Kent State University at Ashtabula Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that they offer a transitional Physical Therapy assistant program for certified Athletic Trainers and it's mostly online and accredited. It is also only 15 months long compared to other programs that are 2 yrs. It makes working as an athletic trainer and working towards a career move possible.


Paramedic to RN program


Definately the smaller class sizes which allow the professors more one on one time to help the students understand things more clearly.


My school makes it impossible to pass certain classes if you prove you do not clearly know the material covered in the semester. You must pass certain classes with at least a 73% in the class or a 70% on the final exam. If you cannot achieve those scores, you will not pass. I really liked this concept because it forces a student to try their hardest in the class to pass.


The best thing about my school which is Kent State University Ashtabula Campus is that it is not too crowded and the student to teacher ratio is very good. You receive more undevided attention.