Kendall College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would advise myself to go according to a schedule for myself and take stress relieving courses like yoga to help me cope with the courses that are kind of stressful and harsh on my brain. I feel that yoga can help to clear the mind and it helps to retain information easier. This course is a big thumbs up for college life!


Take time to research many different colleges and know that it is ok change your mind if you decide to changed your career path. Enjoy college and don't work so much. Get to know the people around you and find out what they have to share about their lives and experiences. Study hard, but also remember to volunteer and get out to meet new friends, the class work will always be there.


I would advise myself to take school more serious. Focus more on books and get with better friends that had the same look out on life as i did.


If I could go back to my high school senior days and give myself some advice on college and the life it entails, I would first make a better decision to apply to as many places as possible. This would have enhanced my confidence that not just one or two places wanted me to attend their school. If I wasnt happy with the results I would tell myself to go to a community college first. This way I would be able to figure out what I really wanted to do and save a little money too. I would tell myself that school comes first and although it may seem fun to go out with friends and do other extra-curricular activities, school should be the most important. I would tell myself to make a plan for the remainder of my school days and really try to focus on graduating on time. Making the transition from high school to college is completely different. I would give myself the advice to take my time and use the resources around me to help.


College has widened my field of vision to view the world and my place in it in new ways. For example, I've always known that I want to pursue a career that helps others, but never knew the best way to do that. Through courses in Administration of Justice, I discovered a passion for peace and safety which allows us to live life without fear. Through a Nutrition course, I learned of the 25,000 people who die each day from starvation. In an Environmental Science course, I learned that half of our rainforests have been cut down and that 100 species per day are becoming extinct. In a Psychology class, I learned the basis for human behavior which has helped me to understand and accept others, and how certain social problems might be solved. This has culminated to my future career as an English teacher in high school, where I will have specialized curriculum to increase literacy and steer students away from crime, as well as volunteering during my summers internationally to teach English, basic health, and productive, sustainable agriculture. This interconnected web of knowledge gained from college has allowed me to find my perfect place in life.


Growing up, my college experience has always been an important aspect of my life. My goal was to always attend college, be successfully, graduate with honors, and attain a great career. Throughout my time at Kendall College, I have not only obtained wonderful friends, but a wonderful family. My professors and teachers have been nothing but a great support team for me as I've worked hard to learn the vital materials towards my major. These are the people who always have their door open to not talk about the class work, but to also share their insight on the hospitality industry. I have learned about myself, others, and the hospitality industry as a whole. Today, I am ready to face my future, the struggling economy and any other obstacle that I may face along the way. Kendall College will always have a place in my heart, as the place that helped me to mature and break down my low self-confidence. I will become a Revenue Manager because I attended this wonderful school and because my family believed in me. However, Kendall College helped me believe in myself.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior I would have one main message for the younger me--persevere and focus. My biggest struggle with college was that I lost sight of my goals and got off track. If I could go back now I would be able to explain the hardships and struggles of not continuing my education while I was younger. I would tell my younger self that while school seems hard now and neverending, the reward of having a degree would be far better than having a good time or working at a younger age. I feel that I would be able to persuade myself to stick through school, study hard, and accomplish my dreams.


Dear Jennifer, So now begins your life as a high school senior: the anticipation of graduation, the fear of what the future holds, and the excitement of that brand new world outside. This is the year that you make those important decisions about what you want out of life and what college you will attend to reach those goals. It will definitely be a confusing year, filled with questions as to what you will do for the rest of your life. The best advice I can give you is this: follow what makes YOU happy. Not what will make your parents happy or your teachers or even your wallet; pursue the passions in your life that bring satisfaction and that needed fuel to push through the hard hours you will undoubtedly spend at school. Follow that doubt, that fear, that calling and in it you will find your answers. Sincerely, Your Future Self


If I could go back in time and give myself advice I would tell myself to be confident, outgoing, and prepared to work hard. If you have confidence in yourself, you really can do anything you set your mind to. The more outgoing you are, the better chance you have of developing friendships that will last a lifetime and experiencing things that you otherwise would have never experienced. If you are dedicated and prepared to work for it, there is no way that you won't succeed. Above all, I would tell myself not to let this opportunity pass me by. So far college has been one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my entire life and I know I'm on my way to fulfilling all of my hopes and dreams.


?It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education" says Einstein ( and this is exactly how I felt the first time I went to school. I dropped out because I was interested in learning about everything except what I was learning in school, if only I knew what I know now. I think that it is important to research your school, immerse yourself in the school community, budget your time wisely, and to have no boundaries. First, I would say to do your research when choosing a school. Think about your learning style and know if you want to go to a big school or a small school. Study what you love, not what is convenient, so that you are continually interested in your education. Also, make sure that you find the staff, financial aid and advisers helpful. Immerse yourself in the community surrounded with dedicated students and finding teacher mentors. Make time for school but also for yourself. And finally, put yourself out there by letting teachers know you are, volunteer, join clubs, talk to your dean. Networking will help you to succeed in school.


If I was talking to my high school self, I would have more to tell myself than will fit in this little white box. I would tell myself all about how college life is just different than school before college. Similar to how being married is different than being a single man, being a college student gives me a lot of freedom. I am allowed to go wherever I want in my free time, and if I don't choose to study, I will only learn my lesson through consequences. In high school, you are allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities after school. In college, those activities are still available on a larger scale. College students are adults and do not need permission for anything. They also want to be in college, and at that specific college, which makes a big difference from high school, where you are told which school to attend. On the subject of choosing your college, that means you chose what you want to major in, and because of that you will probably naturally do well in college. College also entitles a lot of real world friends, that last for life.


Do you're best to focus on your opportunities at the moment. Intelligence and talent can only take you so far. Those qualiities tend to wane, should you not nurture them with hard work.


Research and life experience are the keys to finding the right school. I'm happy I went to a smaller, public school first to get all my Gen Ed credits taken care of. It has saved me a lot of money. After Gen Ed credits are finished, it's much easier to transfer to a different school. Real world experience is how I decided to go for my degree in Hospitality. After working in many different jobs throughout my younger years, the hotel is where I decided I was happiest. I look forward going to work everyday because of the industry I am in. It's my nitch. Now that I am in a smaller, private school, I appreciate the personal relationships I am able to build with my teachers because they share their own life experiences with me and I can really see what's it's like in the real world. Having worked in the hospitality majority of my life, I realize that meeting people and building relationships is what I love to do. My main piece of advice, get out there and try different jobs. Focus on the one you enjoy most and go for the gold.


I would give this advice to students, if you aren't 100% positive about you goal in life and what you want as a career don't be afraid, but also don't pick a trade school if you aren't sure, try and take classes in the fields you are interested in. Before you can make you career goal you have to make sure it is something you like, so go to a 4 year college or university if you can if not go to community college, and work in your desired fields, and try classes there college is the one time in your life you can try out different jobs and take a dip around to see what it is you want. Make sure that you visit your college, try to stay the night in the housing and get to know some students to see if it is a place you will like. Also don't be afraid to move away from home, try it, its the only time you can live away from home with out having to worry about your bills if you live on campus.


I think it's best to find a school that suits your needs that you know you'll be able to afford.


I would tell them to do what they love to do anf find a college that specializes in that particular area and dont settle for anything other than the best even if its crazy expensive, because if you thats what you really want to youll find a way to go for it and make it work.


I think it's important to make sure you actually want to do what you're going to school for, otherwise you get into to it and eventually realize that you don't like what you're going to school and you've just wasted a bunch of money.


Follow your heart and go for something that won't make your career you end up just feel like "work". Make sure it's something you enjoy, you don't ever want to go into something you hate and end up hating yourself for not listening to your gut.


Finding the right school is a lot like finding the right shoe. It needs to be the right fit, comfortable and something that matches your personality also. Fit you are someone from the city, very social and like to put your stamp in a big place...then go to school in a major city. But for you, by changing any of those qualities you can find the perfect school for you. Be it a small school with a big city feel or country/rural feel. But find something that will you happy end of the day...


I think that it is very important to check out as many schools as possible when deciding which is best for you or your child. Every school is going to provide different experiences, challenges and opportunities. Being comfortable and happy is a huge part of your personal success, so make sure that you factor that in when you're deciding whats best for you.