Kennesaw State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Kennesaw State University is very well known for its business degrees, education degrees, and nursing degrees. It seems to have a fairly large Greek life that continues to get larger as the school continues to grow.


Best know for its rapid growth and great housing on campus. Also their food is well know. The Commons is amazing and has won several awards and acknowledgements.


The nursing program. The nursing program here at KSU is extremely competitive, so much so that many people with 4.0 GPAs are being turned away. Students who have previous work in this field are even being turned away. Any nursing major coming out of KSU should be set for life. We are also very well known for being a successful, constantly growing University. In only a few years we have doubled in size, and we are only getting bigger.


My school is best known for its ability to balance both rigorous coursework and an incredible amount of extra curricular activities on campus. We always pack the stadiums for all of our sports and cheer one another on. School is always students' number one priority to ensure success in such an intellectually challenging environment.


It is best known for consolodating with SPSU and it's radio station.


Kennesaw State University is best known for their study abroad and international relations. As far as programs go, they are best known for their education and nursing programs.


Currently, Kennesaw State University is known for its nursing program. It is one of the most prestigious programs in the state of Georgia. The program is very competitive and requires stellar grades in order to be accepted.


Kennesaw State is the third-largest univeristy in Georgia which attracts a lot of attention. Kennesaw State University is widely known also because it has the largest nursing program in Georgia. Kennesaw has made it one of there prioritites to give its students a global experience they will never forget. Kennesaw is not only diverse according to the different people, but also in its acitivities. Kennesaw is a great college to attend and plenty would be excited to come here.


Kennesaw State University is best known for their Coles School of Business.


Kennesaw State University is known for it's overall exceptional college experience. Kennesaw offers students the ability to do whatever they choose to do whether it is going to the sporting events, joining greek life, or even hanging out in the dining hall. Kennesaw has great academics, fun social events that occur daily, and many fun and interesting people to meet. It will give any college student the best overall experience they want from a University.


It is the third largest school in Georgia. It's also known as a commuter school


The Coles College of Business school and the Bagwell College of Education as well as the Nursing Program are the most common reasons students choose to come to Kennesaw State University. We are also known for our Basketball program winning a few NCAA championships.


My school is known for Nursing and Education majors.


Kennesaw State University is best known for the globalization. They are involved with other schools and that gives the students here a great oppurtunity, especially when it comes to studying abroad. KSU offers many different study abroad trips at affordable prices. Not only are the prices great, there are also ways that students can get money to help them.


My school is best known for the growing population it has from all of the students attending it.




Basketball and Online Courses


Good location. Laid back.


KSU is known for the Cole Business School and the program to help freshman adjust to college. Students become aware once on campus that the goal of the university is for the students to experience success. This is one reason they focus on the transition for both transfer students and freshman. For adult learners there is a sense of belonging, this was encouraging and welcoming.


My school is best known for being a credible community college with a solid education and business program. In addition, nearly 80% of the students work full time, so there are a lot of untraditional students with a variety of lifestyles.


The Nursing Program


Kennesaw State University is best known for it's very diverse demographics. We have people of all races, ages, and religious backgrounds. Most of the staff is very hands-on and interested in students reaching their full capabilities. The advisors are great!! They help students map out their classes so they can graduate at the desirable time. The course load for my respective major (Information Systems) can be rather strenuous at times. I believe that this is only preperation for the real world, and is very necessarry.


Commuters, bad parking, relaxed atmosphere but still challenging


Our school is best known for its friendly community enviornment and great campus life as well as academic progress


Kennesaw State University is widely known for their nursing, education, and business programs.


how big it is becoming