Kennesaw State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should this school is someone who is very open to meeting new people and is very friendly and personable. Someone who loves to learn and is looking to get a great education, and also someone who wants to live in great dorms because the dorms on campus are amzing and very spacious.


People who plan to major in nursing should attend Kennesaw State because the school has a great nursing program sponsored my WellStar.


Anyone who takes fun along with their education seriously should attend Kennesaw State. I've visited many colleges when I was in high school and KSU stood out the most to me. It's the best decision I've ever made.


Kennesaw State University is a good school for students wanting to take online, hybrid, and in-class classes. The professors are typically willing to help you however you need help and there are many different ways for a student to get help for technical support or for guidance in classes. The classes are not eas walk-throughs, but if you are willing to put in the effort each class deserves, then you should have a successful career.


Being a very large school, someone who loves to join clubs and interact with others should go to this school. Kennesaw has over 200 student groups so there is definitely a club that will fit a prospective student's interests. One just has to be willing to show initiative and join these organizations. Kennesaw is also great for ambitious students. Kennesaw State is continuously growing; thus, it is really supportive towards students who have sincere concerns and want to bring innovative ideas to the campus as it prides itself on student accomplishments.


Kennesaw is for anyone really who want to have fun and still get educated. Like there campus is like a little family


Anyone who wants a school that will challenge you while helping you achieve your goals by providing students with the resources needed to succeed.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is open to new ideas and is able to adjust to a large community of people.


Conservative, resillient, hard-working individuals with a good time management ability and a strong school spirit. Interested in a technical field prefferably.


Anyone that wants to get a good education that lives in the state of Geogria. Kennesaw State University offers a large variety of degrees for anyone from students just out of high school to adult learners.


A person who is hard working, and determined should attend this school.


Someone who is studious, knowledgeable.


Someone who is looking for a school between the size of the University of Georgia and a community college would find this school welcoming. Students who like being around a diverse group of people would enjoy this school. Students planning to live at home would enjoy Kennesaw because many students are commuters. However, the residence life is exciting and has a lot to offer to the students who live on campus.


People who don't want to be lost in the crowd but still go to a large school should attend Kennesaw State University. However, KSU doesn't have a football team or a huge emphasis on college sports in general. They are there, but they don't make the school. Academics are the priority at KSU. There is a social life, but most people attend parties only about once a month, unless it is finals or midterms time.


Someone dedicated, who doesn't think college is a breeze.


The people of Kennesaw State are people who Love the small town feel of the school, but still want to get a high quality education without paying all of the money that goes alond with a large, top tier school. All of the prople I have met throughout my time at Kennesaw State have been friendly, and focused on learning. Help is always available from my peers, because they, too, know the situations that arise and are eager to spread their knowlege. Any person who loves being around, and learning from, the best students around should consider Kennesaw State University.


Those willing to be self-involved, and looking for internships. You must search for opportunities at this school, but if you are willing to go the extra mile you can certainly find yourself mentors, professors for references, and stand out among it's... not always academic population. You CAN shine here.


someone committed to getting a good education, studying hard and working hard for the education.


Any kind of person should attend this school! There is something here for everyone.


The kind of person who doesn't mind putting forth an effort.


A person who is willing to put in extra effort for their education. Also, someone who is open to meeting new people and gaining new experiences.


Anyone who wants to work hard, feel proud of their education, and be prepared for life outside of school. Both socially and professionally


Any and all should attend this school. People who want a good education should come here. So any one who wants a better education should come here.


Any kind of person can attend this school. It is filled with people from all over the world, and it is very interesting to see everybody interact and get along.


Someone who wants a small school experience and plans to continue their education elsewere.


Kennesaw State is not a traditional college. Most people commute, but it's definately not a small scale or community college. Kennesaw is for the person with other things going on besides college. Most people only have class for about a 3 or 4 hour block. If you are able to learn and manage your time independently, Kennesaw is for you. You get about an hour of class in each subject and have almost 36 hours before your next class in that subject so it's very important to individually keep up with your knowledge and assignments.


SOmeone who can draw out others easily


The kind of person that should attend this University is a person how wants to experience the live of a big university, without the feel of big university. The class sizes here are very accomodative and the student-teacher relationship is incredible. This university focuses on diversity as well. It offers a wide variety of study courses and majors, social clubs, greek life, sports clubs, tutoring programs, and intramurals. This university is build to fit a person who wants it all, but does not want to spend a fortune on tuition. I would definitely recommend this university to anyone!


An open minded hardworker who would set a goal to make Kennesaw State more of a traditional school than a commuter.


The perfect Kennesaw State student is the kind of student that is ready and willing to work and learn with their peers and instructors. It is a difficult school to complete. However, accomplishments are never gone unnoticed and there is always a place to reach out to for help. When you lose your focus, there is a professor who is willing to help you find it again. Not all colleges have this support system. People who want to reward themselves everyday are the people who need to attend KSU. We work hard, we play hard, and we accomplish great things.


An outgoing self sufficient student that wants to work hard and get good grades.


A middle class, average, person.


This institution is is best for those who want a four-year degree but have a limited budget and schedule. People of all ages, races, ethnicities, ideologies, and stereotypes will have a comfortable learning environment here since everyone is treated fairly and as an adult. Entering freshmen especially will find a warm welcome since the campus is growing and much of its progress is oriented around them.


Anyone who wants a balance between social and academic life. Not too much stress over school and enough time to party.


Any person looking for an open environment to learn and grow in populated by people willing and able to help them on their path.