Kennesaw State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Most of the students are white, but there's a little bit of everything everywhere. You'll have the students that are REALLY into college and on the other side of the spectrum you'll have those that are more there for class than the actual experience of college life. I haven't met a bad soul here. Everyone so far that I've met and interacted with are pretty friendly.


My classmates were very focused on what they wanted to acheive while being in college as well as being focused on their degree and what they wanted out of the experience and knoweldge of our professors.


I have never been in a classroom at KSU but what I've heard a great environment to be a part of.


Simply put, it gives me great pleasure to witness and experience that my classmates share the same hunger for knowledge as I do.


Most of my classmates are very congenial, of course there are exceptions of a few students who seem to be a little anti-social or maybe a few "stuck ups", but for the most part everyone is very nice and willing to help one another out with the material and even meet up for study sessions.


Individuals that strive towards the betterment of their community through collective action that incorporates academic, social and professional experiences.


It was such a mix of different people that were from mostly conservative backgrounds.


My classmates are college freshmen trying to figure out who they really are.


my classmates are driven, hardworking, and people you know that will do their best to help each other.


All of my classmates are very well-rounded, and they are able to think in a way that will help them in the real world.


When I think of my classmates on word comes to mind, diversity. Students from every walk of life attending Kennesaw State, from students fresh out of high school, the military, or adult learners coming back to school.


There are all different kinds of students at the school. It is very difficult for a person to feel out of place. There are many reserved students within the population but they eventually branch out to meet new people in their classes and at campus events. Every type of person is accepted at the school. Different types of students interact with each other pretty often, though it is mainly during class time, but it is easy to find others that are more like oneself. There are different races, sexual orientations, and class status groups that are present.


Kennesaw has a WIDE array of students. I am certain that no one would be the only one of their kind at KSU. I wish the students had more school spirit, but as a young university, I can't blame them.


Students at my school vary between races and social groups, because a lot of people come from different places and its a blend of cultures. Most students wear a typical outfit to class, like jeans and a t-shirt. Most students are from Georgia, but there are a lot of other students from outside the state and also country.


One problem that my university faces as a public institution is that people really take advantage of the freedom of speech there. On many days, religious groups will picket our school and literally yell to people that they are sinners because of their race, sexual preference, or religion. This stirs many of us emotionally, and there have been students that have lashed out against these protestors. As afar as students go, I will again say that there is a very large mix of people, and that there is no specific "type" of student. We have people that are old, young, straight, gay, "preppy", "emo", "ghetto", you name it. I do not think anyone would feel out of place, simply because there are people that meet each others' personal preference on campus. However, I have talked students (such as my sister) who felt like they could not find people to bond with. From my personal experience, the only way that one can truly feel apart of their campus is by putting themselves out there to meet other people. Our university has clubs and events that we try to cater to every different need, but a person must go to these events to find people that share common interests and ideas.


KSU's student body is very diverse. No matter who you are you will find a group of students that have the same interests. There are also many clubs to help you find those students.


Kennesaw State University has a diverse group of students. They come from all ethnicities, religious backgrounds, and sexual orientations. There are some groups on campus related to special interest which deal with sexual orientation as well as religion. The only people who would feel out of place at this school, are people who think that they can breeze through without studying and pass. Most students dress casually to class, wearing jeans and a nice shirt. Most students interact with everyone, though students do get into groups with people of similar interests. In the dining hall you will normally have a table with a large group of friends who have similar interests. Also, you will have a study group table, as well as a table of athletes. However, the most common table has about four people who just meet to eat and take a break from classes while spending time with their peers. Most students are from the the surrounding Metro Atlanta area. The most prevalent financial background of students is a middle class background, however, students from all levels of income are present. Most students do know what is going on politically, with a predominantly center view on politics. Lastly, the most common topic among students is what they will be doing after college and the amount of income they will earn in the future.


There is such a wide variety of students at Kennesaw State University. There are heterosexual couples on campus; there are homosexual couples on campus. There are Muslims on campus, and there are atheists on campus. There are students involved with Greek life, and there are students involved with "geek life". There are Conservatives; there are Liberals. Anyone is accepted here; there are always individuals who are unaccepting of other kinds of people, but there is a general acceptance of every group at KSU.


Kennesaw State is dominately Caucasian. Yet there are clubs for minorities and international students so that they are not feeling neglected at the school. There is somebody for everybody at Kennesaw State and it is not hard to find someone that fits your personality. It's rare to see different types of students interacting with each other because there aren't a lot of students here who are different. If there were four tables of students in the dining hall you would see all black at one table, all white at another, all black greeks at one table, and all white greeks at the other. The school is pretty much segregated. Most of the students at Kennesaw State are from the surrounding area. It is an average financial background of the students here at Kennesaw, but it is not uncommon to see students coming from high class backgrounds. Students don't talk as much about how much they'll earn or if they are politcally aware or not.


Most students at Kennesaw State University are motivated to learn and grow academically – many also have creative and innovative ideas.


Most everyone I have encountered on campus has been nice. Everyone waves or smiles at others. Everyone has their own click, but the clicks invite new people in.


Kennesaw students are really respecful. Generally speaking (although not always) you can leave your stuff sitting around and no one will bother it.


I think KSU is really diverse. You see a little bit of everything. Some students study hard, others never go to class, some are in Greek life, others aren't. I think it's pretty well-rounded.


The students at Kennesaw State University are very diverse. There are many different kinds of students that go here and I believe that it makes this university stronger.


My classmates are hard-working and responsible for the most part but there are some who are still "stuck in high school" and do not take college seriously.


Not very friendly and don't seem to try very hard.


My classmates are kind and funny people that want nothing but the best for everyone in the school.


My classmates are of all ages, the oldest around 50 of age. The majority are my age. They ask many questions and are team players


The diversity of the students is perfect because the students are from all different backgrounds with different races, ages, and goals.


Most of my classmates are young and irresponsible.


Professional students that worked full time and attended cool part time during the evenings.


My classmates were diverse; they were comprised of all different ages, races, cultures, and religions.


I am surprised that there is such diversity in age among my classmates, I am returning to college after 25 years and it's great to be in an environment where I feel supported and encouraged by my classmates and professors.


Some students demonstate the desire to achieve top grades, however these particular individuals do not outwardly display this desire as it would segregate themselves from the general student body which is primarily comprised of slackers.


My fellow classmates are kind, friendly, outgoing, diverse, eager to learn, and proud to attend Kennesaw State.


In the classes I take, majority of my classmates are very passionate about the class. Unlike freshmen classes, you see a transition in the attitude once people get to take classes that they enjoy or follow their "thing". The environment is a lot different in upper level classes which helps me become a lot more focused and determined.


Every classmate of mine is different in the way the look, learn and participate in class.


My classmates are not only eager to learn, they are outgoing and personable, which makes it incredibly easy to have an instant group of friends the minute you step on campus.


My classmates goal oriented people who are laying the foundation for their future success.


Classmates here at Kennesaw are mostly respectful toward each other, they are friendly, hardworking, and helpful tword each other.


There is a wide variety of age groups in the student body. KSU is very welcoming to older adults who are returning to school. Yet, majority of the student body are in their twenties and have alot in common.


My classmates are excellent and extremely hard-working.


They are some of the coolest, focused people I've ever met.


My classmates are educated, but yearn to know more.


All my classmates are very diverse and friendly.


Very friendly


My classmates are like my best friends; always there to help you out.


fun and interesting


My classmates are not very social.


Diverse group of students who are active in their academics