Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


I don't really do groups or events so I don't know.


Sororities, fraternities, sports


SCRUBS is a big one for the nursing program, baseball is huge, and so is the performing arts program.


The most popular student organizations on campus include: fraternities and sororities, USG, and student media.


Because we have a diverse campus, there are many different activities available. The largest, of course, is sports. You can also see many clubs, for example the zoology club and many types of religious groups. We do have fraternities and sororities, but they are not very hyped up in my opinion. I do not know anyone who belongs to either a fraternity or a sorority.


For us architecture kids, we don't do much but studio. We also are very competitve for relay for life. We are up all night in these studios doing very inspiring work. On the contrary, there is also a party every night of the week if that is what someone is looking for. Down town kent is really amazing too. I met me closest friends in studios, in classes, the dorms, and at parties. There's a lot more girls than there are guys.


Sports are the most popular activities.


First off, there are many volunteer opportunities and organizations (Golden Key, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Habitat for Humanity, etc.). There are plenty of sports including volleyball and lacrosse. We have a rec center that is AWESOME! There are tons of workout machines, a track, courts, a pool, a hot tub, and a healthy snack place! Most students in the dorms leave their doors deadbolted so the door doesn't click shut and people can push the doors open to come in and see their friends, but when the people living in the dorm room leave the doors are always locked for safety. Sporting events are pretty popular, especially the football games against Akron! Kent is a pretty good campus for dating. There are plenty of places to hangout with friends, family, and significant others including the rec, a bowling alley, movie showings, restaurants, fields, lounges, bars, game rooms, and much more! The majority of my college friends I met in the freshmen dorms and we are all still close 3 years later. Even late at night there is usually someone up to keep you company and certain food places stay open late on weekends. Plus Wal-Mart is always open and only 10 minutes away! People tend to party often but its usually off campus and there are always places to go if you don't want to be around partying. Specific parties happen every year as well as other events such as 'Welcome Weekend' which has fireworks the first weekend of school, 'Sextoberfest' which has events for sex toys, drag shows, and learning experiences, and the 'We Survived our First Semester' event in the freshmen dorms which is a blast!!! If you can, I recommend going to all 3!


Drinking is a big part of the Kent social life. We're one of the only universities in the US that serves beer at football games. Each spring there are big block parties that involve lots of people drinking all day long and getting rowdy, to the point that we made national news a few years back because the riot police had to be called out.


The most popular activities would be going to the sporting events. The events are free of charge and they have a very positive atmosphere. The most popular on campus organizations are the greek organizations. They are very focused on making friendships and giving back to the community.