Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


In my opinion, the type of person who would attend this school is one that has intentions to grow professionally and develop its cultural level. It is a school of entrepreneurs and students committed to their careers, with goals and futuristic vision.


The type of person who attends Keiser University is one of strength and perseverance. It is not your typical University. The demographic of the school is quite unique. Most of the students have degrees and jobs and are looking for a career change. The population is a bit older and more sophisticated. We don’t have dorms or sports teams, but we do have a cohesive family of students within each classroom.


An individual who is looking to finish school quickly.


Working class adult


If someone is looking for a good education at a regionally accredited school and wants hands-on experience than Keiser is the school for them. There is a great staff that are eager to help in any way and they have top notch material that is relevant to the field you are attending for. There facilities are perfect and the class sizes are small enough that you get the one-on-one feel every semester.


Someone who works full time and has to pay bills as well as getting an education. Because they have accelerated courses, the classes are only a month long and it helps you graduate faster.


Potential students of this college should be career minded, hard working and focused individauls.


disciplined people or single moms.