Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The one class at a time is the best thing about my school; in my opinion. I have a family to care for so I appreciate that schedule. I will be able to focus all of my energy on one class at a time. This will hopefully help me to earn good grades.


Love the fact that Keiser is a driven to success school, the main focus is helping you better your future.


Easy to enter school, not a lot of admission requirements.


Keiser University has a a teaching method thats very brillant , learning one class per month is a great way to learnt because your very well focused.


Great communication and very nice people. When I was going to the local community college it was 20 minutes away but it was imposible to get to talk to anyone. At Keiser, everyone gave me their email without me asking and they answer my emails very quickly.


It is completely military affiliated. They worked with the Post 911/GI Bill, and they walk me through the steps to receive MyCAA. Also they gave me a discount on my tuition for being an active duty military spouse.


It has convenient hours and hands on training.


the best thing i consider about my school is that they help student to learn and they always there to help.


I attend Keiser Online University. As a single mother, online schooling is the most convenient avenue for me to take. I log on and do schoolwork while my daughter sleeps, so I spend more time with her and do not have to pay for child care. I also love the fact that if I have any questions or need any help with my schooling, there is always help available.


The best thing(s) about my college is the amount of effort all the instructor put into their lesson plans, the instructors here really care about the students and care about learning.


What I consider the best thing about my school is the help that I obtain from my professors. I am taking online classes and when I have a problem or need an answer to a question, my professor responds back to me in time and ask me if there is anymore information that they might have to offer to please ask them and they will assist me in a way that they can.


small class sizes, different races and class


The online campus gives me the flexibility I need as a single mother, with full-time job.


I consider the best thing to be the help that you get from the professors. They are very caring and understanding when it comes to your needs. They are very eager to teach you and they are very eager for you to learn. The class size is not too big/overcrowded. If you have any problems whether it is financial aid or just getting your books, they will investigate to see where the problem lies and will go out of their way to fix it if it is within their power.


Although there are several things to choose from, I would have to say that the best one would have to be the small class/lab sizes. This allows the students to receive more individualized attention. Everyone at the school is very approachable from the Dean to the other students. This instills a confidence that allows students to excel in their field of study.