Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


I don't know what the stereotype is but I'm going to assume that there's some truth to it.


We don't really have a stereotype because there is such a wide variety.


There are no stereotypes at my school.


Can't read. Can't write. Kent State. Partiers who drink all the time and do really stupid things. Since Kent State is a large school it is accurate for a certain group of people but inaccurate for others.


The stereotypes at Kent State University include: meatheads, fashion students, and hippies.


While there might be some stereotypes, as there are at many schools, most views I have heard of Kent State University is that it is very diverse. Sure, we have some Jocks, Frat Kids, and Stoners, but everyone is different. If there was one stereotype I had to chose, it would probably have to do with the amount of drinking that goes on around campus. Don't get me wrong, I know many kids who slack off and party all night. However, from my perspective, there are just as many kids who try their best and achieve success in every angle of life.


A common stereotype of Kent State Students is that we are supposedly less intelligent that most college students, and have low standards academically. This is highly in accurate, as most students I have encountered are very academically inclined. In fact, Kent has become one of the top 200 universities in the globe. We have a vibrant academic community, and our students are some of the best.


In my opinion, Kent State is pretty much what students call a "suitcase campus." In other words, most of the people that attend KSU are from very close, and therefore go home almost every weekend! Nobody stays on the weekends for sporting events, and if they do stay they are most likely partying every night at the fraternity houses. A common phrase used to describe Kent State is "Kent Read, Kent Write, Kent State" and because of this, the students that attend KSU are not usually considered the brightest of students. However, I do not agree with these stereotypes. There are many amazing majors here that are very prestigious and students travel from very far to receive this good education. I believe that KSU has very good academics.


The stereotype of students at my school is that they are all involved in Greek Life, and they party all of the time. This is not accurate. While a sizable number of students are involved in Greek Life, they do not party all of the time.


Many people say the phrase "Kent read Kent write Kent state." This makes it seem like Kent students are dumb and can not do anything. This is not true about every student though. Also, another stereotype is that Kent students are big party goers, which is about 60% accurate. There are a ton of party people here, but they get their work done too. It's not all fun and games.


The common sterotype is bad college kids that do nothing but cause a reck of the community around them. Of course this is far from accurate! Kent State has over 100 groups that are invovled in regular community service!


The stereotypes at Kent State are, Artsy, jocks, Greeks, and LGQT.


"kent read, kent write, can party" Kent state has a bad reputation of being a party school and has a reputation of being a "back-up school" or an easy acceptance. Although it may be easy to get into Kent, it's hard t stay in. We also have a very vigorous architecture school as well as a very respected journalism and communication college. Our fashion school is 3rd in the country too! As for the partying, it's college, happens to the best of schools, but it's not something everyone participates in.


At Kent State University, all of the neighboring colleges have come up with an endearing rhyme: Kent read, kent write, Kent State. But in all seriousness, as a 100% commuter campus, the Trumbull branch of Kent State University is often thought of as the catch-all for those who didn't quite "make it", if you know what I mean.


Kent is a very diverse campus. There are no "stereotypes" just unique people who like to express themselves freely. College is a place where you can be who you want to be without having to worry about other people judging you.


It tends to have a stereotype as an ultraliberal place, especially because of the events of May 4th, 1970. Kent is a liberal place, but there is also a lot more diversity than the stereotype would have you think.


Many individuals seem to think that Kent State students would rather party than study and go to class. The term "Kant Read Kant Write Kent State" is a famous stereotype students and other individuals use to describe the students.


That everyone is more concerned about partying instead of focusing on class