Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale Top Questions

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Students attend one class at a time allowing them to focus on one subject. This helps the student to not feel overwhelmed. The length of time it takes to earn a degree is shorter. The campus is smaller. The University seems to really gear toward older students.


My school is in Melbourne, Florida at Keiser University. The reason I chose this school was because of the accelerated courses and by doing this I will get my degree faster. I am a full time employee as well and I have to work, and getting throuh school faster is top priority for me.


Although there is a lot of information needing to be absorbed, it is only one subject a a time that is focused on. There is a very "open-door" policy right up to the Dean. There are many professionals to help you with registration, financing and anything else you need. The campus I attend is fairly small and there is a sense of community that many large schools don't have.


Keiser has small class sizes, allowing more one-on-one attention whereas most universities have large class sizes and do not provide special attention to those struggling.


It is an accelerated program, with small class rooms and great teachers


Being that I am returning to school after twenty five years since my senior year, it was important too me that I enroll and graduate as quickly as possible in order to return to the work force. Keiser University is able to meet this goal that I have set out to obtain.


Well I am taking classes online because I have to work full time and I am a single mother of two. This school offers the benefit on transfering credits because it is accrediteD.


Keiser University offers fast learning and small class sizes which allows me to focus on my daily activities such as my job but also allows me to get the education I need to succeed.


Keiser University is a career focused school. You take the classes necessary to graduate and the staff is extremely helpful. Also I chose Keiser University over other Daytona Beach schools because they offer the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program that i am enrolled in.


The classes are 1 month long-instead of 4 classes over 4 months-it is a little intense but it sure goes by quickly!


Keiser is a school that is willing and eager to help you get enrolled and get going in your education for the tyoe of career profession that you want or require. They will help you with financial aid and the professors are very eager to teach you. You don't get any unwanted pressure from the faculty except to do your best and learn all that you can to better yourself, because you are the one paying for your education and you should want to get the most for your money.