward and don't cut you any slack. However all of my professors are really kind and friendly, which I think is absolutely wonderful.