Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think anyone could attend this college. Very diverse


If you are afraid to be at a school that is very big, I would not attend Kent State University. The campus is large and very spread out.


In my opinion, a student who is looking for a very strict, high-strung college experience should not attend Kent State University. In addition, someone who is looking to live on a very large campus with an immense amount of students should also not go here.


There are only a few kinds of people that should not attend this school. People who are jerks, and people who do not like learning, and people who do not like a social envirovent.


People who do not take their education seriously should not attent Kent State. If you are unwilling to put forth the effort to go to classes and do well in them then do not bother attending at all. I know of a girl who was completely kicked out of the school becasue her GPA was so low because she had just stopped attending classes.


I feel like Kent State is a school for anyone. There are all kinds of different diversities on campus so it is never hard to find a friend. Everyone is super kind and friendly. The only type of people that I feel like would not like Kent, are people that are looking for a small school and one on ne with proffesors. With Kent being so big and the classes are being so big, it is hard for one on one time with professors like you would get at a small school.


Someone that doesn't like long walks or waiting in long lines should probably avoid Kent. It is a large campus, with a large student body. Personally, I like the number of people and how buzzing the campus is during the day, but it could become overwhelming for some.


Someone who isn't willing to work hard and thinks that they can just party thier way through. The school is challenging and requires alot of hard work, but if you apply yourself good grades are attainable.


A person who is looking for a lot of school spirit when it comes to sports should not attend this school. There is a lot of dedication to academics and activities but not as much for athletics.


Someone who doesn't like a big campus with a lot of students or someone who wants very small classes.


Kent State is a school that is open minded. This school is very liberal and non-judging as a school can be. Anyone who cannot accept people of different ethnicities and religious values should not come to Kent State. KSU is a great school full of diversity and most people find that a good thing. Anyone close-minded and bigoted should stay away.


A person that should not attend Kent State is a person who has a low work ethic. To be able to succed you have to do work outside of class and most of the time the work you are doing you would not get credit for. You do the extra work that is not even assigned to you so that you can get an A on your exam. You have to have the drive to go to class and be an active listener to absorb the information. You have to set a goal and not stop until you reach it.


The kind of person that should not attend Kent State is someone that can not accept others for who they are, someone who is not dedicated to their future and school work, and someone who is not open to trying new things and making new friends.


If you are someone who does not like other people, you should not attend this school. Even though Kent has thousands of students, it still feels like a close communitity. Everyone is nice and firendly to one another. If you like to be left alone, don't go to Kent State. Chance are someone will try to be-friend you.


someone who is commited to their work but does not take everything too seriously


Someone who is distracted easly


Someone that isn't willing to work towards bettring themselves or others around them, as well as someone who dosen't like to socialize with people and broaden their minds to different cultures and ways of living, shouldn't attend Kent State University.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is one who is unappreciative for what they have. Though college schooling tuition is costly, Kent State is a very rewarding and motivational school. The faculty and staff are consistantly more concerned with students succeeding than anything else. A person who is unappreciative or unmotivated enough, in my opinion, to take the fortunate tools that we are given to succeed should not bother applying for this school. This university is very rewarding though if the tools are not taken advantage of then it can be an unfortunate and costly waiste.


The type of person that should not attend Kent State University is one who does not have a good work ethic. At Kent all of us students are pushed to do the best that we can working towards a degree. Student success is a top priority but we are all expected to do our part as well.


The sort of person who really wants a smaller more student-focused school should look elsewhere. There are many of other choices where they could have the supports and things around that they would want.


Although this school works exceptionally hard to provide a sound atmosphere for people of different backgrounds and lifestyles, I would suggest that anyone who does not think that a university education should be taken seriously should reconsider. Universities have a lot more to offer than community colleges, however the expense can be tremendous. For those considering to become a student at Kent State University, I would highly recommend that you have a strong idea of what career you would like to pursue. Choosing to attend undecided may result in additional semesters after you've complete your four years.


Any person looking to find a university that financially supports religious events/conferences. Or any person that doesn't like construction outside their windows 24/7.


The kind of person that should not attend this school is one who is not open. Kent state students should be open to learing in their field of study to better themselves and prepare for operating in the world. Also, anyone attending Kent should be open outside of academics to peers, the arts, and various elements of other cultures that can spark interest and other benefits.


There are groups of people for any type of people, so I think anyone can attend this school and feel like a part of it.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who isn't open minded. There is a lot of diversity and freedom in Kent State. It's a very liberal campus with not only the student body, but faculty as well. If a person has a closed mind or a certain negative opinion on someone's gender, race, sexuality, ideas, beliefs, etc, then a closed minded person should not attened Kent State University. Kent State is a very welcoming and incluvise school, encouraging students to be open and accepting.


People who are not able to open up to others and ask for help or even to just try and make friends should not attend Kent State.


Anyone should attend this school! Kent State is open to whoever is interested. Your gender, race, age, background - none of it matters. Everyone is accepted, no matter what.


I think all persons should give Kent State University a try. Without coming to check out the campus, classes offered, meeting teachers, staff and facility they would not get to experience all that Kent State University has to offer. Most find that it is a great fit for them and his/her lifestyle.


Some one who doesn't want to have study hard but have fun.


When you leave home to go to college, you realize that everything is not always going to be handed to you. You learn to really appreciate things that you didn't before and most importanly you grow. Kent State is not for people who have been spoon fed their entire life. It is not for people who are not willing to take risks. It is not for people who do not see everyday as a new opportunity. It is not for people who are not willing to work for their dreams. It is not for people who only dream.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is one that doesn't have an open mind to differing viewpoints and perspectives. Despite my school being a rather large public university in which the majority of the students are Ohio residents, I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity of perspectives and ideologies. I grew up in a military family, have lived in multiple states within the United States and have even lived overseas in Europe. I graduated from an American high school in Stuttgart, Germany, and was quite shocked to learn just how diverse Kent State is.


There is not a single person that should not attend Kent State University. Kent State Univeristy is a very welcoming and diverse school. I am apart of a sorority on campus, and in this group of 150 plus women, there are individuals from all different cultures, and regions of the country. One of my favorite parts of Kent State Univeristy is the diversity of the campus, and the acceptance of everyone.


Successful students embrace accountability are committed to their success. Students encountering difficulties should seek assistance.


Someone that likes small colleges or city life. It is a large college that durring school time doubles the population of the town it is in.


There is nobody on this earth that can not attend this school. It is a great college and it is very welcoming.


Someone who is close minded and not accepting of different people and experiences.


Kent State University is a fairly large school with numerous opprotunities and outlets to explore most any realm of interest its students may want to participate in so I would say Kent State is not for someone who doesn't plan to get involved in extracirriculars and club activities because they would be wasting the opprotunities available to them through this institution.


As a Kent State University Student, I would say the kind of person that should not attend this school is a person with a closed mind. Kent is a very liberal and open school, that embraces change with open arms. A person that has a hard time accepting these things, or disliking someone for who they are or what they believe, would have a hard time at Kent State and should not consider it as their top choice.


Prospective stuents, my best adive would be to get involved, don't be afraid to branch out and try new things. Join a soroity, talk to different types of people, take a step outside of your comfort zone. Also, don't get to caught up in grades. Yes, they matter but on bad grade is not the end, take the time to put everything in perspective. Find a way to balance your life, social and academic and your four years at Kent State will be the best, and most diverse years of your life. Enjoy it!


I believe that students who are not willing to study at college should not attend this college because college is a place where you study what you really want to. Kent State University has many fun activities, but studying is also important in here.


I believe if you are not going to give school your all then KSU is not for you. KSU strives for excellence and successful students, so if your not ready for schooling and dont have the time, drive and comittment, then KSU is not for you.


I think someone who isn't committed to earning a degree and getting great education shouldn't attend this school. I also believe, being much older as I earn my bachelor's, the importance of actually going to class and doing your work. I think someone who is just going to school to party and drink shouldn't come to Kent.


People that are unwilling to learn or commit themselves to school should not attend Kent State University. This college is a place for students to learn and grow as individuals, and eventually enter their careers. If a person was not willing to learn and push themselves, Kent State would not be a good fit for them.


I don't believe that there is a "kind" of person that should attend this school. I believe that anyone who is serious about education and wants a degree that speaks volume then Kent State University is the school for you. It teaches you the value of hardwork and dedicaton. Kent State values education and gives and education of Excellence.


The kind of person that should not attend Kent State University are people who are not willing and or ready for a life changing challenge. School is not easy, but it is do able. My school is full of young scholars working towards acheiving success. We go to class daily, pull all-nighters, and drink lots of coffee all for the love of learning. School itself is an expensive investment so if you're not ready to give it your all it's better to just wait until you are.


A person with no intention of being active in extra curricular activities shouldn't attend Kent State. We have so many events every day of the semester and opprotunities to do more than just school work. It would be a shame not to join at least two different clubs and take part in the various events. We are very engaged in different political and social issues as well. So it is important as a student to take advantage of the opprotunities presented to you.


Someone who is hard headed or an extremist about issues should not attend Kent, due to the strong liberal standing of many of the students.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who likes to party all the time and neglect schoolwork or is just hoping to slide by to get a degree. The coursework is very demanding and even the brightest students struggle sometimes. Also, with it being a very liberal college, I feel a strong conservative person may have a tough time with how liberal the environment is.


If the person is lazy, they should not attend this school. The students that come here are serious because of how much they have to pay to attend Kent.


There isn't a type of person who wouldn't belong at Kent State.