Kaplan College-Phoenix Top Questions

What should every freshman at Kaplan College-Phoenix know before they start?


i would tell myself to go for what it is that i strive for in life. To never look at life in fear but as a challenge. Surround yourself with those who make you a better individual and push you to exceed your limits. love yourself and never change the person you are, instead be the example to the world by showing them the beauty in being comfortable in your own skin and with your own dreams.


I would tell myself that as a senior, this year would be perfect to take on the responsibility of an honors class and a college prep class. I went to high school in Zimbabwe for 4 years and making the transition over to junior year of high school in america was a big shock to me. It seemed very laid back and easy compared to the strict British system Zimbabwean high schools follow which i know now is very much like the college system here in America. Your senior year is not for fun, it really is the year to buckle down and get into a college mind set and study routine.