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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I can't speak for much being a School of Music student, but fraternities and sororities are very popular on campus.


There's a Greek group I always here about here, Kappa Delta I think. They're everywhere! Also the Kennesaw Activities Board handle a lot of the events that take place here like homecoming.


The sororities are probably the most active group on campus. There are tons of groups and activities, but none are really as big as the sororities. Kennesaw is a very young-people-oriented town. You'll find somewhere to be and something to do if you look.


A popular organization on campus is the LBGT club, who is always having bake sales. Sometimes we have religious protesters come to our campus, but they just tell everyone negative things so most people don't like them. Athletic events are probably the most popular on-campus event, but they aren't even that popular. People never party on campus because it is a dry campus, and frats aren't really that important.


We have groups that cater to almost every need: these groups ranging to counseling, religious groups, nature/environmentalist groups, political groups, personal interest groups, et cetera. Because I was formerly a resident assistant at KSU, I had the opportunity to work personally with many of these on-campus groups to further involve them with student life. I have personally worked with the muslim Student Association, The KSU environmental club, Black Studies Clubs, Peace Studies Clubs, the Jewish Hillel Group, and many more. I will say that we have a policy on campus where it is important to keep doors closed when residents are not there, because we do have some crime in residential areas. Leaving doors open are more popular in the suites the village, where the dorm rooms are hotel style. However, with the apartment style dorms, residents tend to keep doors shut to keep the outside elements at bay. As a former RA, my job was to create on and off campus events for residents who were looking for activities at all different times of the day. Some events that one could attend at 2 am per se would be The Midnight Breakfast or camping on the green. Although these events are popular and a big hit to many student, I have had to break a good number of parties up for those who were less interested in our events. Greek life is growing on campus. The fraternities and sororities do a great job advertising and recruiting students. However, I think that because our school has yet to provide greek housing, greek life is still in its budding phase.


Most students at KSU enjoy going to sporting events and theatre events. There are many other activities too. At the beginning of Fall and Spring semester the majority of the clubs set up tables and advertise their activities. We also have Greek life. I run a club with many exciting activities. We are a LARP group that promotes physical activity.


The most popular groups on campus are the greek organizations, the soccer team, and the basketball team. I am involved in a number of groups on campus such as the NAACP club and the African American Student Association. Students in dorms usually leave their doors open in the freshman dorms, but not so much in the upperclassmen dorms. Athletic events are pretty prevalent on campus. Guest speakers are pretty common, just this past week we had Maci from 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 come speak on campus. The dating scene is pretty open here. There are numerous conventions and events that focus on the dating scene and trying to prevent pregnancy on campus. I met my closest friends before I came to the school. If I am awake at 2am on Tuesday, I am either just procrastinating or have a class in the afternoon the next day. There isn't much to do on weekday nights. We have an event called KSU Day that happens every year, and in this event they have a lot of carnival activities such as rock climbing and laser tag. People I know do not party a lot, but Thursdays are the days to party in Kennesaw, so do not schedule any Friday classes. The Greek organizations are very important on campus and usually host most of the events on campus. Last weekend, I do not even remember what I did, because I usually do the same thing every weekend. That is either go to my hometown, or sit around with friends. I do not know of anything that you can do on Saturday which doesn't involve drinking. When I am off campus I go to my friend's apartment and just sit around, eat, and watch movies.


I am personally not in a sorority but a lot of girls and boys are part of a greek life. A lot of my personal friends are part of the Ra life, and i am also contemplating on becoming an RA. Kennesaw is not a party school; however, after a while you will form your own connections and i would say there is a major party 2-3 times a week, not a lot. If I am awake at 2am on a tuesday most likely i am doing my homework or studying for a test. The school likes to provide a lot of fun events such as homecomings and free concerts, and small fun summer events like a fair and an occasional slip and slide. Last weekend I did not party, I hung out with my friends on thrsday and I did my labs for the reast of the weeked. Most students take classes that are monday-wednesday and tuesday-thursday, so most people are done with class on Thursday. Students do not leave their dorm room doors open, mostly because they are heavy and we all get our own rooms within each dormatory. On Staurday night a lot of students like to hang out and go to clubs and dance. A lot of poeple like t visit other colleges and go home. Also we are very close to Atlanta so a lot of people like to go to The hIgh museum or go shopping.


A lot of the students at KSU are involved in a religious organization. I was my sophomore year with a few friends. There are many different organizations that students can get involved with at KSU.


There are a lot of different clubs at Kennesaw - no matter what you like, you're bound to find something that interests you.


There are a lot of different clubs at Kennesaw - no matter what you like, you're bound to find something that interests you.


The ones I see the most on campus are KAB (Kennesaw Activities Board), SGA (Student Government Association) and Greek life.


I believe the most popular student activities/groups is Greek Life. A lot of the students here are a part of either a sorority or fraternity.