Kent State University at Kent Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the positivity about all of my professors and the students.


The college atmosphere and the people at Kent are amazing. The professors and fellow students I have met have all been very friendly. It is exactly what I pictured college to be like.


The best thing about Kent State University is the mix of small town and college living. Although Kent is located in a more suburban area, the campus and downtown are perfect for college students to relax and live in. There many great restuarants and places to hang out with friends. Also, being a large university, there are always athletic and student organization events to attend on campus.


THe best thing about my school is the fact that the university tries to make everyone as comfortable as possible. There are tons of organizations that help all sorts of people and a huge community for LGBTQ+ students. The university also holds a ton of events to boost campus morale and overall community acceptance.


The best part about attending Kent State University is the diversity and global traveling the university has to offer. Kent State brings in all sorts of international students, as well as students from across the continental U.S, which creates an atmosphere that is very diverse. This is a great advantage to the school because it helps students, as well as faculty, learn about different cultures and collaberate with all kinds of people. The University also has study abroad programs in whichever program you are interested in. These opprotunities make Kent State a great environment to live and learn in.


The best thing about my school is the social areas around campus where it is easy to meet new friendly faces and get work done.


I consider the Rockwell School of Fashion Design Building the best part of my school as a design student because it is always open to the students so we can work on our projects.


the variety and level of knowledge they offer students


The best thing about Kent State University would have to be the study abroad programs. I was recently accepted into two programs to study abroad in Geneva, Switzerland and also Florence, Italy. These are both huge opportunities and I believe that many students don't know about the opportunities. Kent State has good programs because of the college credit that can be earned while studying abroad and also the experiences that can be applied to career goals down the road.


The best thing about Kent State is the community it captivates you with. The college experience is so valuable here! There are countless things to do on and off campus, ways to get involved, and opportunities for education/occupations. Not only did I found it very easy to fit into the Kent State culture, I also fell in love with my classes. They challenged me, but kept me engaged.


The best thing about Kent is the campus. Campus and the surrounding area is beautiful and safe.


I think the best thing about this school is the diversity. It shows students the many wonderful cultures of the world.


The best aspect of Kent State University is the on campus atmosphere. It can be hard to adjust living away from home for the first time, but living on campus was convenient for class, interation with other people, and being able to participate in multiple campus events help by different organizations. This experience allows you to become more independent and make your own decisions.


What I consider to be the best thing about my school is having great communication between students and the university. The university is constantly keeping it's students and staff educated and notified of any and all events on campus. As well as students and teachers communicating, the exchanging of information is very strong. Students recieve constant emails for example; test dates, study sessions, campus events, finacial aid, weather updates, health precautions and prevention tactics, and even student homesick meeitngs. Overall, my university is onehundred percent there for its students and I wouldn't ever worry about transferring anywhere else.


The variety of students, facuilty, and activities is the best thing about my school because it allows for a well rounded education. At a lot of campuses you are limited in the ways you can learn not only in the classroom but outside. However at Kent State I have learned so much outside of my classes that I was never expecting. You have to learn to face diversity and solve problems. This diversity is helping me not only become a better student becasue i take what i am learning from other cultures, my teachers, and Kent itself.


I believe that the teachers ability to work with the students who have disabilities and don't is the best thing about my school. I feel the teachers are willing to help students and will explain further, if needed about the information. The teachers will make adjustments to their plans if a student does have a disability, whether it’s giving extra time for tests, or even making a lesson a couple more classes, till they fully understand.


I consider the school spirit to be the best thing about my school because everyone supports our sports and school so well.


The students here are quite possilby the most decorative characters. The passion and personality of the students both in my major and throughout the university are vibrant and show the true diversity that our school has to offer. I've made friends from across continents and from across cities and Kent State celebrates each one of their cultures and interests through festivals, clubs and social gatherings. The diversity here creates a wonderful atmosphere, especially for a visual communication design major such as myself; teaching me how to live and work in a society that demands equality and individuality.


The are plenty things that wonderful about Kent state. Kent state offers many programs and assistance for student that may need help with specific courses. It's one and one; allowing you to ask as many questions as needed until you understand the material. I also really like the transporatation they offer. They have buses that takes student anywhere they need to go and it's free. This saves student the long trip of walking in the heat and during cold winters. Kent also provides student with numerous programs, avtivities, clubs and also lots of fun on-campus events.


I believe the best thing about Kent State University is that I feel like I belong. I've met so many amazing people I've been fortunate to call my friends, who want me to succeed here. Everyone is very open, students and faculty both. The classes designed for my major have been so interesting due to the amazing staff in the field and I just enjoy every class I take. I'm so glad to have chose Kent State University and I'm so glad that I've been able to belong at this school.


What I consider the best thing about Kent State is the effort the school puts forward for incoming freshman. Prior to applying to the school the visits they arrange for incoming freshman are very helpful. Kent States arranged for students to come and a seperate event to give parents a chance to see the campus and to ask questions. Now that I have selected Kent State as my school I feel that because of all of their efforts to get me to become familiar with the campus, I am familiar with the campus. I'm comfortable visiting the campus.


I love the atmosphere on campus. Everyone is friendly and wants to get people involved in various clubs and events. The professors are respectable and friendly as well. The energy surrounding campus makes almost everything at school enjoyable, from going to classes to going out downtown for relaxing nights out.


What I considered the best about my school is that Kent State University has a diversity of people all around the world and with that makes it intresting for find new friends from all around the world. The school has more than 300 clubs that students can join. It is kind of a hard decisison on which club to join but then when you think more of it can join as much as you can. The school also has leadership programs that can help you build up your leardership skills.


The best thing about my school is the encouragment of diversity. At Kent State University we are all encouraged to be individuals and to accept everyone else for who they are. The students' opinions and input is very important to the university. This is the best thing about my school because when I was in high school people were very judgemental and closeminded. Being at Kent State has allowed me to open up and be the person I truely am on the inside.


The people are generally nice and welcoming, and it is easy to make friends. I've met plenty of people who I sincerely do want to keep in contact with passed college. Our school also has a decent amount of connections, nothing outrageous, but it is nice. So, the people are the best thing.


The best thing about Kent is that because it is such a large school, there's always something to do and tons of opportunities. There are hundreds of clubs and events that cater to any interest.


The suppourt that the professors give and the school spirit is amazing


What I consider the best thing about my university is that they achieve great multi-cultural aspects. Being a woman of African American decent and attending a predominantly white college, I feel that they really do present a diverse college. For example, Kent State hosts a lot of minority events and will have dinners cooked from all over the world. Not that those are the only things, but it is the little things that do make me feel comfortable. With attending this university I feel very welcomed knowing that they do not just turn a blind eye to diversity.


Kent State University is highly supportive of diversity among its students, and ensures that diversity is always promoted.


What i consider to be the best thing about my school is that Kent State is just the right size. The main campus is not so big that I get overwelmed, but its also not so small that i might recognize every person i see walking! It is a nice atmosphere and there are restaurants within walking distance if I ever want non-campus food. I am right next to the downtown area and its nice that I can just walk around and look at all the sites without feeling nervous and thinking I may become lost.


What I consider the best thing about my school is its staff. The professors are kind and very helpful and working on campus the student employees are nice and respectful of everyone they meet.


What I consider to be the best thing about my school is the support. Whenever you need help, someone is always there for you. The librarians will help you find the books you need for research; the teachers are there to see you do well, succeed, and teach you the right ways; the advisors go out of their way to help you sign up for classes, figure out what is best for you, and lead you on the right path; the students are all very kind as well, acting like one big support system. Everyone wants to see everyone succeed.


The best thing about my school is the fact that it provides me the opportunity to receive a top-notch education in a nationally ranked fashion design program while also experiencing all that a traditional four-year college. When I realized that fashion design was the career field that I wanted to pursue, I never dreamed that I would be able to attend anything but a pure design school or school for the arts. So I was thrilled to discover that choosing to attend Kent State University and major in fashion design would give me the best of both worlds.


Diveristy and acceptance


The best thing about Kent State is the overall feel of the school itself. The students are really nice and respectful and the professors are very helpful and wise. There are plenty of things to do here so you don't get bored and there are plenty of ways to get involved on the campus and make friends and memories. Honestly, it's one of the best schools out there.


KSU offers a variety of majors, minors and complimentary courses. Once you determine what you are most interested in, declare a major and seek academic advice. Follow the reccomended course of completion to graduate on time and avoid undue frustrations. Manage your finances by establishing a budget and sticking to it. Get involved on campus and work a partitime jobe to grow your network. Get to know the faculty, staff and utilize campus resources. Map out your post graduate plan(s) during your Junior year.


I think the best thing about my school is the people. Everyone is open and friendly; they are willing to talk to anyone.


Kent State University excells in its professors. Unlike some universities, Kent State professors genuinely care about their students and are readily available for any question a student might have. Whether it comes in the form of an e-mail or an office hour visit, the professors will sit and help you understand the material for as long as it takes.


Diversity! We have a lot of different personalities and ethnicities on this campus so it keeps things interesting and we're always learning new things. I love the diversity it has helped me making friends a lot less complicated and challenging.


The best thing about my school, Kent State University, is that it offers my program, Athletic Training, which not a lot of schools do, and this school has great professors in my field that are more than willing to help me individually and explain things throughly to me; also, Kent State has the facilities to help further advance my experience in my major.


My favorite thing about Kent State is that I feel they celebrate diversity. The university makes it a point to not only host events specific to ALANA and LGBT students, but also highlights them at all events. There's a great sense of community there, in all programs, and most students are friendly and personable.


The best thing about my college is the way the faculty, and other advisors do their very best to help us in any way to succeed. It is always nice knowing that we can get help with school related or personal problems anywhere on campus. Also, there is always something to do on campus. Never a dull moment here.


I think the overall feel of the campus is the best thing. Kent State is a very large school but I never feel lost in a crowd. There is beautiful scenery and I've always felt right at home here. There is a great energy and balance between feeling familiar and feeling new and exciting. I also think everyone on this campus is very friendly and respectful of others.


The best thing I considered about Ohio State was the amount of extracurricular activities and groups they provided.


The Rec is nice, but over-priced if you aren't carrying 7+ CR.


they have a lot of programs to help students college can get tough


The best part about Kent State is that it is very easy to find people that have similar interests and view as you do and that it brings a sense of home even though you may have lived hours away. It's comfortable and cozy but with a large population so you kind of get the best of both worlds.


The diversity and open-mindedness. Everyone is happy to meet someone new and interestingly different. Kent makes a big deal in letting people from other countries know that they can come to school here for free.


Kent State University is an amazing school. They are one of the top universities in the state of Ohio. The have a large selection of majors to choice from, such as my major of Zoology. I believe KSU will get me the knowledge I desire to follow my dreams of working with animals. Few schools in Ohio offer the major I was pursuing, which makes Kent State University a great school in my eyes.


Although I have not yet started at Kent I like that it's clean and safe to live in.